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tafi chapter 13 . 2/19/2003
Yip yip hooray! _ no, I’m not legally back online yet, but Lafi is & she lets me on, like, once a week. Last week I immediately got the two stories I NEEDED updates from, including yours! I was shocked to see only 1 chapter I hadn’t seen yet… I thought you updated more than that. *shrug* Maybe you have writer’s block too, or, maybe the story’s done already! I highly doubt the latter… anyway, now as you can see, I’ve posted the review I wrote from the copy & pasted chapter on the word pad I stuck it on. _ Er… that was a long review intro so maybe I should actually READ; especially since I SERIOUSLY wanna know what the hell happens next! Btw, I reread chapter 12… LoLz yet again! _~ It was awesome. I think I was gonna rereview it too, but, er, I saw the review I left for it & figured it was good enough. So… uh… DAMMIT! I wanna read NOW! *stamps foot & has a minor tantrum* Ok, so here I go.

Poor Ama. That would really piss me off! People already SSUME that I’m a weakling since I’m short & apparently look “adorable” but if I truly WERE helpless, I dunno what I’d do!

Jeez… that’s kinda creepy. He just staring at her… O_o EEP!

Dark girl… Maldiva? _ I like her.

On black horse with golden angel! LoLz! So… is it Iva then? & that annoying brat Sydrain? Hm… I realized I have nicknames for everyone in this story BUT him. I shall call him Drain. *giggles* Nah, that’s stupid. I’ll just call him Syd.

LMAO! You know, Syd is rather close to a woman. The lil wimp reminds me of some girl cheerleaders I know…

Just a bit of a constructive note… it bugs me, but probably nobody else, but still… could you use commas just a tad bit more often? Please? Thanks! Of course, assuming you do. Or assuming you at least consider that. W/e.

LoLz! That was funny! “That’s awful. What does this have to do-” *giggles* It sounds like she cares so much. Ama just changes the subject so quickly, after all… LoLz

You go girl! You’re not a little kid & don’t let people treat you like one! Sorry Smuff, but I take this on a personal level. Not anywhere near to the stakes she’s been through, but people always treat me like I’m five! Gr…

*giggles* I know all too well. Reaching the end of a chapter is awesome. Of course, I don’t mean at all on the lines of the crap I’ve posted on the net & you’ve read, but of the stuff I don’t post. It’s interesting how writing works… you try so hard to get it going, then it flows, then you don’t know how to wrap it up! Of course, that COULD just be me…

You’d better be flattered! _~ j/k. It was just my free time after an assignment. The next person done wasn’t finished until about 15 minutes after I was done, so it’s not like I had much else to do but go online & read something. & of course I chose yours! You’d been winding me up about that chapter 12 & I HAD to see it IMMEDIATELY! _

Oh, how sweet! I’m sorely missed? *tear* Most people just threaten me to get my grades up…

Yeah, no duh. It’s not like you’ve ever written anything before worth ROTFLMAO. Not that your stuff sucks, it’s just… er… you write sad stuff. & kinda sweet stuff, but mostly depressing stuff. _ However, I am very proud to be the first! _ Honestly though, if nobody else said it, they all felt it.

Solved before you? LoLz… Crap, I completely forgot my ramblings & plans. I know I was blaming Ash, but I forgot my thoughts & ideas & stuff. I gotta read my reviews to remember. Dammit.

Good luck on the Chem test you (obviously) took ages ago! _~ Enjoy your home & no net! Trust me, it is possible to live without it. I should know.

Treason Betrayal & Murder…. *drool* Oh God… that sounds like so much fun! _ Of course, Lafi’s got me hooked on her angst fics that she reads so all I can handle is action & horrible, horrible pain. Be prod of me, I can actually stand their tackiness too. Honestly… have you ever seen any of those angst LOTR Legolas fics? -_- Even the ones without romance are tacky to no end. & now I’m hooked on them. It’s HORRIBLE! I gotta know how such fics end once I start them &- ok, shutting up now. Just realized how I’m rambling about stuff you don’t care about, I’m sure. Er… sorry. Reading the quote now.

…What an encouraging thought; yet very true, actually. Where do you find these?

Bah. I gotta go work on my English homework. Gotta write a poem. Gr… I don’t do that unless it’s on my own time & I have inspiration. I don’t even have inspiration for any of my many unfinished posted fics, let alone my NONposted fics! How can I figure out the poem? *sigh* Maybe I’ll write about my lack of inspiration.

Post asap! Don’t worry, I’ll understand if you don’t post for a few months like I do! _~ TTyl!

subtle1 chapter 1 . 1/17/2003
That was beautifully written, you had me hooked!


