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DinoRage is an all-new virtual reality survival game that puts the player in control of dinosaurs. But when the players find the game world being controlled by a malevolent force, they'll have to learn how to master their! This virtual reality dream has just become a real life nightmare!
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NPC Character Creation
by animatedrose
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Wonderland: Wish to be Unforgotten
The dream world of Wonderland exists in the minds of every living person, whether they realize it or not. But Wonderland is being forgotten. It doesn't want to be forgotten. It wants to be remembered. It wants its Alice. So it does something drastic: it traps those who dare to wander into Wonderland so that they cannot leave. Alice will be found...whether they want to be or not.
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by animatedrose
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The House of Cats
A house FOR cats built BY cats. Crafted by her own four paws, this house has stood since ancient times and survived into the modern era. Cats of all kinds from all walks of life are welcome here. After all, Bastet would NEVER deny one of her cherished children a safe haven from humanity's cruel nature.
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Character Creation
by animatedrose
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A zombie apocalypse occured on Dec. 21, 2012, unleashed by the government and predicted by the Mayans. Survivors must band together and build a new life. United you stand, divided you fall. What's your choice?
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List of Encampment NPCs
by animatedrose
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The Legend of Barnaby
Barnaby von Bard was a legendary fox known to have outwitted the Canid Empire with his crafty tricks and surprising thefts over the course of 2000 years. This battle continues on to this day. Unknown to the Canid Empire, Barnaby isn't immortal in the traditional sense. Barnaby is long dead. His family, however, has kept his image alive in secret for generations...
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Village of Dane
by animatedrose
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The Deepest Black
Many years ago, a warrior named Kuroi caused a slaughter that killed hundreds of innocents. After her defeat, she vanished for many years, presumed dead by the denizens of her world. Now she's returned, bringing her bloodbath of a slaughter with her. Her former comrades must step up to face her...or all of existence will be erased beneath a flurry of bullets and black flames. ROLEPLAY FORUM!
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by animatedrose
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The Superhero Project
RISA, the Research Institute of Supernatural Abilities, has taken in countless people that fall under the category of superhero. Their abilities are researched, harnessed, and made adequate use of. A cure is being hunted for to reform these unfortunate individuals back into regular members of society. Unfortunately...the head doctor isn't interested in making use of any such cure. After all, why would gods wish to be normal? ROLEPLAY FORUM!
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by animatedrose
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