Reviews for Operation Cross Dress PLAN B
etherealangel chapter 3 . 2/7/2003
Rika lied? / i am not happy! maybe yukara is blackmailing her? and it was funny too cuz lucky wasn't even lying at the time! emi should get with lucky! and rika and darwin can just get 2 gether! those 2 traitors! darwin! how could u steal lucky's girl? HOW COULD U! and awwwww..we don't get 2 meet stalker boy again! of the funniest lines:

Shut up!" she snapped. "I want my Children's Tylenol!"


that was totally unexpected. this reminds me of one of my friends..she can't swallow pills either! hehe..guess she needs practice. it was hard at 1st 4 me 2 swallow..but now i'm like a pill-popper. yeeeepzzz..all those the tiffXlinx interaction! my fav char is of course, lucky..but my second fav is a tie between emi and linx! my most fav part in this chapter is the part when lucky hangs up on darwin, who was beginning 2 talk abt rika.

Like I should change the subject or something.

"Yeah dude, Rika's-"

Or flip the phone shut. That works too.


and he did it twice! YAY LUCKY! i gotta reread da girl #1, #2, #3 convos! write more wen u hav time!
CT chapter 3 . 2/4/2003
YAAAAAY! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH fer puttin up the new chapter! I was bored as hell, and read throught almost any Fushigi Yuugi fanfic that looks good, and I started talking to myself. Yup. Me was bored, then I desided "OH!, Me will look through ALL my favoites (which I got about 100 of) and see if the sites/fics updated!" Only found two fics outta 50 with new, uploaded chapters, and one site updated! happy day...~_~ Seeing Operation Crossdress updated made my day! THANK YOUUUUUU! *prints new chapter and clips it to other chapters* There! _ Update soon! P

Tornado-kun chapter 3 . 2/4/2003
Look at me! I'm in the response thingy! Ehehe! Hmm fav. char. Lucky. But, I guess schoolwise it would be Emi, and homewise it would be either Lynx or Tiff, they're hilarious. Add me to the mailing list! Email's:
frozeneyes chapter 3 . 2/4/2003
whee! dis is seriously funni.. *clutches stomach and falls of seat lmao*

i tot d part where tiff cant swallow tablets is reaaali funi. lmao! my bro is lyk tt too! has to dissolve dem in water or cut dem up into little pieces..eww.. *shudder*

aah.. poor lucky.. he's so confused abt y rika lied.. and dirty war looks are FUUUUUN! *flap*

my fav character's lucky. n_n! he's so down-to-earth and combines both wit and sarcasm. *flap* so, my 2nd fav character's tiff. g2 lyk a girl who can fight. *chokes on laughter at the thought of her not being able to swallow pills*

n_n! i loooove dis fic! *flap*
ardenz chapter 3 . 2/3/2003
prro lucky's feeling so hurt/confused now that rika lied to the principal. what's up w her?

i liked the interaction between tiff and linx and not being able to swallow pills! hahah, my sis is like that too; she sorta mashes them up into power before taking it.

fave character... hmmm... linx i guess.
Illian chapter 3 . 2/3/2003

Linx is da second fav 'cuz Lucky is just oh-so the bomb x_O

Loved it!

Darwin is a twit *pokes him in the eye*


Rich people, jeez..

*pats Lucky on the head* I think you need a cookie.. M&M style maaaan


Dis was wunderbar! As it should be *nods* As it always is *nods* Ow.. that hurts..

But I hope you write more soon!

~!shadow kei!~
Miss Katherine chapter 3 . 2/3/2003
You updated! Yay! Another great chapter! I went on your website and saw the pictures of Lucky! Damn that boy's hot! ;; You're a great artist in many ways! Well, continue to write! I'll be awaiting the next chapter! (PS: I'd apreciate it a LOT if you would read one of my stories...;; Thanks!)
KaikaNozomi chapter 3 . 2/3/2003
! I came back from a horrible borin as crap day at school and then there was this fic, and I was like, HOT DANG! okay... not really... I don't say *shudders* hot dang, that would be... Oh... I don't know who says that except those hillbilly peeps, but that's ALRIGHT, I'm just now blabbering on and on and on and on and on and on... and on... and onnnnnnnnnnn... and ...

*Coughs* ANYWAYS...

