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The Sanctuary RP
Welcome to Sanctuary. A small wooded community headed by our own resident Nephilim. Come any of those who wish to have or who have lost a home. Human or otherworldly creature, all our welcome at Sanctuary. {OPEN AND WANTING MEMBERS}
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A place where any supernatural character is invited! Join the story if you dare.....
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Freedom to Change
Ever wonder what it would be like to be a wereanimal? It would be hard. Adjusting your life after the Awakening is definitely the hardest part. Then there's the fact that you can't tell anyone unless you absolutely trust them, because it would cause panic
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The Edge. For magical and non magical creatures alike in a world torn apart by war. The divided people have pulled together and made peace, but peace never lasts.
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Supernatural Horror
Since supernatural and horror are separate here this forum, dealing with supernatural horror and weird fiction, has been placed in the supernatural category. This is for fiction like Poe and Lovecraft not Freddy and Jason.
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The Island
Welcome to the Island. The outside world is as normal as can be. But once you land on this island...well things begin to change. This island gives you a power, one that once lay dormant inside. The only catch? You can't leave. Who will you meet? What secrets does this island hold?
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Cliche Club
A new writing project for all of those creative minds out there who want a DIFFERENT vampire story for once, and not just vampires.
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Vampire life
It's the early 19th Century Vampires have long been known to society and are hunted like dogs. The only problem is that they're nearly impossible to tell who they are. Come RP the hard life of a vampire or a human they feed on. Active February 2018
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Have you ever heard the old wives tale that a camera can steal your soul? What if ghosts existed? What if the only way to get rid of a frightening ghost was to take it's picture?
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Getting to Know Each Other
Having trouble nailing your character down? Not quite sure who they are yet? Drop 'em into this free-form RP where anything goes! With our help, your cardboard cut-out will become a person before your very eyes...pesky character forms not included.
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An FBI-founded association, the Special Authority Rescue Association is a mixture of many species. All are recruited for the same reason: to protect Earth from oncoming threats. *CHARACTERS OPEN*
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Creatures of the Night and Then Some
Discuss those things that go bump in the night...and how to write for them.
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Writers corner
Finally, a place where authors can come and share stories, chat with friends, and just get ideas.
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The Call of the Void
Roleplay as your own characters in the world of The Void, a beautiful, dangerous, rich, and vast land full of mythical creatures and otherworldly wonders.
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Saints X Sinners
In a World where Supernatural creatures live hidden amongst us such as Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, & Warlocks. We are protected from the creatures of the night by the noble Saints warriors of the Church & their rivals the Hunters who work for the people, come join the World of Saints X Sinners where the possibilities are endless you control the path your OC follows whether it's Good or Evil. This is a RP for everyone all are welcomed to Join.
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Come one, Come all!
Come here to get readers, to post your stories, and get reviewers. Enjoy!
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The Dreamscape: An Original Roleplay
Imagine a world where demons reign supreme in your dreams, kids are terrified of the bogeyman that hides under their bed, wives and husbands dream of the death of their loved one, and only one thing can save you. The Dream Dealer blocks your nightmares for a dangerous price. Blood. Blood of any human. Will you be willing to pay it? To stain your hands with red just to save yourself here? Let's see. Welcome to the Dreamscape, where all your worst nightmares come to life.
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The Evil Red Eyed Purple Vampire Bunny Story
Explore the world of this villain that lives in my closet ...
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Which do you prefer?
Which takes your fancy, in Nyzal's story? Vampires, werewolves, sabers, banshees... Let me know!
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Poor Unfortunate Souls
It's not our fault these things keep happening. Its not our fault we're different. We're only trying to live our lives.
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Blades of the Broken
A world of mankind, dying of shadows. That is simply the reality for you. Crumbling civilizations, demons and beasts, and a world that is slowly losing all light. You're goal isn't to save this world, unless you make it so, but rather to survive it. Any way you can.
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Songs to Rock to
I've asked you all and you've told me your favourite love songs it's now time to discuss the songs that you think are most sutable for the supernatural genre the things you rock to.
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Garden of Monsters
The lovely garden of Eden has been long since deserted by any sort of divine power. The place is overgrown and tainted with the underworld magic, causing many vile creatures to prowl in the remains of what used to be God's gift to man, with Eve ruling over them all. Those who dare to make their way into the place have either been brought there to learn a well-needed lesson, or are foolish demons who face the garden in a last-ditch effort to return to their life on Earth.
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Angel Island
A Forum for supernatural Rp. The world ended with world war 3 destroying Europe and Asia. Several hundred years later however humanity is slowly rebuilding itself on one of the larger floating debris in the Atlantic Ocean, chosen as it escaped the fallout
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Universals' Forum
This forum is for chating & comments. UNIVERSALS IS COMING SOON.
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