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Dark Wood
Welcome to Dark Wood. A city for all your supernatural creatures. Welcome new residents as your new life starts. Anyone can join at any time. Feel free to make a character and jump in! (Note: Some humans may be allowed. STILL ACTIVE)
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Bermuda Triangle
You are lost in an island located in the dead center of the Bermuda Triangle. In the aftermath of a war of islanders vs. vampires and with another plague coming, how will you survive? Even worse (or better, to some) you find you have developed supernatural powers. This will surely be an interesting stay...
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The Other World RP
Unbeknownst to most humans, there exists around them a secret society of paranormal creatures. These creatures have managed to hide themselves, though they have been living side by side with humans for centuries. Utilizing an innate power they all have that allows them to appear human, the humans have remained oblivious to paranormals for centuries. Will your character be a human who has stumbled upon this secret world or a paranormal and what adventures will they have in the Other World? NOW ACCEPTING OCS
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Castle of Perfection
You have been recruited to help in an ultimate cause. You will discover the world you are in needs to be perfected, and made into a better place, and in doing so, you will fulfill a prophecy of long ago. There will be conflicts, the unraveling of mysteries, and much else along the way in serving to create this world, but the common question is, what will happen in the End?
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School of Freaks
Freaks come here and do whatever they honestly want. You can be anything you want and not get put in a lab for it. Rp here and have fun! ACTIVE!
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Love story- any species
Fall in love as human, wolf, vampire, mermaid, or anything in this love story any species rp, just pm me if you want to join also if you don't like the rating it will be t. Also like the others it will be in school, town, home etc :) x
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Moonlight University
For many years supernatural have been hunted by humans as they were a threat to the people. These creatures of the unnatural world got together and created a school where they could live in peace and harmony among each other without the humans bothering them. Become a werewolf, vampire, witch, human...etc and join in the fight between supernatural and humans.
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Our So Called Lives
A school for the mystical. Where vampires can learn to control their hunger and witches/wizards can learn to master their spell casting. But not just the normal mystical beings can be taught here. Some other students are Alkonosts, Nymphs, succubi, Nain Rouges, and many other species that you can read about when you read the handbook. BEGINNERS ARE VERY WELCOME! (Warning- Some M Rated Material)
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Surnaturelle Academy
This is a place for the inhuman, the paranormal, the supernatural creatures. This is surnaturelle.
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The World of Sin RP
The apocalypse started when Adam and Eve were locked out of the Garden of Eden, and the war between Heaven and Hell rages on. Demons and Angels, Sins and Guardian Angels, all fight for the dominance over earth and the prize is your soul. THIS RP IS RATED M!
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Shallow Lights
Welcome to Shallow lights, a town of supernaturals. This town is a Supernaturals safe haven, the world has become more cruel so have a stay here. But beware, this town has its on dark secrets...Maybe you can unravel them. Good luck on finding them out, and enjoy you're new home.(Making still in progress.)
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Metru City Superhero RP
Superhero RP. People with supernatural abilities and powers fight for control over a city in despair. Join as a hero, Villain, or someone caught in the crossfire, and keep Metru City safe, or help to destroy it... ALL ARE WELCOME
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Supernatural RP
This forum has been around for some time but I have just redone it. All are welcome, humans and supernaturals. Become any species that you want.
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A Near-Perfect Utopia
The Dakor are a race similar to vampires. They have created a utopian society, but at what cost to the humans that once inhabited the earth? Full explanation inside. It is open!
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Sun and Shadow: The Eternal War
For thousands of years, two sides never agreed upon anything. Will you join the Sun, that stands for the goodness and the light of the world? Or will you join the Shadow, the darkness and evil you'd never hope to see? Come join the fight and choose you side, just hope that it's the right one. New member are always welcome!
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The Sanctuary RP
Welcome to Sanctuary. A small wooded community headed by our own resident Nephilim. Come any of those who wish to have or who have lost a home. Human or otherworldly creature, all our welcome at Sanctuary. {OPEN AND WANTING MEMBERS}
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*REBOOTED* A small town with a lot of history and secrets many would kill to keep hidden. Newborn is a place where many supernatural come to live their lives, but some things aren't meant for human eyes or ears. Can they live in harmony, without the humans discovering their secrets? This forum will be graphic! So please join with caution. (Some of the locations of this forum were inspired/borrowed from an old, dead forum. I have their permission to use some of the said locations.)
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City hidden in plain sight
*THIS IS A PRIVITE RP! PLEASE PM THE MODS FOR PREMISSION* Ever felt like you've been watched or that there are other worlds out there for you to learn about? Well in the city of Almofants that's what it is. The world of the supernatural clash with humans. Of course their too blind to see what's hidden in pain sight...
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An FBI-founded association, the Special Authority Rescue Association is a mixture of many species. All are recruited for the same reason: to protect Earth from oncoming threats. *CHARACTERS OPEN*
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Long ago the werewolves lived together in harmony, but that all changed when one leader becomes greedy for power over all of the packs. What pack will you be with?
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The Call of the Void
Roleplay as your own characters in the world of The Void, a beautiful, dangerous, rich, and vast land full of mythical creatures and otherworldly wonders.
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Saints X Sinners
In a World where Supernatural creatures live hidden amongst us such as Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, & Warlocks. We are protected from the creatures of the night by the noble Saints warriors of the Church & their rivals the Hunters who work for the people, come join the World of Saints X Sinners where the possibilities are endless you control the path your OC follows whether it's Good or Evil. This is a RP for everyone all are welcomed to Join.
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The Dreamscape: An Original Roleplay
Imagine a world where demons reign supreme in your dreams, kids are terrified of the bogeyman that hides under their bed, wives and husbands dream of the death of their loved one, and only one thing can save you. The Dream Dealer blocks your nightmares for a dangerous price. Blood. Blood of any human. Will you be willing to pay it? To stain your hands with red just to save yourself here? Let's see. Welcome to the Dreamscape, where all your worst nightmares come to life.
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Garden of Monsters
The lovely garden of Eden has been long since deserted by any sort of divine power. The place is overgrown and tainted with the underworld magic, causing many vile creatures to prowl in the remains of what used to be God's gift to man, with Eve ruling over them all. Those who dare to make their way into the place have either been brought there to learn a well-needed lesson, or are foolish demons who face the garden in a last-ditch effort to return to their life on Earth.
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Sanctitude of the Damned
The existence of Monsters is well-known to every man, woman and child. They walk among us, friends, coworkers, Lovers... But several religious organizations want to commit the greatest mass genocide in the history of mankind. They want to wipe every supernatural creature in existence off the planet.
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