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Dark Wood
Welcome to Dark Wood. A city for all your supernatural creatures. Welcome new residents as your new life starts. Anyone can join at any time. Feel free to make a character and jump in! (Note: Some humans may be allowed. STILL ACTIVE)
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Aphelion and Perihelion
This is a school.. where all the bad kids are sent. It is not meant to be enjoyed, everyone's here because for something either they or someone else did. We will take you from the trash you were born as into a benefit to society.. this is after all a place of discipline, and we guarantee, your troublemaker will never be a pain again.
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Castle of Perfection
You have been recruited to help in an ultimate cause. You will discover the world you are in needs to be perfected, and made into a better place, and in doing so, you will fulfill a prophecy of long ago. There will be conflicts, the unraveling of mysteries, and much else along the way in serving to create this world, but the common question is, what will happen in the End?
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supernatural roleplay
I wanted to join a role play of horror/supernatural stories and such but I realized there are not any out there. So I decided to create my own. Please come and join in on the fun.
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Love story- any species
Fall in love as human, wolf, vampire, mermaid, or anything in this love story any species rp, just pm me if you want to join also if you don't like the rating it will be t. Also like the others it will be in school, town, home etc :) x
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School of Freaks
Freaks come here and do whatever they honestly want. You can be anything you want and not get put in a lab for it. Rp here and have fun! ACTIVE!
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Surnaturelle Academy
This is a place for the inhuman, the paranormal, the supernatural creatures. This is surnaturelle.
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The World of Sin RP
The apocalypse started when Adam and Eve were locked out of the Garden of Eden, and the war between Heaven and Hell rages on. Demons and angels, Sins and Guardian Angels, all fight for the dominance over earth and the prise is your soul. THIS RP IS RATED M! *Active, though is still being build*
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The Persecution of the Hidden
The Fae(Mystical Creatures) have been brought into the light. Humans know of their existence. The humans have enslaved the Fae so they could prosper on the misery and suffering of the Fae. But there is a revolution soon to come. Will the Fae be able to overthrow their masters?
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Moonlight University
For many years supernatural have been hunted by humans as they were a threat to the people. These creatures of the unnatural world got together and created a school where they could live in peace and harmony among each other without the humans bothering them. Become a werewolf, vampire, witch, human...etc and join in the fight between supernatural and humans.
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An FBI-founded association, the Special Authority Rescue Association is a mixture of many species. All are recruited for the same reason: to protect Earth from oncoming threats. *CHARACTERS OPEN*
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The Call of the Void
Roleplay as your own characters in the world of The Void, a beautiful, dangerous, rich, and vast land full of mythical creatures and otherworldly wonders.
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Long ago the werewolves lived together in harmony, but that all changed when one leader becomes greedy for power over all of the packs. What pack will you be with?
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The World Is Ours!
There's things in the world, which human's call monster's. But what they don't know is that they're living among us, hidden in the shadows, lurking around. Humans are preparing in case of an attack, they test there power formula on all humans, which are you Human or Monster!( Hope you like, please join!) -Thank you
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Emma Locke can see ghosts, things that everyone at her school believes to be a phantasm. She knows she can't let anyone in about her abilities, not even her friends. Strangely, these ghosts are trying to tell her something by playing out some kind of phantasmagoria of her past... or is it her future? Emma begins to search for clues. Is her future already planned out? Was there someone planning to kill her from the start?
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The Sanctuary RP
Welcome to Sanctuary. A small wooded community headed by our own resident Nephilim. Come any of those who wish to have or who have lost a home. Human or otherworldly creature, all our welcome at Sanctuary. {OPEN AND WANTING MEMBERS}
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Garden of Monsters
The lovely garden of Eden has been long since deserted by any sort of divine power. The place is overgrown and tainted with the underworld magic, causing many vile creatures to prowl in the remains of what used to be God's gift to man, with Eve ruling over them all. Those who dare to make their way into the place have either been brought there to learn a well-needed lesson, or are foolish demons who face the garden in a last-ditch effort to return to their life on Earth.
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Sanctitude of the Damned
The existence of Monsters is well-known to every man, woman and child. They walk among us, friends, coworkers, Lovers... But several religious organizations want to commit the greatest mass genocide in the history of mankind. They want to wipe every supernatural creature in existence off the planet.
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Angels and Demons
Revived. A supernatural town called Redwood is in favor of holding secrets. Angels and Demons lurk around every corner, most having gone through some sort of tragedy to end up in this pertinent little town. Become one of them. Everybody is welcome!
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The Hidden City
In the city Humans live with out knowing that creatures live among them. some humans know about this other world but not all. the humans that know about them is the human government, certain human police officers and certain human doctors. All creatures and back stories Welcome.
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Supernatural RPG
In progress.
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Under progress.
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New York City
Under progress.
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Through the Mirror Roleplay
A private roleplay for my friends regarding my story: Through the Mirror
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Bloody World
Under progress. Be patient.
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