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Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 8 . 11/29/2002
You don't have to apologize for the slip up...I don't really care...I'm a very non-caring person...and thank you for reviewing my newest thought up "story"...

Another great chapter, jus' one question...Was that a threat?

I smell smells like the smelly smell smells of the smell of trouble...if that made any sense, which it's possible that it didn't. You got me hooked...maybe I'll go read some of your poetry...
Carter Tachikawa chapter 8 . 11/28/2002
Well, good news is that I have DSL so I don't have to worry about no Internet (unless power goes out-_-0) I'm a little better now. I was depressed when I wrote my last review. Anyway, love the new chapter. Keep on writing. And I hope you had a good Thanksgiving (since today it's Thanksgiving in the US...ah, I'm going off on tangent now.) Anyway, keep it up.~CT
TK Styles chapter 8 . 11/28/2002
Oh, I so dislike Ashena. My least liked character. Keep up the great work. Peace.
James Rain chapter 8 . 11/28/2002
I sense political intrigue undertones! This brewing storm is going to be a doozey. I really hope that your decent, good-hearted characters get out okay. Thanks for the many reviews! And I hope this will continue soon.
Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 7 . 11/27/2002
More poetry? Gee...that's going to be hard, being that I don't write poetry...and that little thing "Him" doesn't count...but I suppose I cound try and whip up something for the good of Right, moving on-

Love it so far. The plot in fact, is beginning to take shape, which is fine I suppose, and I am happy that you decided to expand the chapters...more reading...I really like the way you write, you should try writing more little orginal fics, I'll definitly read them.
James Rain chapter 7 . 11/26/2002
Yes! Another chapter. This is realy getting interesting. You're bringing tha charcters together, and the plot is moving.
Carter Tachikawa chapter 7 . 11/26/2002
Ah, sorry I didn't get to this earlier. I've been depressed and I had no Internet connection last night-_-0 Anyway, great story again. Yours is far better than the craptacular pieces of fiction and poetry I write. Yeah, J. Alfred Prufrock was cool. My favorite Eliot poem is "Macavity, The Mystery Cat" (I think that's what it's called). Anyway, I'm depressing myself yet again. Good story. Keep writing.~CT
Lavon chapter 1 . 11/25/2002
Good action and put me inside of Amalia's mind making me a part of the story. The reader loves to be involved. Great job. I'm looking forward to the next chapters. No matter what double check spelling.
TK Styles chapter 7 . 11/25/2002
Wonderful chapter and it introduced my favorite character (I said Maldiva was only one of my favorites, not the favorite). I love Warnic, he holds a special place with me since he and I are a lot alike. Keep up the great work. And I definitely would like to be informed of when you update. Talk to you soon. Peace.
James Rain chapter 6 . 11/22/2002
Thanks for the plug in chapter 4! I'm so happy that you enjoied my stuff. Wow. Anyway, the last three chapters really brought the story into new realms of mystery, charcter, and maybe foreshadows. I likeed the last chapter, the way you wrote it gave us a little bit of the charcter, and your language made it much more mysterious.
Purple Colored Auora Petals chapter 6 . 11/22/2002
Well...gee, that's really nice of you to say about my writing.

Now, you said something about no one's told you if you wanted more description or anything yet, and I really think that...things are just fine the way they are. Not too much description, which is always good I suppose.

I really just like the story the way it is, I can find nothing wrong with it, like I said before, it's all just...peachy keen -wait, did I just say that? ::slaps self::

I mean, it's aaaallll gggggooooooooddddddd.
Carter Tachikawa chapter 6 . 11/21/2002
Mmmm...I almost missed this again! I came earlier but it wasn't up yet! Ah, you have T.S. Eliot for your sneek peak at chapter 7! (Suddenly, I'm receiting "The Wasteland" and "Love Song of Prufrock" all over again)Well, I'm glad to see a new chapter. (And it's got a thief/assassin! I've a soft spot for thieves/assassins) Oh well, keep writing. And I'll have more poetry and stories soon. Ta ta.~CT
ill b MYSTERIOUS not tell u realizes that she alredy signed her name at the botto of the review oops chapter 6 . 11/21/2002
here i am agen! only now i hae the time 2 r&r chappy 5 & now 6 since u posted it. yay!

fyi, i got here thro the directory & counted all the jades... ur 1 of 35 or so, i lost count. thats really funny, lolz! _~

hm... so where did i leave off *scans*

*giggles* frostin... u kno that name reminds me of frosting like u put on cup cakes & cup cakes remind me of donuts cuz they just do i guess & donuts remind me of homer simpson which reminds me of that homer guy from ancient times which reminds me of BC which reminds me of y its called BC & reminds me of the start of christianity which reminds me of mormons since they think early christianity was destroyed & those who continued it were accidently worshippin the devil & those mormons remind me of bein gudy-guds which reminds me of eminem since hes NOT a gudy-gud which reminds me of ppl holdin dicks which makes me giggle! _ whoa... i just lukd over that paragraph.. mom was wrong when she sed i didnt kno how 2 make my potentially rich mind work. i can think rather well, i think! ok, not that it was even all that funny, but it feels gud 2 get off my chest... & now dusnt seem funny at ALL nemore so ill just go on & no longer bug u!

