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Terra RPG
Welcome to Terra,the haven of peace in the galaxy...at least,it was.Now is the time for war,and for heroes.Are you one of those heroes?Or are you one of the destroyers?Will you take Terra into glorious victory?Will you crush it in horrible conquest?
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Galaxies RPG
Be whatever you want and explore various worlds. Post here concerning your character's name, appearance, etc.
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In world where politicians are treated as Gods and the land is ruled by the half-mad cults that have sprung up to worship them, where do you stand? RP
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Victorian Era
Hello, and welcome to the forum! This is set in London during the 19th century. The Victorian era is a period in time when Queen Victoria was in power, as well as the different gowns and puffy sleeves. During the early 1800s, men wore waistcoats, and vests, as well. The forum also has an alternative history of Steampunk, too. Machinery and retro-futuristic mechanisms are a part of everyday life, and new members are always welcome!
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The Time Travel Test
My idea for this forum is to have a group of characters build a time machine and then test it. Please join and post. Add characters. The test will include a trip to the past, a trip to the future, and whatever else this forum leads us to. Thank you in
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Abduction Central RP
Humans, Vampires, Warlocks, Lycans, Mutants, and... Aleins? What happens when a universe-wide genetic research project finds out that earth has the most diverse selection of specimens? Two words- Abduction Central.
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Brainstorming for shared world
Closed project.
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Silence of the Stars
During a space-wide battle between Earth and an Alien race known as Prelatior, one our last defense, a top secret weapon, crashes on an uninhabited planet. Earth sends in a team to retreive it, but unfortunately the Prelatior are already there...
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The System of Chalk
Your ship exits hyperdrive and your engines stop working.... what do you do? Come here to find out. This is the Chalk System... RP your way home.
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The Aqua Brigade
The Aqua Brigade is a force witch deals with space protection. They are one of the main Organizations in the Atheni galaxy, but not the biggest in the universe.
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Sci Fi Colonial Nations RP
Under the dull sounding experience beats the heart of another Nations RP! Your ship has crashed on a planet surface. Struggle to survive as war rages around you!
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Moonsong Realm RP
The Moonsong Realm is an overlap in the Dimensional Plane. A new darkness intends on invading the other Realms of reality. However, people slip into Moonsong every now and then...
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Termes RP
The battle station Termes, earths last major defense, hovering above a war ravaged planet. Play as a station employee, soldier or refugee.
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Mutants, Experiments, and Scientists, oh my! a mut
This rp is Maximum Ride and Xmen combined; You can be an experiment or a mutant both of which people are trying to get their hands on you. So, be warned! :D Full summary inside, since I suck at Summaries!
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Space stories intrest you?
I like space stories so if you have one tell me about it.
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Space Fantasy
Any writers of space fantasy or science fiction with fantastic or mythological themes, or vice vera, come here to discuss and promote your work.
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Sci Fi RPG
As the name suggests.
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Port San Galibo
Welcome to the Metropolis city of Port San Galibo. Join the ranks and earn your living.
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The Blank Slate
In the beginning, the gods were bored. They handed the keys to the Universe to us, with the instructions that any and all things created must be totally improbable.
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In the future, humanity has fallen under the iron fist of supressive military rule. Below their feet, the free world thrives in artifical cities under holographic skies. Are you an opressor or a freedom fighter?
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Story Collaborations
I've always been partial to collaborating on stories, and I'm interested in finding a new writing partner. Any takers?
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My stuff
Just a little extra exposure for my work. Please keep the negative comments to a minimum. Feel free to discuss your projects as well.
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The world is uprooted by war. The wealthy are able to live on cities floating above the earth, while the poor are left on the ground below to die in the poisonous atmosphere. Unfortunately for the wealthy, a certain scientist will soon make a fatal mistak
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Redline RP
Time for the ultimate brain storm session! Fight your way through a series of battles as a pilot from a wide selection of air forces. Use your wit, quick thinking and general knowledge to survive. Victory favours the bold!
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Imperium RPG
The Emperor in His infinite wisdom created you. The Astantes. The starwalt superhuman warriors of humanity. He created you to take the starts to reclaim what humanity lost millennia ago. He created you to fear nothing for you are fear incarnate.
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