Reviews for My Favorite Bond Girl
Velocity9 chapter 1 . 2/11/2003
Tho' there is NO denying that Barbera Bach is one of a few perfect matches for the entity that is Bond, and I don't deny wanting such a beauty in my life, i think You, among other folks in this fan-fic sight...may have just pushed the limits of good taste. This boardered on pointless. I understand the need to 'act out' fantacies on paper(I, among others love the idea of delicate, but dangerous Lady Penelopy Creighton-Ward & older, but no less manly Jeff Tracy of Thunderbirds' International Rescue getting together, or perhaps seeing a stolen kiss of passion exchanged between Buffy & Xander[This dude is getting buff-no pun intended-watch him build something-big arms], or perhaps what would happen AFTER Mash(pun INTENDED) if after lets say 10 yrs, Hawkie & Hot lips bump into each other...and find they love each other more than ever. This is good stuff to read and fantasize about[Care to read My Godzilla VS Predators(PLURAL!)?], Wait until I get to WHO falls in love with whom!{hint Dutch(arnie) meats the American pilot girl from G-VS-MechaGodzilla!}), but describing your sexdesires for someone online in this forum just seems taudry somehow.
Ani Hart chapter 1 . 11/26/2002
Get a fucking LiveJournal or something for this shit. This isn't worthy of being a fanfic.