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City hidden in plain sight
*THIS IS A PRIVITE RP! PLEASE PM THE MODS FOR PREMISSION* Ever felt like you've been watched or that there are other worlds out there for you to learn about? Well in the city of Almofants that's what it is. The world of the supernatural clash with humans. Of course their too blind to see what's hidden in pain sight...
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The Vampire RPG
Create your Vampire, chose the rank and torment the living and if you fancy find a mate!
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Corbeau Academy RP
Corbeau Academy, located in New Orleans, is not your ordinary boarding school. It has been the home and training ground for generations of young witches and warlocks for centuries. Sanctioned by the Magic Council, its purpose: to keep the existence of the supernatural world secret and to protect humanity from creatures of nightmares. ACTIVE AND ACCEPTING OCS
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Little Whispers
With the plague finally ending, leaving over 3.2 million dead, the world seems bleak and hopeless. Most survivors just wander the streets, looking for a purpose. If one was ever infected and cured by the plague, it left serious mental issues. People could be there one day, and be dead the next. Create an OC and test your survival skills. note: this is mostly supernatural creatures, but as many humans may be allowed.
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Bloodwell Academy RPG
Edgar Bloodwell possessed a vision. He sought to create a place where supernatural creatures and humans dwelled in harmony. His vision took the form of Bloodwell Academy. Will mortals and immortals be able to co-exist? RPG Based
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La Rose Pourpre
Hungry? Need a drink? Perhaps you just need a place to rest your head, away from all these pesky humans. Explore the area or just socialize. Well, what are you standing around for? Come in! (Supernatural creatures of all shapes and sizes welcome.)
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Welcome to the Haven for Special Children HSC
Children--Teens and younger, are becoming more and more 'special' these days. Mutations, to speak kindly. The X-Men people got it right when they showed that most people hated 'special' children. A place where children can be children...right?
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The Dark Court
Power. Love. Revenge. The political intrigues of the Dark Court are deadly. Faeries, golblins, vampires, werecats, human changelings are stuck in a hierarchy that leaves none satisfied. As a rebellion grows against the Royal Fae/Vampire Class, they squabble amongst themselves and their dying race. Create characters and join dangers of the Dark Court. RP
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The World of The Supernatural
Bars,malls,hotels,anywhere.So,you wanna enter the world of the Supernatural?Well,come on in.Lemons allowed.xD
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Metru City Superhero RP
Superhero RP. People with supernatural abilities and powers fight for control over a city in despair. Join as a hero, Villain, or someone caught in the crossfire, and keep Metru City safe, or help to destroy it... ALL ARE WELCOME
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Origin Point High School
Welcome to Origin Point High School- an RP (yup, one of those) were all types of beings, including angels, demons, mages, weaponmasters, and the much less cool humans, meet together under one school roof! All are welcome.
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Fox's Institution
Welcome to Fox's Institution, home of the misunderstood since 1654. Whether lacking in rationality and decorum or of inappropriate species, we will take you in and cure you for sure or at least put your mind to rest... Open for mythicals/paranormals, the mentally instable and anyone else who needs/deserves/wants to be locked up. Also looking for staff. ACTIVE.
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Lurking in the shadows around the camp fire
If you want to whisper about all the things that go bump in the night, if you want to get ideas or discuss the plots of your personal nightmares.If you have a love for the supernatural and storytelling you just stumbled upon the right campfire.
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The Devil's Eyes
How it pains - To know that look in the devils eyes.
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The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Within this City RP
In the city, hardly anyone knows the amount of supernatural creatures are roaming, destructing, or saving. Pretty much no one, apart from those few who are up for the adventure... RP
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Supernatrual forum
Forum for Project Supernatrual
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Club of Eversong
MA15 The Club of Eversong appeared out of nowhere, and the inhabitants seem to be very welcoming. Welcome to the Glade Bar
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Heirs to Horror
You have received a letter telling you that an old relative you didn't even know you had has left you something in his will. But to collect you must go to his big spooky old mansion in the woods!
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Styxxus High
Welcome to Styxxus High. A school created for the non-humans of the world.Once you enter these doors your life will be flipped upside down. Rated M for mature posters.
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New Sparda: A City of war RP
A Rp that is set in a ficional city of New Sparda, a place where technology, Magic and Demon filled gang's are all at war..trying to take over the criminal underworld of the city, join the gang and there leaders or join the police force and help stop to crime.
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Supernatural Creatures
Vampires and Werewolves and Witches Oh My. A forum to discuss stories, the creatures, and everything eles you can think of thats suppernatural.
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Above Ordinary High School
A school that takes supernatural, or extra smart, children from their homes to become part of their learning, both students and teachers, experience. Please join us for this exciting time. :
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*REBOOTED* A small town with a lot of history and secrets many would kill to keep hidden. Newborn is a place where many supernatural come to live their lives, but some things aren't meant for human eyes or ears. Can they live in harmony, without the humans discovering their secrets? This forum will be graphic! So please join with caution. (Some of the locations of this forum were inspired/borrowed from an old, dead forum. I have their permission to use some of the said locations.)
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The Sanctuary RP
Welcome to Sanctuary. A small wooded community headed by our own resident Nephilim. Come any of those who wish to have or who have lost a home. Human or otherworldly creature, all our welcome at Sanctuary. {OPEN AND WANTING MEMBERS}
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