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Saethiel chapter 5 . 5/22/2003
It looks like a few glitches slipped through the editing process :(

"I yawned, my fingers itching to touch an art supply without Ms. Steinberg screaming or popping an apoplectic blood vessel."

I have only ever used apoplectic/apoplexy to describe rage/fury but a quick look at an online dictionary says that an apoplexy is similar to an aneurism, so an apoplectic blood vessel would be one that has already started haemorrhaging into a nearby organ.

"Thus, without fail, every Sunday, my mom chaffered me downtown ..."

Chauffeured? Chaffering for something is bargaining/haggling for it.

"One of the footfalls of not having access to a car was that I couldn’t go off campus for lunch. Another footfall was that even if I did have a car and I could drive, ..."

I think you meant 'pitfall' instead of 'footfall', but a (metaphoric) pitfall is usually a hidden danger that only someone who has (metaphorically) walked the path, and fallen in, would know about.
crazy lassie who has retired chapter 5 . 5/21/2003
lol, ken, barbie and skipper... you forgot kelly...
silverg3r chapter 5 . 5/21/2003
wow. cool. i love your vocab. gee, i seriously need to expand mine. sigh. hehe. it gets more and more interesting! go mel, go jared. hope they end up together... wahaha. heh. ) have a nice day !
cbprice25 chapter 5 . 5/20/2003
Good chapter! Update soon!
peach-bear too lazy to sign in chapter 5 . 5/20/2003

what a great chappie!

ah, you never fail to write fab chapters! yay!

i'm so happy now~!

like today, all day i was grumpy and moody etc, but now i feel all floaty and i can't stop smiling like a goofball! ah!

but seriously, you HAVE to continue soon or i'll suffer so much!

oh, and wish me luck for my exams!

once again, GOOD ON YA! and thanks for a great fic!

aznchick chapter 5 . 5/19/2003
WOW. haha I JUST realized (call me dense -_-;) that you reviewed my fic a few times before? maybe? or maybe it was some other girl with the name "CherrySakuraGirl" O_x; I don't know I *just now* realized that tho x]. if it wasn't you then hm...hehe maybe someone saw ur penname - liked it - and started using it herself for anonymous reviewing.

::cough:: ignore my ramblings. anyway :D ~! so glad you updated! _ hope you did good on your APs too! ] ~

aw Mrs. Steinberg is SO FUNNY - and I feel SOO INCREDIBLY SORRY FOR MELFINA! AH! _ your writing IS very good you know :D i enjoy it lots :D :D :D :D :D it's SO FUNNY at some parts - i'm laughing out loud - and then it's so "aww" at some parts were i'm literally saying "aw! *clutches pooh bear* noo! -"

HAHAHAHAH but i'm SO SEROIUS ABOUT THE LAUGHING OUT LOUD PART! _! LOL I couldn't breathe for a few minutes at the "oogling like a fish out of water" part! i don't know there's just something about your writing that makes it so much funnier and non-cliche! _ hehehhehhehehhehehheheheheh :D :D :D :D :D

[insert the calming down and typing review section here]

::cough:: yes. so...i stopped to type more review (which is above) and then i started reading that LONG paragraph where Mel is babbling and OMG HAHAHA i started cracking up again - SERIOUSLY IT'S SO FUNNY! LOLOOLOL _!_!_!_!

omg...and now...i think you're so evil! ~_~ leaving us on a part like that! ;-; and what if you don't update for another half year/! *wails* are you on my fave stories yeT? X_X *checks* YOU'RE NOT? AHH! I must be retarded! gomen-nasai ~_~; mwahaha x] *adds u to author alert* please update soon~! You're getting off from school soon right? RIGHT? [Insert CherrySakuraGirl's "YES" answer here]. Good! _ That means you'll update again soon right? RIGHT? [Insert CherrySakuraGirl's "YES" answer here...xD]. GOOD! ;D I'll be looking forward to it ]

~ Aznchick
enchanted muse chapter 5 . 5/18/2003
It's never a pain to read this! Don't ever suggest that! lol You are a brilliant writer! I just love how you use vocabulary, it's adds so much more to your skill! Jared and Melfina are so cute! I love them to death! I so want to know what the note said! aww, she just HAD to throw it away, didn't she? lol I spent a whole hour reading this! Instead of studying for exams... but I enjoyed every minute of it! You are extremely talented! I'm so glad you use your talents, because it has really paid off for you! Keep up your great job! And don't worry about taking your time; time is the key for a brilliant piece of work, and this is definitely well-written!
Ledia chapter 5 . 5/18/2003
whoa girl..this story is just getting better and better.

I like this new guy Cooper(artist men are just my type*sigh with dreamy looks*),and I wonder what's gonna happen between them..when Melfina rambled and rambled,I couldn't hold it,I was laughing out loud and my brother was looking at me liKE*has she finally gone crazy?*

I like her character,she's not that strong girl who can deal with whatever happens to 's an ordinary one and that's what I like,you just can't help but sympathize with her and understand her feeling.I can't face yelling people too,some poeple have the ability to give you 100 insults in one breath and honestly I can't compete with that _

so now there's this mysterious guy and Jared.I like Cooper(because he is artis you know,did I tell you that?)but...I can't help but like Jared more,he's too sweet

I have many tests these days but when I checked my email,I was so happy to see that you updated and reading this story was like a break to me from all the stress of this stupid,horrible thanks _

and I shouldn't forget the last famouse line..YOU HAVE TO UPDATE ASAP...please ~_

luv-hacker chapter 3 . 5/18/2003
hey ... that is a very good story.. love it...
Misodity chapter 5 . 5/18/2003
Hm, well, I'm REALLY enjoying this, it's been very good so far... Enjoyable and man, I like the Jared guy. the art guy is... well, i don't like him much, he's annoying to me.
IntricatePain chapter 5 . 5/17/2003
Can I just tell you how amazing this story is. Your writing produces such vivid pictures, one can't help but be with each and every character on some level. I hope Mel will see Jared's "true" feelings and vice versa. Hope you update soon.
Zabella chapter 5 . 5/17/2003
Awesome fic...Love the characters and the situations they find thems elves in!
grrrL chapter 1 . 5/17/2003
hey girl! When are you gonna update? i'm crossing my fingers you answer this question with a new chapter!
Victoria chapter 1 . 3/7/2003
Hey! that was good. I really liked it. I wish I were #2, I'd be overjoyed. I guess she has her reasons though. You need to continue with the story. I assume that Melfina and Jared get together. She needs to kick Andrews booty, that dirty, no good, rotten, son of nevermind. I hope that you decide to continue. Tell me about your other stories too. I did only read the first chapter so far. I'll read the rest though don't worry.

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