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Sweet Love
Genisis life starts to turn around after she loses her virginity to Chris Brown, some guy she met at a party will this one time fling become more than just a one night stand? feelings will grow and people will get hurt. Please read my story and tell me what you think. It is a little rated PG in this first chapter but nothing too extreme. I hope you enjoy :
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Looking to hear more than, good job, I like this
I have a creative writing background and I'm willing to critique work if you're willing to do the same. I want to start a small forum for writers looking to eventually publish, but also for young adults who know the genre! If you read a lot of YA, and can offer your critiques, join us! If you are a serious writer looking for reviews, join us! The Novel I'm working on is called Project K. I've put a lot of work into it, but I'd really like to hear what a young adult reader or writer thinks! If you're in
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Guess what! It's another review forum!
Hey guys! I'm just trying to spread the word about the story I'm co-writing 'Ready to Run' with MissRiss826... We would really like some input! If you read ours, we will read yours, but don't expect it to happen the same day! Its a story that features family, friendship,love runing away and clowns! Please give us tips! BTW... we aren't below begging! Just Sayin' : thanks guys!
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Life of Youth
Discuss the gay teen drama, "LIFE OF YOUTH". Share your thoughts about the story and what you'd like to see happen!
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Family, Friends & Crime - What do you think?
What do you think about this story "Family, Friends & Crime"?
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Only Love
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FictionPress Award Sites?
Where have all the FictionPress award sites gone?
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New York City
Under progress.
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Are you tired of getting no reviews on your amazingly original story? Are you tired of seeing stories full of cliches get the most follows, favorites, and views you've ever seen? Well, not to worry! Here we can exchange reviews and help each other get better.
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Giggle Snort, for working on my stories
Meep moop popcorn poptarts
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