WOOOOOHOOOO! I GET TO BE LANIE-CHAN'S NUMBER ONE REVIEWER! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY...AND MORE YAYS! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Anyways, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I would think Emi and Lucky are cute couple EXCEPT for the fact that she tends to use the word "like" to much. THAT, and it'd be entertaining to see what Lucky does if Rika comes' his girlfriend or something. (Is lucky A perv? Probably, after all, aren't all guys? FREAKYNESS, yeah, I just found out my older brother is a pervert... *shudders* it was not a happy moment for me!)

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LINX and TIFF are cute together! *Hypervenalating* You know what would have made me squeal and roll around the floor? If Linx would have kissed her to make the pill go in. *goes starry eyed and begins to dream* KYAAAAAAAAAA! That would have been adorable! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA... hmm... Kya... I like that phrase... I'll stick with WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH though cause just makes me kinda' think more it's my catch phrase! alright...

Anyways... (Gah, I say that too much) OH, re-reading chapter 2 and I've confirmed that Lucky IS in fact a perv.

"Rika owns several pairs of black underwear.

Tried to see if she had a thong too, but didn't get a chance to really look.

HA HA HA. *cough* Continuing on. . ."

YUP... SEE... YOU... GAH... Lost... track of... thought... -_-

Sorry bout' that... ANYWAYS, I gotta' get back on readin' my other fics, soooo, UPDATEEEEEEEEEE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! *falls onto knees and bows* UPDAAAAAAAAAATE AGAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN ~OOOOOOOOOOOON!

Okay, I'm done... Pushing the "Submit review" but now... Here I go... Ahh, screw this... I'm pushing it. -_-
Kitto chapter 3 . 2/3/2003

i reallllllly needed some humor in my life after getting home from prison. My god today sucked like all hell, but luved the chapter! can't wait to see what tomo gets lucky involved(heh, can't spell)
aznistic chapter 3 . 2/3/2003
Lainie, I have got to say this is one of my fav birthday presents so far. ] you updated! and you update about... hm... once every two months? eh? is that right? _ how kind of you to take time off your busy schedule (or find new ways of procrasination) and do this! hehe sar was all excited last night. _

hmm... I think i'd know pretty quick from sar if you updated, so nah i dun need an email thingie _ or u could just email the group or whateva. But this chapter was seriously funny. lol. I'm in class right now (web mastering) and it's kinda wierd for ppl to be laughing out loud (or trying to supress laughter) but I did it anyway. Good thing the teacher isn't in the room, heh. Anywayz, hope you get away from that cold soon!

And btw that part about the pills. *suffocates in laughter* that used to be sarah. AHAHAHHAAHHAA. Not to laugh at her or anything, but yes... she did not used to be able to swallow pills unless they were chewable or chopped in half. ahahahahhaha! and those dayquil things used to be unimaginably huge to her. ] :X

I seriously wasn't expecting this (kinda thought ppl would forget it wuz sar and my bday, but strangely enuf people haven't) so thanks! x100000!

Hope you find enough time to get up something more soon ] (even though we all know that's pretty unlikely).talk to ya latez.

SaturnActingChick chapter 3 . 2/2/2003
hey! _ YAY! I feel so special...I'd love it if you emailed me after you uploaded, but I don't know how much trouble that would be for you...

LOL! ::sighs:: I love Lucky's mindless chatter sometimes. The glare war in particular was hilarious. Good job on his attitude!

LOL, I like how Lucky was like "That's all the punishment I get?"

Wait, what was Rika's story? Or maybe Lucky did something that he didn't remember himself.

I like that part about Emi being a rebel vfrom getting only one detention...

Poor Lucky! Rika's just rubbing Darwin in his face without realizing it!

O.o isn't that a little dangerous for Lucky to change into his guy clothes when he's still on campus? Someone might have seen that evil chick!

Oh dang, Lucky has no clue what he's getting himself into...but that like all utterly clueless about what we want and which mood we're in. Poor Tiff...I'll buy her children's tylenol! _

_ How sweet! _ Linx calls tiff "princess!" _ LOL! Poor linx! I mean, it's his fault for hitting on her, but still! Ouch...LOL! I thought Tiff would tell Linx what was really wrong...but that was harsh!

geez, Darwin never gets a clue, does he? Geez, and he knows that Lucky probably likes her too...that's so sad!

