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The Amazing Dress Race
The idea? Easy. The rules? Piece of cake. The time? Now. The aim? Fun. The point? ...Well, it's up to you to decide, now, isn't it!
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Lock down
When things happen(IN progress..invite only)
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Into the depths of madness
Your whole life has been taken from you by them, the scientists they experimented till they got you under there indomitable fist, they gave you a suit and told you go out and fight for them, they gave some powers, Magical powers. But that's all in the past now, you're in a stasis tank and rotting away, until the next unlucky expedition fines their way into the depths of madness.
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Rottweilers Yard
A hopefully fun place for readers and writers alike to hang out and take away something thoughtful. Opened up, come on in and have fun.
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Nervosa: Nuclear Winter
The world has been given over to environmental catastrophe. The snow is piled high in the wake of a nuclear winter, causing survival to be even more difficult. The countless dead have been buried, and those who remain suffer from physical mutations and often time psychological ailments. Whether or not you survive, is not necessarily up to you.
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Argh! Writer's Block!
This is for people who have or have had writer's block and would like to share their exsperiance with others. Either to get or to give help...You know what just have fun and hope something comes to!
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The Place Where Totally Awesome People Gather To Discuss Nerd Stuff
Hello, come and join the fun. We'll have challenges and fun discussions galore!
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The Shade RP
Masked within our world is a dimension ready to mix with our own. Before the beginning of civilization the DEmons ruled the earth. They enslaved humans that were worthy of life and made them useful. Among their favorite was the DAemons who are now the
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A new dawn
Two group of wolves live together in a valley. A dark battle has been fought between the Pack of Dawn Shadows and the Pack of Dark Dreams. Luckily the battle is over, but unfortunately there were many losses and the packs are looking for outsiders to join. You are invited to come and join either The Pack of Dawn Shadows or The Pack of Dark Nights.
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World of Magyk
A forum for the use of authors Tangled Mind, Serom Kim, and XLightfoot only unless invitation is extended.
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Aldan Military
Join the famous Military School of Aldan, a whealthy country, which is loyal to their King. Work hard to become a great soldier, or even an officer or a lieutenant. Be a magician or a normal human! Have fun in the medieval setting where war has broken out between the nations.
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Scramble for Africa RP
It is the 1898, and the Westernized powers have conquered much of Africa. As a result, only four African nations are left. Can they halt the Westernized invasion? Or will they too fall?
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 141 - Since: 12-08-08 - Admin: S.Silver 360
I know the rules said not to post stories... but does Roleplays fall under stories..? Well, anyway, Roleplay here if you like.
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The Weather Centre: And I Need a Job, so I Wanna Be A Paperback Writer
The forum for people who want to go pro. Featuring: a weekly workshop for novelists, query letter & synopsis critiques, an indie/self-pub section, and a place for story brainstorming (TWC mk. 1 holla).
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New Haven
To be added.
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Dragon Universe
We are everywhere, in the shadows and above the clouds, even in places you will never find us. We are dragons, kitsunes, phoenixes; things you haven't encountered before. Here, we gather to train, to grow a kingdom for all those who wish to join. Together, we stand tall.
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Dancing In The Kitchen
Contains everything. Mary Sue checker? Yes. Plot twist creator? But of course. Useful useless information thread? Why not? Plot bunny adoption center? Obviously. Review begging page? Sure. Kitchen sink? Definitely.
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Romance RP
Create anything that has to do with Romance!
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 130 - Since: 08-20-11 - Admin: HopelessEnding
Phoenix Academy
this is a highschool were the students can find love. though this is home to both regulare and paranormal people. come and join us.
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Summer Camp Roleplay
Where we roleplay a Summer Camp experience! Come create a camper or instructor, find friendship or maybe more in your fellow campers. Enjoy the RP :)
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Fairy Tales fantasy romance
Forum for the C2 Fairy tales,fantasy & romance . So come , chat , promote , share or just be plain silly
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Asuldan RP (Private RP)
Private Asuldan RP, Invite Only.
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9 Sky Islands
Once, a long time ago, a powerful force took small Islands of earth from nine places around the world, then took them into the air. Many people were taken with the land, and made bridges to link up the floating islands together. They named them the Nine Sky Islands. Create a character and live on this special place, and survive!
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The Vaughans: Defining Family
Meet The Vaughans! This Seattle family is defining the word family forever, one situation at a time. Portray a Vaughan or create a family friend. Come see what family means in "The Vaughans: Defining Family"
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World of Wonder
This is a world of wonder, and land of possibilities, join and see where your adventure lead you
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