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Place to talk, do whatever. Nearly anything and everything. Just...don't mess with the Tor. He bites. And when he does bite- for he most certainly will- don't get mad and leave and try to bite back. It doesn't work.
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West Quigley High School RP
Have you ever wished you could either relive your high school experience or dreamt up a different high school life for yourself? You've come to the right place! Create your own character or an alternate version of yourself and play as someone who's popular or not so popular. Play as a cheerleader, a band kid, the average glee clubber, debate team captain, or the star football player and be who you've always wanted to be!
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¡Ven por un reto!
Este foro está creado para la inspiración de cada uno de los escritores que se pasen por aquí. Tendréis retos, juegos, desafíos y mucho más.
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grandview rp
what lies in grandview? a few vampires maybe a few shapeshifters... who knows.
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The Metropolis: A Modern Roleplay
The Metropolis: A modern city corrupted by an ancient evil.
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Claws, Fangs and Blood
Dessert, Texas is a small backwater town, a place to relax under the sun and peaceful...That all changed when the floods came, isolating the town. To make it worse the waters are filled with mutant sea life with the taste of blood. What caused these mutations? How will the people survive?
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M and M
We are simultaneously accepted and mistreated by society. We are yaoi lovers.
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Boredom RP central
Just be bored and randomly RP.
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New Sovereignty
Lead a colony as it struggles for its place among others in a virgin world.
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Mutant Roleplaying
We roleplay mutants like the X-men! We also happen to be needing/hoping for more people to join...just saying...
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A continuation of the rpg's created and circulating in the email on old T D site...
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Titan Penitentiary is a prison that holds both male and female prisoners. The guards won't hesitate to discipline the inmates through beatings (maybe more if the people want @-@). It's your job to break you, and whoever you choose to take with you, out.
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Munduak is made up of Lääs, Notia, Arktika, and Azuma. It's based in a time similar to medieval times.
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Tales of Marok'Gre: Legends of Ahum
Ahum... the lands in the west of the storm mountains. Two milennia ago, the Bohremian Empire fled to the west, trying to survive the attack of the Mahan'taSur, those omnious creatures of devil origin, that attacked them. Not many survived to conquer the new land, but they did. Two hundred and sixty years after that, the Ahumian alliance was struggling for survival once again. Defeating the Mahan'taSur brought them almost two more milennia of peace, before the war should break out again.
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What lies in the graveyard of Kirkbury? And is the haunting at the old Karsley place real? A historical RP with some twists and spins.
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Wicked Shadows and Snowy Acid
private forum for The Snow Shadow and Wicked Acid16. please do no enter.
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Thee New Romance RP Sister Forum
Same characters,different senarios!Lots of different time periods and places.Private,for members of the original.
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The Packs RP
This is an RP where you are a werewolf and either a part of the Blood Moon Pack or the rival Shadow Valley Pack. Very popular on FanFiction!
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Shattered Dreams
From the broken kaleidoscope of dreams, reality is cut and gives way to a world unlike any other before it, a world that is made whole by the slivers of the impossible setting of infinite dreamscapes. Welcome to Shattered Dreams, make your place in this strange world, traveller.
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Black Label Publishing Company
Primus Inter Omnia. We are The Label.
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Play as an Allies Soldier, an Axis soldier or a nurse in the second world war. All are welcome.
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La Noble y Ancestral Casa de los Originales
Foro hermano La Noble y Ancestral Casa de los Black, de fanfiction. Este foro ha sido creado para incentivar la participación y lectura de las historias originales. Todos aquellos interesados en la escritura, estáis invitados a entrar.
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Cogs and Wheels
A political RP taking place in a 19th century steampunk setting. This is a private forum.
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Historic 2
Relatively private. A Roleplay for all the various areas of history that can be covered.
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