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Da epic forum
Dis is da epic forum. XD
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I Need You!
I want to make a short film but I can't think of a story. I want you guys to think up a fabulous short story that can be made into a short film. You get credit, obviously. It just needs to be possible for a young first time filmmaker to create. (Sorry, no fantasy or horror type things). Look forward to working with you fabulous writers :)
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Southpawx3's Forum for stuff
This is where I'll put updates for my stories (Not chapters, just notifications) You can also ask me questions using this or PM, whatever you prefer, I should get back to you within a week or two depending what my recent activity includes.
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Submit your writing!
Hey everyone, I'm with CandleLit Journal and we are releasing our first ejournal this year! Right now we are taking in submissions for art and short story prose (maximum 6,000 words). we are currently accepting both fiction and non-fiction. For more rules and to submit send me a message or comment. Deadline is October 24, 2013 and we hope to hear from you soon.
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Help Wanted
This forum is dedicated to developing readerships between authors. Are you a Writer searching for someone to Beta Read for you? Or a Beta in need of material to edit? Just looking for a few good friends to help peer edit your work? Or maybe you need more administrators for your community or forum... Just post an ad here and see the responses you get!
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Let the Randomness began!
Anyone can join and talk about anything you want!
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Prehistoric Park RP
This Group is about Prehistoric Park, AN Impossible Pictures Television show starring Nigel Marvin! More Information inside
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Cu Sith Boarding school
Everyone is special in there own little way . . . Especially us. We're those special people in society who hang around in shifty places, have some weird tastes and cultural things and sometimes have extra limbs. We are the things that go bump in the night . . . but not until we've finished school.
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Fiction & Prose Supernatural Story Awards
This the where you come to nominate stories that you think qualify for the categories on the FPSSSA website. Categories are also listed here.
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Fiction Domination
Get your stories out there, fanfiction or original. Have your stories on an other site too? tell us about it so we can follow you every where. All genres are welcomed here. Don't be shy, get recognized.
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Discusions about random things
Just what the title says. Random questions to talk about when you're bored and have nothing better to do.
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Official Alpha-Man Forum
This is the official forum of the Alpha-Man stories. Here, you can find find bios of characters and locations. If you wish to be a moderator, simply PM the author.
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Looking for critics?
I am creating this forum, primarily, as a place for me to get people to critique/review my work. That being said, if you are willing to take the time to do that with mine, please send me a message and I will do the same for you. Thank you.
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rp in the future!
5000 years from 2013...earth is to polluted to live on and is now the trash dumping ground for the galexy...many ailian races have been discovered... make a OC and join the fun! i made this becues no one seems to join my fanfiction foums...maybe this one will be different...
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Auliq Ice Quotes
Large, searchable compilation of quotations and funny thoughts arranged by topic.
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Resplendent's Thoughts
A journal or blog of sorts. Most posts will be relevant to my potential novel series, Paranormal Marionette.
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Humans have the elemental powers, some cannot wield powers they can only use magic. Humans on earth has made peace with one another but the big threat is out there, demons. Slowly some Elementals, humans who have powers, become corrupted turning into creatures of the unknown but an organization known as Saviors will stop the world from this new threat and who's behind it.
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Una imagen, una historia
Un foro en el que se pondrán a reto tus habilidades para la escritura. Observa una imagen y crea una historia. Las difundiremos, las comentaremos y nos divertiremos. ¡Participa y crece como escritor o escritora!
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Trilogy Fan Base
I'm sure everyone has questions about the trilogy. Why did Nick Carson go insane? Why did Whytnee Wyatt go insane? Here, you can ask anything you want, and I'll give you an answer. Please please please, ask away. There are no stupid questions.
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Fantasy RPG part 1
This is a Fantasy RolePlayingAdventureStory for beginner writers. Do anything, anywhere, within my laws of course. I am the first god, the more you rp the sooner till you get to be a god also.
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Welcome to the New Age
Here you can talk about current pop culture, role play, and or introduce each other. I don't know, I never made a forum before XD
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Night walkers: The reincarnations of the Zodaic
This is about 12 teens each representing a symbol of the zodaic
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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
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This Forum will have every one of my romantic novels as well as my novels in the works.
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