Reviews for To Save A Kingdom
Carter Tachikawa chapter 11 . 12/8/2002
Oh, it's okay. The email I sent was to tell you the next chapter of my story was up and you already reviewed it anyway. Anyway, um, sorry for not reading this earlier. I didn't have power for three days so I missed out on it. But I'm glad to see a new chapter. Keep it up.~CT
LafiTafi chapter 11 . 12/7/2002
*gasp* 4 fun! action sequence!

oh, poor javlad!

wait a minue... so that means sydrain is out there all alone, i bet. *pause* *dus that finger thing Mr. Burns dus on the simpsons* Excellent.

vengeance? poor javlad must b so damn confused!

yes, & u must b slow! he just SED that sydrain is missin! ah, well, but hes all out of it so it makes sense

oh jeez, id b so terrified if i were javlad! well, & he seems terrified, so... poor guy! is he gonna lose his job? will he hafta go out & find sydrain? will he just go find him 2 lessen his punishmemt? y am i askin u questions? ull just give a cryptic confusin coment & say "lol" like u always do. -_-

frostin just plain creeps me out now. he didnt at the beginnin of the story, but i swear... jeez... but he dus seem 2 b on the side of the kingdom no matter how insane & creepy & mean he is! hes like... uh... oh, how do i describe him? oh! hey! u kno harry potter? frostin is like snape. hes not a very nice guy but hes very loyal 2 the gud side... ashena on the other hand... *glare*

of course SHES there. honestly, sum1 who is pretty & perfect can b bad if she gives u that feelin in ur stomach. of course, i probly created that feelin but thats beside the point. im currently still guessin her!

yipes he yells lou. & w/out question marks even. *shivers* javlad had better b wettin himself. well, no he shudnt, cuz hes not sydrain. *evil grin* oh, wait. hes potty trained. damn.

OH GOD! fristins lukin rite at him!

wait a minute... wut just happened here? *reads it agen* ok, once more. *reads it agen* ok, frostin just let them go. did he not c them?

oh, cmon, maldiva cudnt help erself. shes gettin paid. oh, but that means shes not responsible. but i want her 2 b responsible cuz ne1 wud want 2 b responsible 4 freakin out sydrain like thta! *sigh* im confusin myself gen. do U get me?

aw, it was hard? sorry, smuff! but congrats, u did a gr8 job! _

yeah, poor stupid javlad. ill bet he wont get paid 4 this babsittin job either.

oh, so that WASNT ydrain bad chappy? u mean it gets better? *giggles excitedly* YAY!

aw, u even sed it was dedicated 2 me. *giggles happily* it gets better! wow! thisll b so much fun! _

appropiate quote. i think. lolz, j/k... i think i actually understand this 1, actually. go me!

Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 11 . 12/7/2002
This was a nice, long chapter...I don't know if I felt the suspense or not (I read it at 7:15), sleep was still in my wonder who th' villian could be...I donno...maybe I'm not thinking hard enough, hope you passed that Bio. Exam thingy...

Well...I suppose this would be then ed of my review: It was nice, good use of description...I look forward to more

TK Styles chapter 11 . 12/5/2002
Nice chapter, can't wait until chapter 12 though. Keep up the good work. Peace.
LafiTafi chapter 10 . 12/3/2002
hm... that title makes me think of aliens from other planets... sorry, i just got thro watchin SW2 w/ jorge & that sorta thing is all i can think of. LOL... yoda is so funny!

who cant help cursin sydrain? i did it myself 2day this mornin. hm & this jerk from another story im readin... mom wont lemme play violent video games 4 the next week.

