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dystopian reality RP
the city is one of the many that cover earth. over 10000 square miles large. play as a human, a bionetic, a cyber beast, aN E.E.R.F., or an AI husk.
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Ember Light
My new science fiction, Ember Light! High technology, action and romance will come into this roleplay. Alas, I am still building this Sci-Fi phenomenon up so the forum is still under construction as is the original novel I am going to create- Ember Light. UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Any questions or suggestions PM me!
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Beast in Beauty
Technology has evolved, and so has Man's ideals. Society has moved on from simple cosmetics such as make-up and taken body reconstruction to a whole new level. It is no longer just for the face, breasts or buttocks; one can have any part of their anatomy resculpted to suit perfection. Eugenics has resurfaced, with a more vicious and stronger hold on the population. Society is darker, turning on the members who do not meet the standards. It is no longer tolerated for there to be any imperfections on a body,
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Drama in the Heavens
Whether it's action or slice of life, living in a city in the sky is not like heaven. Killing a corrupt gang, stopping engineers from sabotaging floating buildings, stopping students from ruining a teacher's life, or investigating a crime scene. Join in and create characters and RP ideas.
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Home of the Krowhop
This is a thread in regaurds to all of my workmost of which is not posted here, as of yet. Do a search on under krowhop, and you will find the rest of my work... it is just a matter of getting it up on here. Heh.
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Post your thoughts about The Speedbump Ultimatum
Click on my profile for story. Constructive critism please !
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Let the Games Begin!
Have a game story line in mind? Have a storyline based on a game that you created, but that's impossible to create even with the latest technology? Welcome to this forum, where you'll talk about your original stories that consists of gaming.
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Zombie Central
Here's the place to talk about sci-fi zombies!
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Check out my first new story
Radiation can be emitted from many things. No one ever thought that it would spread from something like this. The main character of the story suffers something so painful, but as the story unfolds he tries to fight for the freedom of mankind.
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Mass Effect Roleplay Game
Based off of the famous game Mass Effect, but in no way the same. This is earlier in the saga, take control of a species and its fleet and be ready for a realistic Sci-Fi Roleplaying game like nothing else!
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SciFi, Supernatural and Mystery Review Requests
If you have work in any of the named categories in need of reviewing, post your request here. NO POEMS OR ONE-SHOTS ALLOWED.
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SciFIHorror forum
A place to post works of Sci-fi/horror
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New member Just here to promote a big project I cu
Just hoping I can get some reviews for my story, I am a new member and have 3 chapters up, hope you enjoy, and I don't mind having one of those beta-readers,
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Defective Operating System Anomalies
A D.O.S.A. Phenomenon discussion board.
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Primal Identity Discussion
Hey all, I will use this forum as a place to document each change I am considering to make and allow you to comment on or improve them.
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The Dome
David was a overworked student living a mundane life. He wished that something would happen to end the monotony of it all. Little did he know what fate had planned for him. After a Freak accident he is put on ice, and when he wakes everything has changed.
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This forum is for discussing my fictions. /u/699382/FictionA
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Riders: A Dieselpunk and Aviation RP
The world is called Aeroterra. It is made of tall mesas called mounts that pierce the clouds and treacherous valleys that plunge below. War is waged between the mounts by the riders, aviators who battle in the skies.
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Here we discuss possible extrapolations of the present into the future. For example, the first question is: "Under what circumstances do you think Earth would ever come under a single government?"
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Space Opera Idea
I have an idea for a space opera, but not sure how to approach, so many ideas and don't know where to start, or path to take.
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The Answer is 42
Discuss any and all stories by the author
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Hunger Games Forum
Okay, I will be posting topics on the Hunger Games series, cuz it is effin awsome
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The USS Compromise
After the climax of a brutal and unnecessary war with an alien race, a ship is created in collaboration as a token of goodwill. However, there are many people on either side who still harbor bitter feelings and will do anything to shut down the project...
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Kasma Science Fiction
Announcing new science fiction at Kasma SF.
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Tesla's Mad Writer League
For all the budding visionaries and world conqueror! Discuss every sci-fi concepts you fancy in your bid to write YOUR perfect universe... or leverage your way into literary domination.
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