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The First Heroes
The world is young, as are the beings who walk it. One would think think with fresh life comes joy, but to those who live in this dark and cold world, for man, there is much to fear. From mighty beasts that stalk the nights to twisted creatures who crawl through caves! We have stories of heroes to inspire us, but among them few tales are told. Time to give them their own legends!
Fiction Mythology - English - Followers: 1
Beasts that walk the World
by Autobot Skyflame
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Legacy of Kuro
The land of Hygata is torn apart in civil war as several empires battle for control over territory. No sign of peace has appeared among the clans, no hope for an end to the conflict... until now. Rising from darkness the Kuro Empire now seeks to once and for all unite Hygata and put an end to the bloodshed.
Fiction Manga - English - Followers: 1
Prologue: Flight to the Bla...
by Autobot Skyflame
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Within Magic
So long since any has tread upon our paths in the woods. Each day people walk through and do not care of the woods, or those who desire to see us, perhaps even those who come in love of the woods, but only focuse on its physical form. Yet now you walk here again, purity of some kind brought you here, not a desire to find us or any sort, but somehow your feet found our path. Come then and be entrapped in our elven song or dance with gnomes, ride with centaurs or fly with fairies. Welcome home, human.
Fiction Fantasy - English - Followers: 2
A Walk Through the Woods
by Autobot Skyflame
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Lord of Darkness
Alditania, a beautiful world in which people live happily, where magic binds hearts and heroes bring hope. Bah! I think it is time for change, you are the one! With your might and evil rise up and crush this world! Bring your dark conquest! Become the Supreme Overlord!
General All - English - Followers: 3
by Autobot Skyflame
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Broken Realms
The war between the Dimension Travelers and the Dimension Lords broke a rift in the dimensions. Now the characters, heroes and villains of other stories are within a strange alternate reality in which very strange things can happen. (RP for friends of mine from other forums)
Fiction Humor - English - Followers: 2
Shattered Dimension
by Autobot Skyflame
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