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I'm looking for a story
Its about two boys who go in the woods looking for supernatural creatures. They're best friends. One believes in these creatures, while one does not. Suddenly, a creature attacks the boy who did not believe. It turns out to be a vampire, though it looks nothing like one. A woman, who is also a vampire, comes out and uses her powers to make the other boy run away. When the boy who was bitten wakes up, he discovers that he has somehow shed his skin, and that he is also in a cave. The woman is there too, and t
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Chatty Chats!
Hello, there! Welcome to the chatty chats forum, where we can chat about anything, as long as it isn't inappropriate. Just direct yourself to the joining thread, right down there, and you are free to chat!
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World of Warriors
If you are into creating stories about Warriors, Knights, and Fantasy adventures then this is the forum for you.
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Mystic Rucia
*Private forum/Invite only*
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Daniel's Box of Miscellanies
What the title says. Mostly for personal use. Whatever the heck that is.
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Tales of Rodia Official Discussion Forum
Official Discussion Forum for Tales of Rodia. Here you can guess what references you found, talk about the writing of TOR, the world of Rodia, and other topics.
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Is It Worth Selling Clash Royale Account?
Let's take a look at what this game offers before trying to determine if you should be selling your account or not. /blog/is-it-worth-selling-clash-royale-account/
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This is where I'll be posting info about the world(s) I've been planning. Feel free to ask questions.
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New FictionPress User
I just want to ask the basics of FictionPress and help fellow noobs in navigating the site. Like how do you submit a poem? Is different from a submitted poetry?
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Writers Incorporated
Come one, come all! Promote your stories or forums, get writing advice, and make new friends
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World Builders' Workshop
Have a few ideas, concepts that you need help ironing out or perhaps you just like to share a few ideas this is the place to do it. This is a general forum for fantasy/scifi world building and plot development.
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It is a new age. A cruel leader named The Queen has taken control of the northern hemisphere, creating a new agenda to help her people live the life they were made to live. That 'Agenda' was to create robots to do the tasks for them. But the new age is ending, with an insurgency rising, and a dawn on the horizon.
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Animal POV stories
I was wondering if anyone has found any stories on this site, probably under the fantasy category, that takes place from the perspective of an animal. That is, similar to The Redwall stories, Gaurdian of Ga'hool series, or even MLP. If not on this site, have you found any good ones on ?
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Masters of ElPrisme Saga
Topic to present my fiction "Masters of ElPrisme". I hope it's here I have to post, sorry if I made a mistake.
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Princess games
Hi kids! Do you love the princesses in fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida? Now enjoy Princess Games online for free at our website . The most pretty and amazing games of princesses, especially Disney Princesses that are collected from internet and given for free. New princess games updated everyday for girls to enjoy.
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Sex, love and relationships from a male perspective
Looking for male perspective on the above topic for character development, specifically internal dialog, motivation, innermost thought etc.
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High School and Dramatic Confusion
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Just A Little Dead
Not sure about forums, never rly understood how to use them...So I guess this is a role-play forum and I'm just making one for the heck of it.
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Family Tree
Just series about my series I've written in the past until now.
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Buffalo Cookware: Providing the Best Cooking Products
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New to FictionPress!
I'm not exactly new to FictionPress, but I am here to welcome anyone else who is! Come on in, take a seat, and let's talk.33
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Laser Pointers
For selling all kinds of laser pointers with low price at /
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Horizons Errant
The adventures of the crew of the Horizons Errant, one of the first FTL ships in the world.
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The Heralds of Tomorrow
In a world of superhumans, few stand out for the good they choose to do. Many of those people are lost to the crime that soon blossomed. Yet, the few that don't grow and rise to become Legends.
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Beta needed!
A friend and I have been writing a story together for almost a year now and we need someone to look over the work we have so far so that we can start posting it in a couple of months. If you've read this far know that it would already be over 80,000 words worth of reading (Over 115 pages), and it takes place roughly during the time of monarchies. It's a fantasy novel that includes human/animal hybrids called Chimera. We don't have a summary quite yet but the story is still ongoing so you won't run out of co
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