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Not That Other Forum
The mutant baby of the 'Edward or Jacob' forum. Enter if you dare.
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The Forum Gallery
This is a forum of collected forums that my friends and I want to do. Anyone can join though.
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No Reviews?
Don't have any reviews yet? Come here tell us your story and I'll check it out and review. If you'll do the same!
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Alternate Master Uchiha RP
This is one that was originally posted on my Quizilla, which I don't go on anymore. Okay, in this, if you've seen Uchiha's wiki on the KND wiki. The link is on my Fanfiction account, which is also Eric Cartman forever. I'll explain more in the topics.
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Love story- students and teachers
Fall in love with anyone and I do mean anyone from students with each other to a student and a teacher. Anything can happen in high school right? Might also include supernatural not just humans
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The Gifted Few
Hey, guys and gals.. Read the Rules and Backstory first.. Make your superhero, or villain, and wreak havoc!
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Wolf Pack RPG
This is an RPG filled with wolves who co-exist as humans to hide their true nature. It is set in a modern-day town named Black River Falls in Jackson County, Wisconsin. The school's name is Black River Falls High school. Romance, suspense, tragedy and mystery all come together in this forum as each pack member struggles to survive among humans.
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The Cafeteria
Just a place where you can advertise any young adult stories you'd like more people to read.... Or talk about anything regarding this broad genre lol...
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Spider's Web
Clever name eh? Okay a forum basically to discuss your own work and others and have an aimless chat about stuff. So get Inspired, everyone's welcome!
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RP thread: EmoScene Love story
This is a role play forum where you can make a character and join in on an online story with other people. It is also a great way to make friends! This story will be about an emo boy and emo girl meeting in high school and going out with eachother. Things happen school that cause chaos and drama but the boy and girl try to stay together through everything due to their strong love. The boy and the girl are the ones in the picture :)
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The NeverEnding Battle 2: The Take Over
From the makers of the original NeverEnding Battle, we bring you the sequel. The same insane fighting under a new roof.
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Original and Unheard Of
Too many times, cliche stories become popular and well-known - while actual good, original stories are almost never read. A forum for those people with only 2 or 3 reviews, and an idea that they think should be recognized.
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Yeah, Another Roleplay Forum
I know there are a thousand and twelve of these roleplay forums. But, I wanted to make one that I could easily access in the event that I needed to.
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Writing to get published
As the title implies. Stuff we want people to read because we honestly want to get it published.
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Yes! It's Another RP!
Come delve into 1920's New York: mobsters, prohibition, and whatever else the 20's had! Anyone can join just submit a character.
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Leading, Not Yet A, Man
Discuss what makes or breaks a male lead character in a story and share links to the stories with the most realistic, original, or romantic male characters.
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I supose this is to be used to talk about steryotyping. ranting, venting, ect.
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Best Inspired While Wired: Roleplay
A roleplay about yourself! Okay, well, maybe not. A collection of roleplays based off a handful of sayings/words. Come and join today!
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Open Territory
Need more reviews? Just post your story here! And share ideas!
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Caffeine Kingdom
Caffeine Kingdom is a coffee shop ignored by the public but well known to the artistic underground. It is a haven to all of those with a creative soul. [Not open to the public.]
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Dynast Academy
This is a prestigious boarding school for those gifted with the talent of harnassing a type of elemental magic. The people that have been either enrolled, dumped, forced, or abandoned here are put to the test as well as pushed beyond their imagination to hone their skills to the highest degree. Here, is where any 'normal' situation you might find in your own school but on a little bit of a larger scale. As this deals with magic that means the students would use their ability against their rivals, those they
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Story Ideas
A forum to exchange ideas about stories so stories that might not normally be written can be written.
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Fairy Tale Roleplay (YOUR VERSION!)
What the title says. Umm... Romeo and Juliet counts, too. But, I call Little Red Riding Hood! Please join!
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Time and Dimension Travel
In a science lab somewhere far away, a time/dimension traveling machine was born. Now, an elite group of teenagers are sent to study the past and future of varying dimensions, to make changes to their lives to make a perfect future. RPG, characters ALWAYS welcomed. Please join.
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Honesty Is book reviews
Honesty Is"; impartial reviews! Need something reviewing? Think you have a story for my C2? Check out this forum!
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