O_O oh. my. god. javlad hasta spend a whole week w/ him? OH, THE HUMANITY!

i almost agree w/ frostin, 2 a certain extent... ashena cud easily hire sum1 2 get rid of sydrain now. actually, wait... yeah, & maldivas gonna b in this chappy, i decided earlier. but, no! that dusnt work, dus it? maldivas stealiun summat cuz the quote talked bout stealin & cuz thats not ashenas plan! ashena wants 2 make sure sydrain is a weak child who trusts only her once hes king so she can easily get lor on2 the throne! frostins got ashenas plans wrong. hes just tryin 2 make javlad sound bad cuz hes on his bad side. & if sydrain gets less spoiled in the meanwhile, thats a wonderful bonus. frostin wants 2 protect the royal line, i think. yeah, his statement helps sydrain grow up & attacks javlad. frostin may b ugly & creepy, but hes damn smart.

oh, poor javlad! no guy 8 & over wants 2 b called a boy! im sure hes much older than 8... but honestly, if this gets him outta spendin a week w/ sydrain, then it shud b worth it, shudnt it? i outta go ask jorge. he'll probly just luk at me like O_o

27? damn, hes old! *gets luk from mom* er... well, hes old 2 me. *blushes* i wish mom wudnt glance at my reviews every now & then...

bandits? maldivas gonna steal sydrains suplly of diapers! lamo! wait, but u sed he was potty trained didnt u? & thus ruinin my life? ah, rite. i remember that. damn. so maldivas gonna steal his... uh... gr8, now i gotta cum up w/ summat!

sydrain needs his ass kicked by 1 of these bandits.

LOL picturin sydrain fallin off his horse is kinda funny, actually. smuff, did u say it was chappy 10 that gave sydrain his cumupance? *giggles* not so big & grand & kewl NOW, r we sydrain? his spoiled lil ass must hurt now... & the poor guy mite have *gasp* a grass stain!

ah, i dont like javlad gettin hurt. but sydrain... ROTFLMAO! its worth it.

YES! i guessed that at sum long ago point, didnt i? maldivas gonna kidnap sydrain!

aw, did the spoiled lil brat princeling hurt himself? shuda listened 2 javlad, u idiot! HA!

i still luv maldiva.

face 1st... this is priceless! didnt i say awhile aho how gr8 itd b 4 him 2 b kidnapped so he cud learn 2 b stronger & NOT take things 4 granted? of course, like i sed... they mite not get him back... but mayb in sum cases that isnt such a loss. unless he gets 2 b kewl. dammit! *SLAPS 4HED* I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND WUT I WANNA HAPPEN! grrrrarrrrggghh!

like UR in the position 2 give ORDERS...

oh. well, i really like how she carried out his order! _ i like this chappy. im gonna read it agen RITE NOW.

_ i luv this chappy!

yes, & btw, lafis enjoyed wut shes red so far!

oh, this is suppose cliffie? uh... 1st rule 2 cliffies is that the reader hasta care bout the character in trouble, i think. plus, i just checked a story w/ horrible heart-wrenchin cliffies almost every chappy & enjoyed the update 2 a point of delicious satisfaction... mayb part of that was the tootsie pop i had while readin it but thats beside the oint. i enjoy this story w/ its lack of horrible cliffies cuz im not afraid 2 read every chappy & i dont need it 2 go on like those other stories.

u wanna continue workin on cliffies? i gotta read less stories... all the clifffies will keep me from sleep soon!

uh... ill guess the next chappy is bout sydrain or amalia or javlad or maldiva or mayb its... wait... did i just go & mention every main character? -_- u kno u dont exactly have cliffies, but the mystery & those quotes keep us all cumin 4 more! i luv the way u rite!

ttyl! update soonish at least!

Carter Tachikawa chapter 10 . 12/3/2002
No, not necessarily true. (Your question about the anime is what I'm answering). Anyway, I came to see this earlier but it wasn't up yet. So far it's still interesting. Glad you enjoy my stuff. I hope you got my email. (I don't think it bounced back) Anyway, I'm rambling. Good chapter, keep em coming.~CT
Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 10 . 12/3/2002
wow, another great chapter. I have nothing stupid and witty to say (as if I ever did before) but just somethings been on my mind...your dog really ate your homework? That has GOT to be the frist time I've heard that.