My favorite characters? A three way tie between Emi, Tiff, and Linx. I can't really decide from there...Lucky's the main character, so I dont think that really counts...anyway, this was a fun chapter. I liked it. Continue soon! _~

aznchick chapter 3 . 2/2/2003

-] "-considering she knew I had a 5 page term paper due the next day and I didn't even start yet." AHAHHA... I think i see a bit of your infamous neverending essays making their appearance (in a somewhat clandestine form _~) in your fic! HEHEHE... that sounds sooo like u. (hehe) AAHAHAHHAHA and then the part when the principal had his back the door being "ominous" as he faced da window... XD HEHEHE... MWA HAH HAH HAH Hah...*cough*hack* um ~_~ yeah. well it was funny! _ aight i'm like NOT EVEN an INCH down the page yet (measuring the scrollbar here) AND IT IS NOT BORING. IT *IS NOT* BORING! XP! i swear! _ ooooooh yes. the "glaring wars" that girls have. hehe. my sis and i do that all the time. hehe. _

I SEE YOUR A-TOWN LIST SHINING THROUGH AT THIS ONE POINT! (or several _ heheheh i TOTALLY guessed u would model him after ur principal oooooh XD "-but we don't like him because of his lack of IQ." AHHAHAHAHHAHAA..._ hehe)



AHHH! AH! AH! THAT"S SHAY ISN"T IT! I SEE SOME OF SHAY HERE TOO! "STALKER BOY!" THAT'S GOTTA BE SHAY! (subway hehe) OMMMGG _ YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! XD not his physical body in the text yet but u know he was mentioned and that's SOMETHING right _~.

awwwwwwwwwwwww Linx and Tiff! ) how kyuuuuuttteeee AHH! and he took her shopping! awwwww! DA KYUTENESS! *gasp* ahhh _

AWWW YOU ENDED IT RIGHT BEFORE TOMO WAS GONNA SHOW UP! hmm so next chapter: Stalker Boy/Shay makes his (FINALLY)first appearance in Operation CD Plan B 0. AND TOMO COMES BACK AGAIN TOOOOOOOO! _ IS SHE STILL SNIFFLING OVER THAT GUY! hehehehheheheheeeeeeeeeeeee D.

You know out of the Break-Apart Milk Chocolate orange ball thingie, the panda stuffed animal (_ *huggles it*), cheesecake from teh cheesecake factory, and um the other presents i got this weekend, THIS WAS PROBABLY THE BEST. *THE BEST* _ like.. WOW. Lainie pulled another skyfall for us all JUST IN TIME FOR MY B-DAY. how SWEET Is that! _ mannn nicest b-day present i've ever gotten ]

like i just said to you online- lucky needs to do something to get the upperhand on that principal dude. hehe. hvae the whole school under his thumb XD! And poor Tiff! hope she feels better! hope you feel better too! Did Tiff go snowboarding in -15 degree weather and get a cold too? hehehe _

aight. i've babbled enough i think


_ aznchick
SaturnActingChick chapter 2 . 1/30/2003
Nice title! Grrr... I'm feeling strong dislike for Yukara's character...I hope Lucky doesn't do anything rash to her, and then later find out that she was innocent...

Lucky has some strange thoughts going on in his head about his manliness and Rika's opinion...

YAY! More Girl 1 and Girl 2 conversations! Those are so funny!

What exactly has Yukara been doing? Geez, you'd think that she'd notice that Lucky doesn't like her much...

LOL! I love Lucky's comment on what Yukara said about likeing a *dangerous* guy! It's hilarous...

OMG that was an awsome chapter! I'm happy for Emi when she slapped her, but when she uses the word "like" it got somewhat annoying. :: shrugs:: It's all good...

But I'm glad Lucky wont get in trouble because of the principal/Mr. Takado part.

Oh, and by all means, keep up the reader responce thing! It's great, I love it.

Continue, and I'll be checking! _~

SaturnActingChick chapter 1 . 1/30/2003
O.O OMG! I completly did *not* see this fic! Ahhh...::runs around in circles:: I am so stupid!

Luckily, I haven't missed much! _

...but seriously, when you didn't see my review, you should have emailed me! ::continues whining:: Sorry, just ignore the previous few sentances...onto your fic!

It's nice to have Lucky back, I was missing him lots. lol, and...who is out to get Rika?

on to the next chapter...
frozeneyes chapter 2 . 1/12/2003
aah. finally got online to read dis. e.e tt was kinda funi. esp d dangerous cold voice part. aah. luved tt. mm.. i lyk trying tt out on ppl too. ;p.
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