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Australian High School RP
Everybody makes American high school role plays but in this role play it's all Australian.
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Where I'm Coming From
Ok, this is where we can communicate properly. I'd love to get to know those reading my story. It'll pass a lot of time, anyway
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Looking For A Writing Partner
I am looking for someone to collaborate with on a story, so if you have any ideas and would like to try writing with me, please reply!
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Random RPG
Ok so i have noticed that no one has attempted an RPG so i figured i could take a wack at it. Basically we add our characters and see where it goes.
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Need a BETA?
This is a place where you can offer help, or ask for help with your writing to improve the writing and reading quaility.
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Looking For Dedicated Readers & Writers
I'm looking for some people who would be willing to read and review my novel to the end and in return, I will read and review your novel until the end. It's a win-win relationship.
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what about gay marriage?
there are a lot of opinions on gay marriage and i want to hear them all
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Novelist's Ink
A forum for aspiring or published young adult novelists on FictionPress.
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Translation's Legion
Official forum for discussion of the story. Questions, comments, whatever.
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Better Than Me
I'm like everyone else, trying hard to reach my goals by doing two things, working hard, and believing myself. sometimes, that's all it takes, and sometimes, it's not even enough....
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An advertisement for my story BEACH. Has a summary inside, and a few questions.
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Want more reviews? Post the link to your story her
You want more reviews? Want your story to be more noticed? Post the link to your story here to get more reviews. Lets help each other and give comments, helpful critisms, suggestions, compliments and publicity!
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Hey there Delilah Street dog roleplay whats it lik
Rateing is T for some profanity Anywho its a streetdog roleplay as the title says. and you just create your charactor that is canine :3 come on in and have some fun. takes place in new york
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Those who won't live happily ever after
Fantasy RP create a character from midievil times, only accepting seven other RP's
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lgbt rants and story ideas reviews
lgbt* stories or just chat area for the gays
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Town Of Rosalier
It is set in the town of Rosalier. You can make you own character, and then have them live their lives! T-content or lower please!
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My Writing Generally Speaking
So tell me here what you think about my writing. Some if it is... weird in general, but others I actually like. Discuss my stuff and I'll reply to you here. Or ask me questions nothing personal....
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Silent Forum
Discuss the story I wrote, Silent. I want to hear what people think of it and be honest. I can handle some insults and compliments.
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i'm new to the site and posted a story but it doesnt seem to have showed up. Please if anyone has an idea what i could do to fix this i'd really appreciate it.
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Needing reviews badly
I really need reviews for my story.
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I Fell For My Best Friend Discussion
If you have any questions about my story, I Fell For My Best Friend, here is the place to ask them. I'll probably respond when things are posted here faster than if you submit them in a review.
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Writing as a Form of Healing
Has writing changed or even saved your life in any way? Became your comfort zone? Brought you back from rock bottom? I'd love to hear your stories. Remain anonymous if you wish.
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Love Interest for Female Lead
Okay, I'm struggling on how to make the male love interest for my female character... I know it should be MY made up person, but I don't really know how to. Any suggestions or comments on what traits/characteristics I could use?
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Being Young
This is the place for non-Romance YA Fiction! By non-Romance I mean Romance being the van of the Novel. has a Romance Category for a reason. No Poems allowed please.
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Looking for a writing partner, someone to help, or
I have just posted my first idea of a beginning of a book. It hasn't been accepted yet. So far it is about a teen who lives on a vineyard in Nebraska. Any who, if anyone would like to help, or just give me some ideas, criticsm, it's all welcome.
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