Oh well...good chapter, hurry up and post the rest...I'd do the same with mine but...I haven't the time lately to write it up...
TK Styles chapter 10 . 12/3/2002
Nice, I liked this. We've finally gotten to the main problem of the story, but everyone is going to have a heck of of time figuring out how to solve the many mysteries. On a lighter note, oh I can't wait for everyone to see what Maldiva does to the prince. Oh, the the fun thats coming soon. Talk to you soon. Peace.
LafiTafi chapter 9 . 12/3/2002
hello agen! i hope ur doin ok w/ h/w & junk. newayz, since it wudnt let me review yesterday, im gonna review 2day!

i enjoyed that chappy quite a bit... a gud lot of answers were answered bout warnic. but wut pisses me off is that w/ every answer, u created a dozen new questions! -_- this is gonna b a LONG story, isnt it? well, thats a gud thing tho, so i shudnt complain. i prefer novels 2 short stories.

btw, lafi read an eensy weensy bit of thi chappy, & shes curious bout it. so shes gonna read it now... on MY net time since she went & got low grades & now SHES banned from the net... *evil cackle* actually ill copy & paste ur chappies on2 a wordpad bso she dusnt waste my net time but thats besides the point. the point is that now i ca laff at lafi insted of the other way around. wait... the point is that lafi liks ur story but shes only read 1 chappy. er... i dunno 4 sure wtut the point is, u find w/e interests u most

yes, at least u rnt leavin us hangin off a cliff! theres a story that im expectin will b updated (since its updated every 2 days, & now its been 2 days) that really kills & lafi & i hafta read it asap so we dont die or summat. newayz, thanx.

DAMMIT! hes potty trained? grrrr... i was really enjoyin thinkin bout him not. ah well. way 2 burst my bubble & destroy my life, smuff. lolz, j/k

nah, dont count much on me. im not all as gr8 as i claim at solvin mysteries. well, actuually i shudnt claim that cuz mayb ive had it rite on the dot... u just were 2 slippery 2 lemme kno that. gud job. if i was in ur place & u in mine, id giggle & accidently tell u that u got it rite. then id b really angry at myself cuz i ruined my whole story.

ah, i dont think i can do much thinkin 2day... my fingers r kinda weak 2day 4 sum reason... *ops fingers* oh, hey! theyre better now! but still, i have no reason but 2 suspect ashena rite now. u kno nethin bout the ottoman (sp?) empire, smuff?

"i wunda if itll cost him l8r, lol" ur mockin my poor brain now! how DARE u! thats so not fair! ur ENJOYIN confusin the hell outta me, rnt u? *sigh* i kno a lot of ppl who enjoy doin that...

hm... so, is chappy 10 bout maldiva? it says thieves everywhere so thats my best guess, lolz.

well, ttyl! cant wait 4 an update!

Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 9 . 11/30/2002
Really? And for five ***WHOLE*** minutes? And I thought I was bad ::laughs:: jus' kiddin'...the line kind of came of Spongbob Square Pants...yes, I do watch that show-stop laughing at me!

I like Warnic...he's kind of cool, I also like his hair, long and is good, very good.

And you know what makes me so stupid? I didn't even know there was supposed to be a villain, but now that I know, I'll keep my eyes open...until I have to blink of course-but that's beyond the "point".

Nice's so good...everything's good...I've nothing to complain about or suggest, and I suppose that could pass for my compliment today...
James Rain chapter 9 . 11/30/2002
Thanks for all the ads! I wish some ppl would take the hints you're giving. Now, i really and intrigued by this Warnic character. He seems to have many, many secrets that can have so many stories. Anyway, I think questions are worse than "cliffies" because I don't know when they are going to be answered. With a cliffies you gat satisfaction almost immediately.

This chapter was definitely the best so far. I liked the subtleness, and the questions. I also like how it was written. It reminded me of myself if I could be so vain. Ha! But seriously, this chapter was very good, with development and imagery.
Carter Tachikawa chapter 9 . 11/30/2002
Very interesting chapter! You put it up already? Whoa. I'm so slow with mine-_-0. Neways, I'm talking about random things again. I love this a lot. Btw, you mentioned once that you didn't review my animes cause they were...anime. Well, in reality, they're nothing more than original stories themselves. A person with no idea what anime is can also enjoy it. I'm just letting you there's nothing in those stories that'll confuse the hell out of you.