k, i am suddenly forced 2 picture frostin as a rat wearin clothin. oh well. ill b more serious in a lil bit, i promise... its just that i just came from a club meetin that involved much diet pepsi & sex talkin & im super giggly & hyper & nuts *giggles* nuts... newayz & even jorge & lafi sed im bein annoyin, so...

haHA! take THAT u spoiled lil brat! ur dads gonna make u grow up whether u like it or not!

sydrains startin 2 REALLY get on my nerves! hes just so damn spoiled & annoyin! sumbody needs 2 spank him! er, not in the sexual way *giggle*

hes luck prince, really. try starvin or milkin a goat or sumthin, then ull kno better! gawd, u kno wut smuff? ill bet ill totally blow up at poor jorge next i c him! ill hafta picture sum1 else... mayb the description u gave? lolz, i suppose its worth a shot! _~ jez i feel stupid, u left sum details in this chappy so i can create sum1!

when his father had finally passed away? im gonna punch sumthin in a minute. *growls as jorge walks by in hallway* er, jorge just ran off 4 sum reason... lafi just did 2 now... do i luk scary 2 u? wait, no1 answer that.

-_- whinin liike a toddler...

gawd, 1st frostin & now ashena, no wonder hes spoiled! im suprised hes potty trained & eats bread w/ crusts like unspoiled children. wait... how do i kno hes either? O_o

on 2 reviewin chappy 6!

hm.. readin thro that list, i started wonderin... wheres maldiva?

*blushes* k, i just read the 1st word... thanx 4 answerin my question

wuts she up 2? *smirks* is she gonna steal sydrains diapers?

hm... i wonder who that is...

*blushes* is it pssible 2 read 2 much fiction? *luks at bookcase* i havent touched the encyclopedias! wait, those rnt fiction... but they were all gud buks! i cudnt help myself!

y must i b mediator? lafi just ran in tellin me 2 make jorge stop bein annoyin... -_-

& lafi beat the ttt vid game (on gameboy adv of course since thats wut we have)!1 shes whinin cuz she wanted it 2 go 2 isengard & do rotk stuff... lolz...

now jorge has cum in tellin me "i want dinner! when r u gonna make dinner!" lafi: "yeah! im hungry! make dinner or ill beat u up!" well, i told her i wont b makin ne dinner if she threatens me like that agen... teeheehee... im makin them wait til after im dun w/ the review, then of course its gotta cook! lolz! aw, mom wud so ground me 4 life if she knew that i was doin this... but then of course mayb she shud just b home 2 cook her kids' dinner if she has a prob w/ the time i decide 2 cook it! lolz, the beautiful thing is that lafi & jorge wont tell her cuz last time they did that i didnt cook dinner, but kept on sayin "in a minute" so both got tired & fell asleep w/ no dinner...

no, where was i?

lolz! i guess its dark 2 laff at but the way she sed that was funny!

"i want u 2 steal the princes diapers..."


*guards shout & start runnin this way*

"not the dirty 1s, u idiot lil girl!"

"oh, oops." (hops off*

*gets tackled & arrested*

well, im guessin that when i scroll down that not wut he'll say

who? THE PRINCE! this kingdom cud do wel w/ him gettin sum sense knocked in2 him so he takes NUTHIN 4 granted! course, im assumin theyd actually b able 2 get him BACK...

hm... sounds like a secret conspriacy 2 up the royal fam & take over the kingdom. frostin, maybe?

dramatic music... gotta luv it! yes, i wanna kno! *growls* ur laffin at us poor readers! stop it!

*grins* i kno ive asked 4 longa chappies!

oh, hell yeah! is it POSSIBLE 2 describe more? well, if it is, id LUV 2 c it!

*grins* its my name!

hm, i hope this review was funny & not just annoyin, but i guess we'll c...

yes, it says patients! i giggled bout that 2day in math class. dunno y, i just suddenly thoght of it & giggled... but its ok, a simple mistake, lolz...

thats how long my reviews usually r 4 stories! u obviously have never seen ne, but i guess mayb u wudnt b searchin ppls stories 4 them, i hope, lolz... no update! im finishin my readin & suddenly mysterious outburst of h/w 1st! sorry! if u keep updatin daily ill b able 2 tell u when, tho!

dur, i remember amaila...

hm... so i cant think much at the moment, do the quotes have nethin 2 do w/ the chappies or r they just random kewl quotes? cuz if that quote is bout the next chappy i have no idea wut the next chappy is bout.

well, im hungry. ttyl!

TK Styles chapter 6 . 11/21/2002
I like this chapter, Maldiva is already one of my favorite characters. On a side note my dear, enjoy the ego boost, you deserve it for this well write piece of fiction. Keep up the excellent work. Peace.
LafiTafi chapter 5 . 11/20/2002
oki doki! here i am! *stand importantly* *luks pathetic* ok, so i 4got the super hero pose, but im still imperial, ok? *crickets chirp* grrrrrrr... stupid open window. its chilly newayz. *closes window* lets r&r!

sounds like a fun chappy... from a spoiled brats pov, lolz... shud b gud! _

lolz, jorge & lafi do that "if i ask him a zillion times" thing... its very annoyin... & not very funny...

*giggles* frostin...

*giggles* frostin...

*giggles* frostin...

*giggles* frostin... ok, thats startin 2 annoy me, let alone u! & who the hell dus frostin think he is, motherin sydrain like that!

eeep, g2g NOW! sorry! ill make a real review next time, & itll properly review this 2! ttyl!

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