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Tales of Marok'Gre: Legends of Ahum
Ahum... the lands in the west of the storm mountains. Two milennia ago, the Bohremian Empire fled to the west, trying to survive the attack of the Mahan'taSur, those omnious creatures of devil origin, that attacked them. Not many survived to conquer the new land, but they did. Two hundred and sixty years after that, the Ahumian alliance was struggling for survival once again. Defeating the Mahan'taSur brought them almost two more milennia of peace, before the war should break out again.
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*PRIVATE FORUM: DO NOT ENTER UNLESS INVITED* This is an alternate universe with the authors as alter egos of themselves facing hardships where every legend and myth... are true.
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What lies in the graveyard of Kirkbury? And is the haunting at the old Karsley place real? A historical RP with some twists and spins.
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The New Zodiac
The New Zodiac rises! :D
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Magic in the Modern World
Modern Earth, a place where magic exists yet must remain hidden from the non-magic world. Be a non-magical human, or create a character with a secret magical identity. Perhaps they are a dragon, an elf, a shapeshifter, or a were-creature...or something else entirely. All characters must be approved by the moderator before entering play.
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Thee New Romance RP Sister Forum
Same characters,different senarios!Lots of different time periods and places.Private,for members of the original.
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The Packs RP
This is an RP where you are a werewolf and either a part of the Blood Moon Pack or the rival Shadow Valley Pack. Very popular on FanFiction!
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Outside of Miraculum
Everything that happens outside of the Miraculum School, happens here.
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Black Label Publishing Company
Primus Inter Omnia. We are The Label.
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Play as an Allies Soldier, an Axis soldier or a nurse in the second world war. All are welcome.
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La Noble y Ancestral Casa de los Originales
Foro hermano La Noble y Ancestral Casa de los Black, de fanfiction. Este foro ha sido creado para incentivar la participación y lectura de las historias originales. Todos aquellos interesados en la escritura, estáis invitados a entrar.
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Seasons Forum for Fairy, Celtic and I :)
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Cogs and Wheels
A political RP taking place in a 19th century steampunk setting. This is a private forum.
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Mlle Kumquat's Enlightened Salon
Mostly Dead.
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Multiplicities! A Diverse Roleplay
Basically any setting you can dream of or request. All pairings allowed yaoi, yuri, het, whatev . I dig me some scandal, but plain, old-fashioned, epic roleplaying is definitely not beyond me. Please, come and enjoy my awesomeness! And my randomness
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Nervosa: Nuclear Winter
The world has been given over to environmental catastrophe. The snow is piled high in the wake of a nuclear winter, causing survival to be even more difficult. The countless dead have been buried, and those who remain suffer from physical mutations and often time psychological ailments. Whether or not you survive, is not necessarily up to you.
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Just Assorted RPGs
Just a place for RPGs based around Star Wars, transhumanism, and anything else that comes to mind.
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All and Everything
Any way you want, any forum.
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Fursona Roleplay
This is a roleplay for anyone who likes furry roleplaying, or just wants to be involved in a fun forum. Please read and accept the rules before submitting your Fursona.
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Prompt Exchange
A place to break writer's block, chat, share ideas, get the creative juices flowing, and find inspiration.
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Bring to Me
Do you believe in Ghosts?
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Misery Loves Company
An RP/Story thing for Misery and me.
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Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG II
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG. PART 2
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 1,447 - Since: 10-03-10 - Admin: Rynx-too-genki
The Others
Ever feel like an outsider? Just another kid in the crowd? Maybe life has no meaning, and everything is pointless? Been critized for religion, sexuality, or race? This is a role play for those depressed kids with no where else to go but up.
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La machine à café
Que vous soyez café, thé ou chocolat, venez faire connaissance et papoter de tout et de rien
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