Reviews for What path for the soul?
Queen of Twilight chapter 1 . 11/5/2003
Hey I think it's good, actually i think itsd very good...I love ur poetry...its very...oh bugger, my vocabulary *rolls her eyes* nvm. I like the last bit especially...adn u no my opinion about christianity anyway, lol..but now i gtg dad is chasing me to bed and i have to do my hwork*cringe*, love and good luck. Mia
Bleedingtree chapter 1 . 8/31/2003
i sense a hole somewhere... no not in the poem. This makes me feel like maybe when you wrote this you felt like you were missing a part of you, or someone had taken a part of you with them and you want(ed) it back. Similar feelings over here! well it's well written.

Great job

Tanika chapter 1 . 11/25/2002
awwww, this is really good really nice job. i hope you keep your head up and dont let whatever it is thats hurting you get you down and keep you there. and even if this isnt how you feel. i can still read feel the sadness in the poem. i can tell you are hurting deep down somewheres. *hugs* maybe you will find a friend in someone special and that person can turn things around for you. i dont want to lecture you and anger you so i will just leave on this note: nothing in this world is so bad that you must turn to evil and turn your back on faith (any faith no matter what religion)
star of Texas chapter 1 . 11/18/2002
Don't give up. I don't know what pain it is that you are enduring but God promises that if you ask him, you'll bear it for you, that is what he did on the cross. If there is a hole in your heart God is the only one that will fill it. Read Is. 43:1-4, 41:10, 48:10, Jer. 29:12-13, and Mt. 11:28-29. Also remember in Gen. 16 how Abram was promised a son but his wife was to old so he had sex with his wifes maid and she had a baby but almost immediatly after that so did his wife, sari. Sari was mad at Hagar because her baby would be the eldest so she started abusing her and Hagar ran away but Gods angel found her by a spring of water and comforted her also a little later Hagar was back in the dessert again and her son was dying from lack of water Gods angel came back and showed her a spring. so remember, God sees, whan you are at your wits end and are about to give up God sees you and will come to your rescue if you cry out to Him. But when you ask for His help you've got to admit that you need it, you've got to admit that you can't do everything by yourself, you hav got to get into the copilots seat and let Him fly your life. You said that you cried out to Him for help but did you tell how to help or did you say Your will be done. If you surrender everything and admit that you can't do single thing without Him, He'll give you what you need most.