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The Review Game
News: We have a new For Fun thread called Chain Story! Go crazy with it.
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The Madhouse
Your sanity is an illusion. We control the horizontal. The vertical. Don't try to adjust your mindset.
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The Roadhouse
It's simple. Come in here, get reviews, read good stories, meet interesting people. What's not to love? Open to all. Rock and roll.
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The Globe
Shakespeare and other stuff. The big kids club.
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Writers Untied
Forum for writers to talk. Anyone is welcome. Feel free to get the other members or participate in our games and contests designed to help writers expand their creativity or get more reviews while giving reviews at the same time. NOTE: If you want to post a new topic on the forum please private message phantom130 5 first and tell him what you want the topic to be about. If you don't check with him first the topic will be deleted.
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The Lounge
So why are you still standing there staring? Come IN for heavens sakes!
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Dialogue Play
Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Fast Forward fics
Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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The Cheshire Cat
For characters to hang out, so to speak. Just for fun.
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A roleplay for the first World War.
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Pervert RP
A random idea. Everyone gets to roleplay a pervert or a victim. Perverts sexually harass victims. Then there can be any combination such as pervert and pervert, or of course, pervert and victim. Have fun indulging in debaunchery.
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Break Writer's Block
Do you have a case of Writer's Block? Click on the link for the cure! Aspiring writers welcome.
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The Cave of Ordeals
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The RP Closet
From monsters to humans, peeping toms to gropers, the innocent panty-shot to the not-so-innocent flasher, and everything else you can imagine. A place full of perverted little RPs. Make your own or join in.
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Transition RP
Ten years have flown by. Seek your fortunes elsewhere, travelers.
English - Topics: 18 - Posts: 14,486 - Since: 12-18-12 - Admin: The Primp State
StarLight City
Starlight City is a easy to find city. It is a world where heroes, villains and supernatural creatures live. It borders the world of fiction and fanfiction. Come to the city, we have a school, some great attractions and have a good time! Just know that death could lurk around any corner.
English - Topics: 60 - Posts: 14,254 - Since: 08-17-14 - Admin: LuckycoolHawk9
Labyrinth is a writer's hub. Come in and join writing contests, get reviews, request help, or just relax and talk about whatever's on your mind.
English - Topics: 31 - Posts: 13,728 - Since: 01-26-13 - Admin: FyloeFox
Teens, Tweens and Toddlers
Okay, so this is the remake of School Life k-12. Go through the school years you wish you could get back. Make characters that represent you, or are nothing like you. Be creative and make this forum a place where everyone can have fun and RP. High School Topics are M for language and some topics are MA for sexual content. Active and needing new members!
English - Topics: 30 - Posts: 11,509 - Since: 07-07-14 - Admin: iamlovebug33
This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
English - Topics: 19 - Posts: 10,962 - Since: 05-24-11 - Admin: Psychronia
Mi casa es tu casa
Active 2017
English - Topics: 23 - Posts: 10,342 - Since: 07-22-15 - Admin: Jane Glass
Elemental Kingdoms
A forum about a collab between five pretty awesome people.
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 9,654 - Since: 11-12-15 - Admin: homeatstucksbg
private Role-play!
Only for certain people sorry!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 9,638 - Since: 11-03-12 - Admin: TheStar41
All time has stopped on Earth, the sun never goes down and the moon never comes up, it is at a constant sate of noon. A select group of people from all around the world and of all ages were given powers to try and find the man that stopped time. Some will become traitors and help the man that stopped time.
English - Topics: 15 - Posts: 8,987 - Since: 01-25-14 - Admin: IamLoveBug
Mauderville RPG
A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
English - Topics: 30 - Posts: 7,379 - Since: 05-16-09 - Admin: Duckies
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