Reviews for Sweet Dreams: Yume Kokochiyoi
Bunny-sama chapter 8 . 4/4/2003
GOMEN! *bows* I'm sorry I was late, and then my computer wouldn't let me review... but I made it all the same.

OOh, I like how you had the ending, and the glimpse into number 2. I would consider it a twist too, cus I never would have guessed that Sonya would get killed off... *shocked* but I'm glad that Kari and Yagami get together too...

Well, I still love this story and it is completly beyond me why I'm alone in this motion.. but you did a really good job with it, and your writing is excellent, especially in the battle scene (I suck at those)... Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one. Ja


(n_n) ~Bunny

(I've been a little busy with school and stuff as well, but my next chapter should be up soon... though undeturmined)
Bunny-sama chapter 7 . 3/25/2003
Yay... another chappy, and it's getting really good (well, it's been good, but getting to the better part...).

I really enjoy this story, and am glad you've kept writing even though it's been only me... but I'm gonna start suggesting thisa to people again, cus I think it deserves more credit... also, chappy 33 should be up on either Fri or Sat for me...

I look forward to the next chapter, and know you'll do good with it. Keep up the good work, and see ya then. Ja


(n_~) ~Bunny
Bunny-sama chapter 6 . 2/25/2003
*smiles* Yay, another chappy! *dances around absently* And it was good as usual. jeeze I'm running out of compliments 6_6. but, seriously, I can't find words to describe how good this is. I'm just surprised no-one else has read/reviewed it. u_u *sigh* i hav it all to myself. Well, keep up the good work. I know it's end is near, but then there is always jope for the sequel. *smiles* update soon. Ja


(n_n) ~Bunny
Bunny-sama chapter 5 . 2/1/2003
WHAT? _ You can't kill them! Question, if there was and opening in the ship, whouldn't there have been complications like,say, a gas leak... and also, fire has nothing to sustain it in space... especially if the air was being sucked out. Then again, it would be possible if the were entering the false atmosphere of the ship *shrugs* I don't know...

Well, keep up the good work... I really like this story *snif* now it's coming to an end. Ja ne.


(u_u) ~Bunny
Bunny-sama chapter 4 . 1/3/2003
Wow... I don't think they're exactly gonna make it back in time to return the hauler... This is getting interesting, but how does Noh know that the crown will work for him, after all it was kind of meant to go against him wasn't it? Anywho, keep up the good work, and I hope you update soon. Ja Ne.


(n_n) ~Bunny
Bunny-sama chapter 3 . 12/21/2002
Wow, Why is it that I think all the other Akureis are going to fight not only for Noh's position, but at the same time use Earth as the battle field... detroying it. Well *shrugs shoulders* I don't know.

I'm glad you finally got to update, I'm on MY break now... hope it snows some more. Well, I look forward to the next chappy, I'll get to see what REALLY happens...


(n_n) ~Bunny
Bunny-sama chapter 2 . 12/1/2002
Wow, it must be devistating that I'm the only one reviewing your story u_u'.

Personally I don't know why, to me this is one of my favorites... The story is getting better and better. But I have one comment I'd like to put out...

Why is it that there have only been 2 Akureis, but they say that only one is left? Weren't there have been more than one of each type?

Oh well, keep up the good work. I'll see you next chapter.
Bunny chapter 1 . 11/27/2002
I like this. Alot. I know it probably sounds cheap, but your detail was good, so I got a pretty clear image. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading.


(n_n) *Smiles*