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S China bustos anillo enorme pirámide, the avanti group
Recurso: NANNING - Policía en la ciudad meridional de China anunció el martes que han roto asprawling sistema piramidal con la detención de 173 personas, incluyendo a 19 cabecillas. Policía irrumpieron en un restaurante de lujo en ciudad de Beihai en región autónoma de Guangxi Zhuang onJuly 13, la captura de todos los 173 miembros, que tienen un gran banquete de honor twonewly promovida por cabecillas. Según la policía el anillo estaba involucrado en recaudación ilegal de fondos, y se pedía a cada nuevo mie
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The Avanti Group
At have hjælp og vejledning af en kvalificeret ejendomsmæglers kan gøre eller bryde en aftale. Ikke miste din tid, igangværende forretning og penge.
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The Tyler Group
The Tyler Group Barcelona is a leading structure in making global expat connections specifically in Barcelona. What we do is build a client relationship that honors. We invest in and care about our client's success through giving a 24/7 professionalism and expertise in terms of business, travel and tours, financial and legal services and well as capturing the best of Barcelona as for both individual and group leisure living.
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Because, Why Not!
A place to get reviews, great reads, partake in contests, and meet amazing people!
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Longer Works Club
Welcome to the club! In here you can discuss your longer works with people who have an attention span greater than 15 minutes. This is a place to advertise, look for, and discuss the longer stories found here on FictionPress. So wether you are looking to read, write or discuss this is the place for you. All members should REVIEW everything that they read, without being a jerk in the process. A "long" story is anything with over 7 chapters or 7777 words. So party people, shall we get started?
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OmegaKhaos's Forum For Random Crap
Forum for RPs, Discussions, Story Advertisement, Story Ideas, OC ideas, and whatever else can be thought of. Feel free to add what you wish.
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Newport International Group
Newport International Group offers sovereign advisory services for private and public firms, strategic merger, and wholesale finance managers in increasing funds (debt and equity), employing management buy in / buyout (MBI/MBO) deals, business sales deals or acquisition and others that are growth-centered.
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The Koyal Group
We provide a premium research and support service to our clients, through utilisation of the latest technology combined with the skill and experience of our highly qualifed experts.
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Aether mentality (Retro-futurism)
Some people are good, some aren't. Plain and simple. Here at Aether mentality, the largest Aether Airship dock in the world, we don't care. Your money spends just as well as anybody's. Come abroad we have the latest weapons, and aether prosthesis.
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What have been your favourite motives for crime in fiction? Also any of your own stories you feel have interesting, clever, or thrilling motives.
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Say It Like It Is Gazette
Are you tired of the press feeding lies? Are you done with the lousy news reports? Doo you just want to try your hand at writing an article? Or maybe you just want your voice to be heard? Well, come on over to the Say It Like It Is Gazette, the best newspaper for finding the truth.
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The Haney Group
We are commissioned by our clients to collate and compile information on underknown and potentially undervalued small and mid cap equities.
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The Avanti Group
We are a full service company offering engineering design services to a broad range of clientele including architects, contractors, owners, and developers. Our experience illustrates an ability to provide simple, innovative solutions to unique conditions which separates us from cookbook designers. Instead of overly conservative designs that lead to inflated construction costs, we provide designs that satisfy economic, aesthetic, and performance requirements.
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Call of the Raven
This is a new screenplay idea that I'm developing, and I was wondering if anybody had any incite on writing a horror script?
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Beta Reading
This forum is for people looking for a beta-reader. Tired of people who don't answer if you PM them? Need a beta asap? Come in here.
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Just like to introduce myself to ÿáll!
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Unforgivable Night
When a young girl named Miku learns how the night is full of bizarre mysteries and creatures, but also love and passion. Falling in love with a demon, she learns that appearances can be the fine line between life and death.
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In Need of Recommendations on Someone else's work Your Own Work
Hello! This is a place where you can recommend someone else's work or your own work. It is crucial that you share the works you have recently read, and state the genre, author, and maybe a short summary. Also, look out for surveys. It is also very important that you input your opinions. Any good stories ones is fine, I accept all genres. People like me are in need of a recommendation, because there are too many works in the site.
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Loves first kiss
Delilah is a girl who seems invisible but when a new boy get transferred everything she knew about her high school and her life is about to change. Will she save the one person who means most to her? Did her family tell her everything she needed to know? Find out what happens in this book.
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Southwood Group
The Southwood Group is an equity research house specialising in providing fundamental research and data analysis, ultimately facilitating trend identification, and finally stock selection.
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The Alive Forum Of FP
Want to talk about your stories? Vent about robot FP'ers? Chat? Come on here!
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Roleplay Partners
Need a roleplay partner? Come here, and find someone! Any kind of roleplay, any genre.
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Sexy dance
The way she moves her body on the floor...sweat tickles down her chest. A single body watches afar. He loses all feeling in his feet as his hand grips the handle of the door. He imagines the handle as one of her breasts. He slowly caresses the curve of a warm harden flesh...he seizes with force taking control. A nipple does a delicately dance, as he flickers with one hand. His most intimate deepest desires grow, but he tries to remain calm. The power of passion grasps an entire hot globe in a palm.
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The Avanti Group
Avanti Group specializes in the structural design of pre-engineered metal building and tilt up concrete, low-rise structures, but our record shows a broad range of building types and construction techniques in our designs. We also have experience with a multitude of specialty engineering services. In keeping with our philosophy of innovation, we do not use generalized "canned" computer design programs written by other engineers. Rather, the responsibility we have to our clients has led to the development of
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This is a X-Men Roleplay game
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