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Talk or ask questions about the story here. Any posts welcome.
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The Wolfheart Series
This is the place for any and all discussions about the Wolfheart series. So...yeah. Here it is. Talk with other Wolfheart readers about the stories...whatnot. yada yada yada. Have...fun!
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The Shadow Chronicles
Official fan forum of The Pull, Book 1 of The Shadow Chronicles. Exactly what is the pull? Who is Nick really? Can The Whisper be stopped? Will Melissa ever stop cussing like a sailor? Come along and follow the pull.
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Angels Lies The Deception of the Celestial
What happens when you find out that Angels are behind evil acts and the Jinn Demons have caught a bad rap? Would you trust the Demon you love at his word?
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Secrets of a Vampire Forum
This forum is created so that readers of this on-going novel can freely say what they want about the story. It is just a venue to express what they think about the characters, the plot, setting, etc. Though reviews are not necessary in this forum, if anyo
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What is your fav supernaturalromance story?
give one that is here on fictionpress and one that is a pub book.
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Emily project
I need some help with a project I'm working on, my little Emily Smith story
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Supernatural Collaborations!
Have a great idea you want to work with someone on? Don't have an idea but want to write with someone else? Don't want to write at all, but just have some great ideas? This is the place! Play with ideas and find your writing partners here!
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Supernatural lovers
This group is for pple who luv supernatural stories. Post your page and review each others stories. This group is all about creativity and pple who have a passion 4 writing.
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Discovery Page
Discover new stories or display your new works. Friendly environment to find something good to read or try to get your stuff out there.
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The Alice Tale
Official forum for my Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass -and What Alice Found There- TALE. Ask questions, read FAQ and all the allowed information I can give without spoiling too much. Forum created 1-26-11.
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Supernatural laws
I've begun to write my first story, what laws do you feel supernaturals should adhere to? Besides the obvious, don’t draw public notice to yourself or your clan.
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Behind the Fog
Come and see what lies behind the Fog. You can roleplay as any supernatural creature.
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Vampire Fans!
My Forum for all vampire lovers like myself! I love me some hot vamps!
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Sultry Supernature
Discuss stories we've been reading, or writing! Work thru writer's block & connect with readers who adore your work, and authors who've been there, themselves!
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Blood Covern: Suffocating Darkness, Raging Light
Hidden below the mass destruction of war, a child was struggling with death for the sweet blessing that was life. So far, death had the upper hand. A.N: First fiction! hope you enjoy. :
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The Sisterhood of Darkness
This a Forum for talk about new and old Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mythology books. It can be non Romance or Romantic but these Genres will be be discussed. This is also a forum for inspiring authors and their thoughts on the the storylines coming out now.
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Writers Who Enjoy Writing From a Ghost's Point of
Like writing ghost stories? What about stories from the point of view of a ghost? A forum for people who enjoy writing from the point of view of ghosts where they can share and compare their stories and discuss problems and opinions on using this point of
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Princess cronicels
about a girl who finds out shes a princess
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Welcome To Gail Bay
Welcome to Gail Bay. We hope you enjoy your stay we just have one rule you might want to heed. Whatever you do, don't get on the wrong side of vampires...or the werewolves and it's probably best to steer clear of the witches, too.
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The tower built by angels
A short fictional story with tones of occult and perhaps soul touching nature.
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New and or very different variations of supernatural beings
I really would like to hear about new supernatural beings or strong variations of them that people have created. It could be anything, i just want to hear about it.
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El Cazador y la Vampiresa
Nadie me dijo el significado de la vida, que era el cazar sin matar, que era el matar sin sentir, que era el sentir... sin amor. Soy Alan y esta es mi historia, un cazador de seres sobrenaturales como Vampiros, Zombies, demonios... bueno, sabrán a lo que me dedico. Soy parte de la familia Rohan, reconocidos como "una generación de exterminadores" ayudamos a la gente débil que no tiene las fuerzas para defenderse de criaturas como estas, disfruto el ayudar pero... no disfruto MATAR. No sabía lo que era el am
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Through the Mirror Roleplay
A private roleplay for my friends regarding my story: Through the Mirror
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