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Looking for a writing partner, someone to help, or
I have just posted my first idea of a beginning of a book. It hasn't been accepted yet. So far it is about a teen who lives on a vineyard in Nebraska. Any who, if anyone would like to help, or just give me some ideas, criticsm, it's all welcome.
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Warped Reflections: Join the madness!
Journey down our strange little rabbit's hole and land yourself in the land of Andros where war has swollowed the land, and cost the countries of Santina and Plarius dearly while Etania and Malania are still at each others throats!
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Rainbow RP
Wasn't sure what to call it... A colorful RP for unique characters...ok, that sounds lame, just check it out if you're interested.
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Have an idea but your too lazy to write it? Don't worry I'll do it for you! I'm looking for challenges to write, eg. "write a story about characters x and y, must have the phrases: , , . Must be at least X amount of words"
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Story Advertisement
Have a young adult story that you want to promote? Post them here, advertise, and I, or anyone one else who comes will read them. Thank you!
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This is basically a forum for all those who have something to say or ask about my pioneer fic, KIKEN: CHIKYUUGAOWARUHANASHI.
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no reveiws for your young adult story? just ask!
if you don't have enough reviews, and you want more, post your story, your summary, and anything else!
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So, You Think Your Life Sucks? Say HELLO To Mine!
For the FictionPress story 'So, You Think Your Life Sucks? Say HELLO To Mine'. Here, you can discuss the chapters, find chapter music playlists, Character Profiles and pictures, as well as other stories you may like. So come and join in!
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The Teenagers in all of us and our stories!
Young Adult: Teenagers! The forum about anything with fiction writing and teenagers!
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The Eye of the Storm A Ghostgirl Novel
My novel, The Eye of the Storm - A Ghostgirl Novel, needs reviewed. If anyone would like to read it, just let me know. Thanks : Btw, I'm new here.
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Story Scene Ideas
Any ideas for any scene, dialogue, setting, character and so on can be suggested here. If we like your idea and can use it it just may appear in our story. We may even ask you for more or to elaborate. Make sure you say what you are adding on to and wher
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Discuss my new story HOW TO SAVE A LIFE: VOLUME 1
If you haven't read my story, check it out. How to Save a Life is based on eight girls moving into a mansion filled with seven troubled guys. During their stay, they face many dramatic issues and discover many life changing secrets.
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Whatever you want me to write about... tell me now. I'll see what I can do.
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please submit your suggestions in what you want to happen next in Jara and please, give some suggestions in the appropriate title for this story... tyhanl ks a lot everyone!
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Forbidden Romance
I'm working on this story called "How Can I Not Love You?"about the relationship between two stepsiblings . Just out of interest, what are your opinions on stepsibling relationship? How would you like the story to turn out?
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Review Tag!
You review someone's story and someone else reviews yours. It's like tag, only with reviews.
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Artists Looking for a Project?
I'd really like to have pictures of what 6 of my characters look like. I am in no way an artist. I can't sketch, draw, paint or anything of the like. If anyone wants to take on making some pictures, that would be really cool. I can make a new post with pi
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Romantic Confusion and Maturity
If you are a writer of romantic stories slash/femslash are allowed that involve teenagers, please elaborate on what makes a good young adult romance.
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Normal Girl To Vampire
This story is about a 16 year old girl who goes from one of the most popular girl at her normal school to a total out cast vammpire at her new boarding school. I would also like to note that I am not the gratest writer and if you find any problems pleas
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After Adults Discussion Board
Discuss, critique, and suggest new ideas for the ever-evolving story "After Adults" here!
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Young Adult Writer Raves!
Need advice on writing Young Adult fictions? Character ideas? Ideas in general? Feel free to share your ideas with others and get some back as well!
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Happiness Comes With Time And Love
Heather and her sister in-law Laura, are in a horrific car accident. Heather goes into labor, and has the baby by emergency C-Section. Her husband Rob, and daughter Amelia must learn to take care of Lulu without Heather around. Rated T. Enjoy!:
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This is a forum for my book, Immersion
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I'll be honest, mostly I have no idea how to use these forums and this is my way of learning. What are your forum tips? What are your favorite writing tips? Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books? Favorite characters you've written about/read about? Favorite superhero? Writing is about writing, you are only a writer when you are in the act of writing so write away…
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Looking For Realistic YA Fiction?
Over a past few years YA fiction as taken a supernatural turn thanks to several popular supernatural series but there are countless realistic YA stories that deal with truthful characters and realistic situations. Here you can post these stories and talk about YA fiction.
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