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RIP Polyvore
A community for those of us devastated by the loss of Polyvore.
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Looking for a specific story, please help!
I have been looking for a story for a while now but cannot remember the name. I think it may have been Romance, but basically a girl is constantly tormented and bullied by her older brother. He used to be nice and love her when she was younger, but one day snapped and started bullying her. One of the scenes I kind of remember is them outside and she tells him she loves him, to which he yells at her to shut up and that she doesn't. Please help me!
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Cotton Town
Come on in and explore small town life. Eleven year old Sierra and her mom Judy will tell you all about life in a small town.
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Lemons and smut!
you like lemons or smuts? heres where you can rp to your hearts content! Just write your description bellow
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old kitchen remodeling ideas -
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Collaboration (WANTED: CO-AUTHORS)
I have several ideas for stories and it has always been a goal of mine to work with a fellow author on a story. If you are interested, come in and apply.
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Prestige Jindal City new Launch Bangalore
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Authors Anonymous
Where Authors gather to gain advice and helpful suggestions on their writings, and commiserate on the wonders and trials of being writers.
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We Buy Houses Rochester Fast
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This is a general form for Dubai
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Nonne Novae: An MMORPG RP
Welcome to Nonne Novae! The all new virtual reality mmo game that's taking the world by storm!
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This is where I will be posting announcements, Ideas and more for my book "Arcane."
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Watch Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) Full Episodes
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It is nice current news
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Feel stuck with your writing? Talk it out here, let's get rid of that writer's block.
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I need a little help here - Historical Lesbian fiction
I am trying to write something where a free woman is having a semi-reluctant serving girl explore each other. I'm not going for porn here and want to make it classy and avoid cliches and misunderstandings.. Can anyone direct me to a good source of research on this topic. I'm not homosexual or a woman so this is brand new territory for me and I would rather get it right than do something horrible like "Sarah was tall in her crotch less panties and 10 inch heels. Her breasts were extra perky today" Because th
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Find jobs in Pakistan Online
Find jobs in Pakistan Online
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Trying to find an authorstory
I'm trying to find this author who wrote a series of stories that I read a year or two ago but foolishly didn't favorite. The stories all took place in the same universe and most of them had some semblance of romance. They all had to do with there being this other world of prophecies and one of them took place after some rose prophecy where a girl had to protect a rose or something? The main characters name was teiryn or something like that and she had a boyfriend named raoul and there was a guy from the ot
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We Buy Houses
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Story Recommendations!
Because I'm relatively new to the site and haven't found any stories to read yet, I was thinking that I'd create a forum get story recommendations. So basically you post the link (If possible) to a story you think other people should read, it could be your own or someone else's. Include the title, author, genre, and summary if possible. Thanks a bunch!
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Shamelss Self Promotion of Vampire Romance Series
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I think I've changed my view on homosexuality (thanks to fictionpress)
Ok, I'm a conservative so naturally I don't agree with homosexuality. In the past I was very against homosexuality. To the point I refused to hang around homosexuals. However about six months I read a story that really made me feel more...conscious towards how I acted to those who share the lifestyles I don't agree with. I've come to realize that while I cannot accept homosexuality, I should still learn to love others regardless of who they are. I don't feel as much disgust and disdain I used to feel. I can
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Paket Pemutih Wajah Herbal Liyoskin Original - Terlaris Termurah
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