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God Loves Me
Christian writers come one, come all! We can discuss our stories, and the meanings that are meant to be for God's glory! And this is a right of free speech, by the way, so don't get snippy. If you don't like it, just leave.
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The Challenge of Christian Writing
Formerly 'The Challenge of Christian Romance' Now open to all Christian Genres. How do we as Christians portray our beliefs in a loving Christlike manner while still not backing away from the truth? Specific topics devoted to Romance, Fantasy, and Evan
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The Second Gathering Of The Light
Convert and be saved. Here you can discuss the book of the light. Light Bless.
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God's Cafe
Come on in, let's talk about God.
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Psalms 14:1
A place for frank, open, and honest discussion about God, other gods, faith, religion, atheism, agnosticism, and anything in between. The title is just a joke ; .
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Jesus Eats Babies
Contrary to popular stereotypes, Jesus finds one thing wrong with abortion: He wasn't there to eat them.
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Demon Attackes
Has anyone been attacked by a demon before? I have. And so have my friends, and my boyfriend. Tell your stories here.
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Ask CS
If you have any questions on biblical themes, or things of the supernatural, just ask me, CS Waters. Not only will I give you a biblical view on the subject, I will also give a historical touch to it. Come one, come all
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Something Supernatural
For authors of supernatural stories who have either completed, started or stuck on a story of supernatural origin. From vampires to a will o' the wisp, any story involving supernatural elements is welcome.
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God's tea time
a palace to openly express your mind about how wild god is, questions, prayer concerns or just whatever is on your mind!
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Christian Writers
I wanted a place where we could talk about our stories and share the love of Christ. Open to any and all.
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Spiritual, Natural, Different
If you need some help, advice, a place to talk, anything just ask.Poetry welcome
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The Morningstar: Hell Lost Forum
A forum dedicated to the short but in progress story called The Morningstar: Hell Lost. For questions, critique and even religious discussions. As long as you use reason in your posts and opinions you can discuss anything, anywhere and all the time.
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Pagan Spirituality
Discuss anything pagan or neopagan here! Other religions also welcome!
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1 Corinthians 13
lets agree to disagree and talk about what we believe love God Love eachother
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Spirit World
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