Reviews for Twice As Good
Simple Sensation chapter 3 . 5/4/2009
Ok i didnt realise you had written a sequal when i commented on your previous one.

But sounds brilliant, will you be updating it soon?
BabyKeepItSurreal chapter 3 . 2/2/2007
Are you going to write more! I know it's been a while...but I really love Rob and Jon...I hope you finish this story.
dani chapter 2 . 2/11/2005
so...are you continuing this? i really like it so far.
Liebe Sasa chapter 3 . 5/17/2003
You're not just going to leave it there, are you? Please, please update.

~Mizery Rose~
redredredred chapter 3 . 4/20/2003
aw you never finished... it was a good start *sniff* lost of promised angst too oh well, if you ever pick it up again, lotsa people would be happy
jen chapter 3 . 1/5/2003
update update update! lol
Kat chapter 1 . 12/13/2002
This is a really interesting beginning. I read your other story and enjoyed it. I'd like to hear more about Jon and Rob, so please continue with this one!
Good Morning Mr. Three Cats chapter 2 . 12/9/2002
Yay! The sequel is very tasty so far. Keep going! I love Rob and Jon!
Cuppie chapter 2 . 12/4/2002
NO! NO! NO! *bites fingernails off* NO! JON! DON'T DO IT! I actually have no idea what he's going to do, 'cause I have no logic brain cells, but I'm assuming it won't be good.

Aw, poor Rob. He's so cute and I love him... and awwww...

Anyway, another spiffy chapter! :) Keep it up!
jen chapter 2 . 12/3/2002
omg this is so good!
Cuppie chapter 1 . 11/21/2002
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I can tell already that this is going to be awesome.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2002
I love the sewuel so far. Keep it going. It's really good.