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The Dome
David was a overworked student living a mundane life. He wished that something would happen to end the monotony of it all. Little did he know what fate had planned for him. After a Freak accident he is put on ice, and when he wakes everything has changed.
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This forum is for discussing my fictions. /u/699382/FictionA
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Riders: A Dieselpunk and Aviation RP
The world is called Aeroterra. It is made of tall mesas called mounts that pierce the clouds and treacherous valleys that plunge below. War is waged between the mounts by the riders, aviators who battle in the skies.
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Here we discuss possible extrapolations of the present into the future. For example, the first question is: "Under what circumstances do you think Earth would ever come under a single government?"
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Space Opera Idea
I have an idea for a space opera, but not sure how to approach, so many ideas and don't know where to start, or path to take.
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The Answer is 42
Discuss any and all stories by the author
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Hunger Games Forum
Okay, I will be posting topics on the Hunger Games series, cuz it is effin awsome
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The USS Compromise
After the climax of a brutal and unnecessary war with an alien race, a ship is created in collaboration as a token of goodwill. However, there are many people on either side who still harbor bitter feelings and will do anything to shut down the project...
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Kasma Science Fiction
Announcing new science fiction at Kasma SF.
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Tesla's Mad Writer League
For all the budding visionaries and world conqueror! Discuss every sci-fi concepts you fancy in your bid to write YOUR perfect universe... or leverage your way into literary domination.
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Gungear InfoThread
Need more tidbits or wishing to read interesting info on my story? This is the place.
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PeaveyPredatorGuitar's Forum
Talk about anything here.
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Threatened by Feiz Tropper and his army of Tempests, young Parker has to decide which side to take. Fighting to stay alive and to keep the ones she love safe, she begins to become what she dreads the most, unpredictable.
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It Never Rains on the Moon
Jack Tennysohn is a washed-up musician and detective working the hardest case of his life. Success means survival. Failure, another global war and the end of civilization. Fighting addiction and injury, he pursues a phantom killer from the earth to the moon-and everywhere in between. While evading and taunting his ever-present foes, he's forced to confront the personal demons that drove him from Luna and into seclusion. A post-cataclysmic sci-fi neo-noir, It Never Rains on the Moon defies genre conventions.
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Doctor Who 50th anniversary special
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The Taigian Wars Discussion
This is the discussion forum for The Taigian Wars. I'm not new to writing, but am new to this site. Any recommendations anyone might have are appreciated.
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RP or not to RP
Simple, really. You can RP, chat, advertise your stories, practically anything you want, even M-rated content.
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Assassin's Tale - Self Published Story Discussion
This is the forum for any discussion/news regarding my self published Sci Fi story, the Assassin's Tale. Links will be provided in the forum for anyone who hasn't seen it.
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Twilight fans i hope you guys would enjoy this cute love story of jake, ness and twilight family...
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Ms Williams Sci Fi Unit
Good Afternoon My name is Ms, Williams and I am a English Literature teacher at a high school in South Korea. I am working on a science fiction unit with my Korean students and part of their project was to write an original science fiction story and upload it to this site. I know that this website is for writers around the world. I hope that you will support these young writers by being kind enough to review their hard work and to be kind even though their grammar is a little lacking, considering English is
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Wonderful Wonderland (Hiatus)
The MMORPG of the future; Wonderful Wonderland. Within its game world, the possibilities are endless. Choose up to six classes to suit your needs; Alice, Hatter, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Joker, Ace, and Mock Turtle, and dive in with us! (RP) Under construction.
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Muties and Supies
Let's say there's supers in the world. Then let's say there's good and there's evil supers out there. And then let's say that the most powerful mutant ever has just been born...what will happen? PM me if you want to start speaking and geeking!
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Once Upon A Ruin
The year is 2095. Fifty years ago mankind finally discovered another universe completely different from their own where a species called the Pure were at the top of the food chain. Little did man know that this new discovery would lead to their doom. Over time, the Pure , their own planet becoming toxic and having turning against them, invaded Earth. A long war persued that resulted in blood shed and despair. The war was one by no one however, humans becoming slaves to the Pure who now rule a ruined Earth.
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