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The Wasteland Forums
Fans of The Wastelands (I know there aren't many for now, at least) can discuss the story here.
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Dyman Associates Insurance Group
The right insurance policy should be last thing you ought to worry about or better yet the one that is worry free.
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my forum
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A forum
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The Allohistorical Society-For Those Fans of Alternate History
Hello, folks. Are you a fan of the alternate history, or "allohistorical", literary genre? Well, this is the place for you. But for those who may not know, just what is "alternate history", you may ask? It's actually kinda simple, really: the basis of this whole genre really revolves around the question of "What if?". What if the Confederacy had won the American Civil War? What if JFK hadn't been assassinated? What if the Beatles hadn't split up? Etc. And remember: just have fun. )
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Private Forum
Just read the title.
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Rieyner Rebellion
The world as we know it has changed. Life seems perfect. Everyone is healthy, many are wealthy, the rate of starvation is at an all time low. But if you look closely, there are clues. People are following monotonous routines, the nights are completely silent with no cars or lights or sound. The city is lifeless. The cause? A little injection designed specifically to help, but instead caused an outbreak of unspeakable changes. Only few have the means to act against it. Are you one of them?
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World of the Mystics
General Description Inside
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horror fan fanatics
Welcome to the horror fan fanatics, fourm. Here people can talk about there horror stories, or about horror in genera there will be more in this fourm soon , so be on the look out
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Feed the seven monsters! (Seven deadly sins)
I woke up at 3:00 am with my night gown on. I looked around in the kitchen for breakfast, but I couldn't see anything. I saw a dim glow in the distance and I poked at it. I heard "Hi! My name is Breakfast!" and shrieked loud enough to shatter a window. I groped for a moment and felt a light switch and the lights flicked on. There sat an ugly, human like, smiling twilight sparkle on the floor. She had a box of pancake mix in her hand (yes, a hand) and said "Feed the seven monsters, bronies!"
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Comic Book - The Apocalypse - The Four Guardians
A prophecy, deemed by many as a dream, announcing the end of times and the fall of nations is discovered. Four teenagers with special skills and magic weapons will be called. Your mission: Stop the prophecy and avoid the apocalypse.
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Grand Medieval Weekend at Bodiam Castle
t's that time again when we at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex are gearing up for high season and busy organising our main event, the Grand Medieval weekend! We will be taking the visitors back in time to the 15th Century where they will get swept up in the bustle and revelry of a medieval fair.We expect more than 3,000 visitors over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd August 2014 We would like to invite stallholders to be part of our Grand weekend. If you feel your product would fit the theme, please get in touch. Pit
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Warrior Ascendant Universe
A general-purpose forum for my Ryu, Warrior Ascendant series and associated materials.
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Character Names and Designs
Hey there. If anyone needs help with a character(s) for their stories (and I know I do), reply with a summary of the character, and I'll do my best to help out.
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Newport International Group Runway
Newport International Group Runway
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All Fantasy
This will be for all fantasy: werewolves, vampires, elves, goblins, etc. But all forum topics can only be created by moderators. :)
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A guide to the best sterling silver earrings of 2014-2015
g[/img][/url] /product-category/sterling-silver-stud-earrings]VISIT HERE! Great Discounts and Worldwide Shipping![/url] In order of priority, earrings come second only to finger rings. Both are essential items in a woman's jewelry box. But, there are so many different types of earrings that it is hard to choose the best for the woman you love. So, here's a chance to buy her something in keeping with the latest trends. Sterling silver earrings or gold? Gold has been the precious metal of choice for ages now.
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Pleasure to meet you all
Hey there, if you'd mind to stop by on my profile and read it's contents (there isn't that much to read), i'd be glad to know what you guys think :)
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Looking for a story
I'm looking for a story about a young man who is gay, who can shift into an animal but hasn't yet, who's mother is an artist, has a sister who owns a circus, takes martial arts lessons at a studio and is admired by the owner's son who is a MA champion
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Just fun contests to do!
This is a forum where you can enter contests! Two will be made at first, then the winner gets to pick topic for the next one and gets to be moderator. Soon I hope to have 30 contests.
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Poetry reading
This is a place where we can all share our love for poetry!
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Night Fall
If you are a writer of the night,This is the right forum for you . Here, you can post your stories or just some stuff about your OC's
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Looking for a Beta
Hello I am currently looking for a beta reader for my writing projects. Hello All I am currently looking for a Beta for Angel Protected and other projects. while at the moment I wouldn't be able to pay anyone for their services future pay is possible with any sell of the books. please send me a privet message to let me know if anyone is interested and I'll give you a shot. this is an opportunity to become a member of the AP team so think long and hard about joining me . Please send an email to hope to hear
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my forum
you review mine send me a message then i review yours. no less than 100 word reviews and if your story has more than 10 thousand words ill do one chapter (and other stuff check it out)
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