P.S. Keep up the great work!
not sure yet chapter 13 . 1/5/2003
wow, this is one interesting story, i love it so far, great job! the characters are extremely well putten together and their outlook on everything is great
Vegeta Jr chapter 13 . 12/14/2002
Spiffy. I reslly like this, especially the character info at the starting of each chapter. I've not read more than probably 15 original fantasy and this is one of two that I really liked. You've got a smooth writing style which is well accentuated by proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. I'm kinda a stickler about such things, as you may learn. Nice work, you're on my favorites list!
James Rain chapter 13 . 12/13/2002
Wow. the next quote is ominous. Anyway, I wonder Amalia is the woman to be protected. I also see that you are bringing the plots together. This chapter was seemless and descriptive. I hope you do well on your exams, too. See ya and thanks for the reviews, and new chapter is up.
Carter Tachikawa chapter 13 . 12/13/2002
Ugh, chemistry! THAT is the devil of all subjects! I hated that class so I can feel your pain! Take your time writing this story though. It's great, great, great! No, I don't mind stress being loaded on me. Hope you do well on those other exams. Anyway, good story. (why do my reviews suck so much?) Keep writing.~CT
Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 13 . 12/13/2002
Well, hope you have a nice trip home...and don't worry, we can ALL wait for the next wait...I actually haven't done anything with my story yet simply because I was so unusually busy this week...but it's Friday!

Right, now, getting on with the review. I liked this the writing style, as always, and...really have nothing else to say. I'm just interested in what's going on got me hooked (and my favorite line from the movie Tremors) "That's how they do it, they hook ya', an' then they pull down in."
TK Styles chapter 13 . 12/13/2002
Warnic returns yay, outside of that this was still a wonderful chapter. This just keeps getting better and better everytime I read it. Keep up the excellent work. Talk to you laters. Peace.
James Rain chapter 12 . 12/11/2002
Hey, I've read the last two chapters:

First, Chapter 11 was exciting and suspenful like you intended. I liked that Frostin wasn't a stuck up ass, and let Javlad(sorry, if not correct spelling) get away. I'm glad Lor is back, he's a cool guy.

Chapter 12-

Sydrian? I think he's a whiny, spoiled bastard, but no one deserves to be kidnapped. Still, he's so arrongant and sexist.
James Rain chapter 10 . 12/11/2002
Alright, I'm back, and I'm reading all the chapters.

Wow! I knew somthing was up with Maldiva! Honestly, there are some typos and a small garmmer thing that doesn't have to be fixed, but in the ends justify them quite nicely.

I also like how you maintained the facted that Seban is a father as well as a king. That was a nice touch.

And I know that Shakespear quote! It's from Sonnet 119, or something like that is memory is my friend, and that sonnet has some really sketchy meanings that we don't know about since it's in old english. I hope that's the right one, but I do know the quote. Well, on to the next chapter.
Dawn I. Cambridge chapter 12 . 12/11/2002
wow... good story! I'm sure you can get over 100! I still can't pronounce these names, lol.. I feel a bit sorry for Sydrain, but he did deserve it...
Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 12 . 12/10/2002
Hmmm...I don't really like Sydrain so much...he's a little baby...I like Maldiva though...she reminds me, somehow, of a sorcerss (it's not spelled right) off diablo...oh well...anyway...too bad about the exam though...poor you, good luck with the break though ::flashes smile::

Good chapter...can't wait for the rest.
LafiTafi chapter 12 . 12/10/2002
hiya smuff! pleez 4give me, but i got banned from the net agen... & since lafi is banned as well, neither of us can get online! im in 3rd period AT SKOOL rite now! sheesh! well, i decided 2 review u from skool sinc i guessed u must have updated. & luk! u did!

ROTFLMAO! i burst out laffin a few times & got sum luks from my classmates & teacher, but i had finished my work & had the rite 2 read, so... but this was TOTALLY the chppy i wanted it 2 b! i didnt even think he'd b embarrassed that his captor was a woman... im glad u thought of it! very funny!

there r so many gr8 things 2 say bout this chappy but im pressed on time, sorry! when i get back online i PROMISE 2 rereview this, only make a gud review! thanx 4 ur patience! (not patients _~)

ur soft. he hasnt been tortured, just tossed around a bit! torture wud b goin 2 far.

yes, i KNO ull get 100 reviews! _

oh, excellent! ive been comparin him 2 snape 4 awhile so im glad thats wut u meant! uh... i didnt even notice, lolz. actually, i probly did, but i musta 4gotten rite away. there were 2 pl? id suspect lor. ive been wonderin 4 a bit of he knos his mom wants him 2 b king (or so i think) & if he knos, im sure he wud b helpin. either hes a gud guy or a bad guy well hidden, so if he knos, he wud have told if he knew. actually, ashena seems rather controllin. i bet i kno y he was upset when he 1st showed up! he had found out, or ashena told him! *GASP* so shes MAKIN poor lor help her! that bitch!

well, i hope im not freakin u out by figurin it out... u probly shudnt have given me the hints tho. i didnt expect nethin. u shudnt have delivered. oh well. lets c if my mind is at all similar 2 urs in figurin a gud endin 2 the story...

ttyl! thorough review 2 cum asap!

TK Styles chapter 12 . 12/9/2002
Every bit as good as I remember. Oh, the sweet justice that was given out. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next chapters. Talk to you laters. Peace.
Carter Tachikawa chapter 12 . 12/9/2002
WAHHHH!Another chapter? Good story! I still like it!

I'm sorry to hear the exams went badly. Hope that, if you have others, they'll be a lot better. I don't work good under stress either. And I have my own exams to worry about.

Yes, having no power is no fun. And tomorrow there's another stupid winter storm on the way.

Okay, I've succeeded in rambling again. Point is, story is still good. Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

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