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lovers quarrel
They hadnt seen each other in 8 years. How was she supposed to face him lovers from the aage of21 he left and never said goodbye
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Alex vs Alex (doesn't have to follow the episode, it can be different)
Alex casts out her bad side
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The Lucy Awareness Page-Based off of Skillet's song Lucy
This page is just a page I have decided to give to Lucy, the little girl lost in abortion (full story inside) Even though we never knew you, We Love You Lucy.
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Fiction Competitions & Challenges Of All Sorts!
A forum created for anyone and everyone who wants to start or enter a fiction competition or challenge :) Go nuts!
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Creations of the Heart
Want a place to role play? Wish to get out of your writer's block? Starting a story and need help? Or do you wish to advertise your story? Well...Come on by and see what we have to offer!
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Dream Junkie's Wanted Board
Here I will be posting help wanted ads regarding my stories. Anything from proof reading and editing jobs available, to art representing the story. Maybe a dedicated member would be willing to be my publicist and be able to give me deadlines and make sure I'm motivated in keeping my work updated. Feel free to ask for any help yourself. I love nothing more than reading others' work and proofing it or giving helpful advice.
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En español :)
Este es el foro en español :)
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Heart and Head
The heart and head are sometimes connected. Other times they are disconnected. The heart beats and the mind races. The heart says I Love You but the mind says why aren't you "in love" with your love? The heart does not understand being "in love," but the mind is praying you will be. The mind is hoping that the heart will follow because if it does not the heart will break. For the mind and the heart cannot keep the secret burden of loving someone but not being "in love" with someone. Also feeling the fear of
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Writers Anonymous
A forum where fellow writers are able to talk to other writers about their stories. Ask for reviews, help on plot, or really anything you need help for. Please try and keep it civil, it's not appropriate to insult or use profanity here. Just don't.
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recherche de fiction
Vous recherchez des fictions mais vous ne savez où demander ? Ce forum est fait pour vous! Venez y poster vos recherches de fics et/ou d'auteurs! Et aider celles et ceux qui, comme vous, en recherchent! /!\ Langage SMS et injure proscrit
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POWR Struggle - The RPG
Technology is amazing. With SOAR's invention and mass-production of POWRs, people have begun living more efficient and worry-free lives. But not everything is as simple as SOAR would like everyone to believe. People who live without POWRs find life difficult, and the industry of new development is dangerous. What adventures await you, and what will your story be?
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Not Your Usual Romance
This is where all the roleplays are romantic, dramatic, all that jazz. But it has a slight twist to this tale. Something Abnormal.
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Summer Camp
Your parents have sent you to Summer School because they think it can help your life, but you think that's the worst decision your parents ever made. That's what you thought, before you met your new friends, new enemies, and maybe, a lover?
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Question: Story-Trying to find?
Hey guys. I was just wondering if any of you have heard of this story. It's about a girl who moves to this little town in CA and can understand animals. She meets this guy who likes gummy bears and is a shapeshifter from another dimension, she has a unicorn in her. I don't know the name and I have been looking for it for, like, two years. Do y'all know what it's called or if it's still up? It was a great story. Sorry, didn't know where to ask.
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Starting a writing project looking for others to join
Introduction This idea has been simmering for two years now. I should have used the newsletter but I wasn't visiting Fanfict and Lit at the time. So, I have Slowly let the idea grow and simmer until the time is right. The write time is now and I am opening up this invitation to all members who like to write to join me in a quest in a project that will create. The Idea The base idea is to find an audience and produce for them until we become published. That's the basic idea but it has many layers. To get to
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Science VS Bible
What do you believe? Why? Give Reasons. Debate. Learn from the 'other side'.
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Any topics that include or incorporate steampunk are allowed here.
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Noun's Stories
Noun's Stories
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The Story Adoption Agency
Have writers block? Need titles, plots, characters, places, and other things like that? Do you have ideas, but you want to let someone else have them? Come here to the Adoption Agency to find what you need. ALWAYS OPEN!
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The View from Up Here
A regular girl enters a life of fantasy when her father builds her a tree house, changing not only her view of the neighborhood, but her view on life and its mysteries.
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General Roleplay
deicated to roleplay of all forms
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Werewolf Roleplay
Become a werewolf, and join the pack! Please join!
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Lamb Editing
I am an aspiring freelance editor with a website that you can visit. I will edit anything for free, full stories or chapter-by chapter. Visit me at mbediting.
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how to write a good fight deatailed scene for a fantasy novel?
Hi I need some advise on writing a good scene that wont bore my readers. Also if you wont to beta me please PM me :)
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The School's Secrets
You're all in the school, you're all through puberty, you're all emotionally all over the place. So let's go through this school together.
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