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Post War
After a nuclear war, the few survivors try to re-build their great nation, but with little water, medications, pure oxygen, and people, survival alone will be a challenge.
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Void Travel RPG
There are parallel universes all stacked up next to each other. The Void is the space in between. No time, no space, no nothing. Travel within the Void to discover what kind of universe it is.
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SciFi Channel Origanal Movies
People either like them or hate them but most people hate them.
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This is a forum for my steam/magepunk story, Archomachy, and the universe in which it takes place. Feel free to wander in, create a thread, and ask questions.
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Age of Alignment
Technology has managed to create Robots that can adjust their systems to align with the controllers thoughts. An also recently discovered technology uses an AI, but some are turning rogue... Will you assist rogues, the government, or your own faction?
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Legend of Panzerfaust Forum
Follow our German hero and the Axis Alliance as they battle the evil Judenreich that's exterminating their people. Fell free to flame away!
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Bastion Uzella RPG!
The Bastion Uzella is a safe haven within the choatic space of the Heller IV System. Aliens and humans alike call the Bastion Uzella their home... From the innocent traders to the menacing smugglers. What will you be?
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Fallout: The Rogues
In a dystopian future ruled by a single all-powerful dictator, patches of resistors fight a losing battle for freedom. But the winds of change are coming, and hope is on the horizon. Welcome to the Rogues. *A Literate/Advanced Roleplay*
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Scifi names
If you're like me then you'll find it difficult to come up with new but not silly scifi names for people, aliens, planets etc. So why don't you come in and suggest something that you thought was out of this world!
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Doctor Who RPG
Unlike Fantasy SciFi This RPG is Doctor who Specific. Travel through Time and space, with the Last of the Time Lords, go on crazy adventures, And not get yourself killed. You up for it?
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Edward, Crash Course and The Cynic
This is a discussion thread to the universe and story direction of Edward, Crash Course, and The Cynic, a trio of intertwined stories in progress.
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Science Fiction Lounge
Lounge about with some fellow nerds. Talk about each others stories, form brotherhoods, you know, do what you normally do in forums.
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Want to know what technology, society, and politics might be like in the next few years and near future? Come ask an engineer here! From the writer of the infamous Science Fiction for Dummies.
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This is a forum where you can create your own superhuman with the craziest powers imaginable. You can be a hero or a villain or someone in between. In this forum you can chat to others, discuss other stories you have read and enlarge on your charcter.
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The Mechanics Behind the Technology
How does your tech work? Do you have questions or just want to brag about it? Sci Fi Q&A forum for new tech. Open to anybody with a Penname.
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general scifi disscussion
just anything you want to talk about, from showing off your works, to talking about the latest episode of whatever, this is your place
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Private roleplay about space and stuff
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Cosmology and Mythology community forum
Where staff and manager meet to discuss the communites dealings and plans
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Army of One
This is where me and my friends can come and talk about good writing and stories
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Victorian Era
Hello, and welcome to the forum! This is set in London during the 19th century. The Victorian era is a period in time when Queen Victoria was in power, as well as the different gowns and puffy sleeves. During the early 1800s, men wore waistcoats, and vests, as well. The forum also has an alternative history of Steampunk, too. Machinery and retro-futuristic mechanisms are a part of everyday life, and new members are always welcome! Have a wonderful roleplaying experience here! :D
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Why Sci Fi?
What makes Sci Fi so interesting? Why do you find it more interesting than other forms of fiction? Or, if you are just stopping by the sci fi section and aren't a fan of the genre, what other genres do you like?
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Looking for a hand
SImply looking for authors willing to collaborate. Anyone who's looking for help as well can post here as well. Figured it was about time for a forum of this cloth.
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Discussing my and other scifi stories
in case you have any questions on my story, please post them here. If you are writing a Sci-Fi story, and need help, post a request and I'll think about it. :
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Petit crossover pour roleplay
Roleplay ouvert à tous. Apportez vos persos qu'on les mette dans un saladier, et puis on touillera un peu pour voir ce qui se passe. Chaque Topic représente une situation précise à partir de laquelle on joue comme on veut.
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Godhood RP
In this roleplay which I have stolen the idea...and almost everything else from a different site you are a god created by an "Over-God" creating the universe. All else will be explained in rules.
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