Okay, I better shut up. Nice story!~CT
TK Styles chapter 9 . 11/29/2002
Love it, any chapter with Warnic is a good chapter :). Keep up the excellent work, I'm going to love people trying to figure Warnic out. Talk to you laters. Peace.
LafiTafi chapter 8 . 11/29/2002
that quote is SO true! WOW!

sydrain needs 2 b spanked. & potty trained. u never told me smuff, dus he kno how 2 use a toilet? honestly, lafi was spoiled & she took a year 2 b trained... jorge was VERY spoiled & wasnt trained til he was 5. now sydrain is the most spoiled lil brat ever so im still assumin the worst... i wonder how big his diapers r...

that seems like a practised speech... an excuse. i shud kno wut theyre like, i use them daily.

ashenas just stupid. shes feedin his spoiledness. is that a word? newayz, im suddenly suspectin ashena is a bad person cuz if the king is old & the sole hir is weak, then the kingdom will b easy 2 take over. bad ashena! go suck on sum soap! or mayb frostin still... eh defended the prince, thus spoilin him gr8r. or mayb ashenas the bad guy & frostins gonna try 2 take advantage of the lack of power evne tho he isnt casuin it. smuff, sorry if im confusin u! im just thinkin on paper, as it goes, tho its offically thinkin on keyboard or monitor or summat.

yes, sydrian trusts ashena quite a bit, & hides behind her. shes more powerful than he is! when the king is gone, the prince wont b able 2 handle his duties & will go 2 his most trusted 4 help... ashena. or so SHE thinks. im rememberin sydrian decidin 2 leave the important stuff 2 frostin. thats y frostins happy bout this! he realizes this, & ashena dusnt! OMG! thisll lead 2 civil war... & when theyre already bein attacked newayz! OMG!

yeah... ashena wants him 2 rule. her son. well, i suppose hes better than sydrian so mayb she isnt really evil. but there is still summat she hasnt been thinkin of... frostin. *giggles* frostin. sorry.


yeah, i almost jumped, & im READIN it!

"batting eyelashes might have fooled gr8r men b4 me, but i am gay!" sorry, i had 2 do that.

odd. frostin is defendin the kingdoms welfare. so hes gud. GAH! my feelins have changed so much in this 1 chappy! its so frustratin! but... the world is not black & white, but has many shades of grey. u can b gud & evil. luk at lafi! ashena wants 2 make her son king, which is bad. but that dusnt make her evil, it just means shes doin summat she really shudnt. yup, shes gonna cause a civil war... stupid woman.

frostins just pissed cuz... uh... hes pissed. er... gin on then.

javlads so nice & kind & hot... *swoon*

hm... preview... is THAT wut u call it? lol... i understand the meanin of that quote, i think. uh... but the next chappy? er... is sydrian gonna learn summat? er... ill c in a few days i guess! ttyl!

LafiTafi chapter 7 . 11/29/2002
hiya smuff! sorry bout the delay! but im here now so i mite as well actually r&r, so...

a month? wow... where the hell is she?

oh poor amalia! shes probly just gonin around in circles & shes 2 depressed & tired & famished 2 realize it! :C

im startin 2 wonder how she can help her kingdom... shes gonna die...

well, thats lucky she was found! smuff, u have the odd habit 2 answer my questions just as i type them... hm... how does the story end?

sounds like a nice place 2 go 4 vacation. so ur not gonna answer my question, lol... oh well.

hm... ok then! he sure is a mysterious character.

i like the chappy as always! more typos than i expected, but i can slip easily nuff round those.

angsty stuff is nice & im WAY 2 used 2 it, lolz... lafi only reads angst & when she uvs a story, i get curious & read it as well...

ill just cum back regularly, lol. i go online daily so im sure ill find updates when im ready 4 them!

well, THIS review wasnt very funny cuz this chappy was so damn angsty... theres no way 4 me 2 b all that funny when its all sad & stuff. :C _ im glad u like my reviews so much, tho!

hm... ok. its like a spoiler that dusnt really spoil, thus gr8ly annoys the fan. damn quotes. _~

ur bein cryptic now! r u agreein so ill think "ahHA! i got it" & then b wrong or r u agrein 2 make me THINK ur playin w/ me so i will assume it isnt frostin... but ur clever & it really is? so confused.

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