Reviews for Bendable Moonlight
silverg3r chapter 1 . 9/29/2003
hey girl. i decided that deciding to reread your bendable moonlight was the best decision of today. okay, i should cut it.

now after reading stargirl, i do realize the similarities. or rather, not put it in such a way, but i think you used the bits and pieces from the book beautifully. did you cross mankin? the bear claws. [i went !] some maniac planted in the school, yea, i remb the book. ) Leo: director! oH! see- :O haha. sorry, lame. [what was the mouse in stargirl called again? sorry]

i liked the 'happiness wagon' in stargirl.

and i really like the way you proved Rina was real. anotherwordforsweetornice. ah. the 'nothing' arguement made alot of semse. hey, i mean it! nothing is nothing... ahahah. o-kay. amusing.[flips thesaurus frantically 'my vocab sucks!']

yesh, your vocab is great.

oh "my story." was hilarious. lolx. lmao! o-ay, not ass. rotfl [roll on the floor laughing] great effect, ya? haha.

glad i have this chance to do a proper review again... because i guess when i read it the first time i didn't understand much. [beauty of it] and i feel so damn guilty for the crappy reviews i did for some of your fics. wish i could take em back sometimes. ah. no use crying over spilt[split?] milk. make amends.

JoC chapter 1 . 3/1/2003
hahaz. great story. would love to meet the gal in ur story. she really seem unreal yet there. in life, it's always real yet not there. cheem part bout the nothing is something thingy thou. show deep thinker n i'm not. haha.

anyway, i finally updated. after a century of delaying. hee.

silverg3r chapter 1 . 2/7/2003
oH wOwWW...


yOu genIuS!

i admiRe ur creative sKilLZZ! oh my oh my. )

mine was SO BORING. ) like, typical essay. yours was so beautiful. blue feather! must be rare. ) liked the concept. what was the category of the commenwealth essay it was under? my essay was below the word count... hee.

you write great fics~~ gambatte kudasai~~! moRE~! more! hehehehe.
gniq chapter 1 . 1/15/2003
wah... dunno how to put it,but somehow when i read this story, i couldn't imagine u actually writing it. i mean U, QMW, like just dont fit the way u present urself in sch. (perhaps u r an alien with double identities which u can switch back and forth whenever u like) aniwae, great story. although i dun really understand it at the beginning but the rest was great. yar, not really the kind of story tt i love (eg. leave and spotlight) but still very creatively plotted, a very qiao3 miao4 storyline. yea, so basically well done. write mOre!
miya wada chapter 1 . 1/6/2003
wada: wow man. this is, fantasy with a moral behind it: not to ever walk out on your family because they care. is it? anyway, its also family what, where got i write romance/family and you write rubbish? siao. and nice stuff, esp the whole chunk on the 'how can sth be nth when it is sth' stuff. sounds really really familiar. like sth terry pratchett would say. where did you get it frm? or your own?
Yati chapter 1 . 1/6/2003
That was a really ... beautifully written piece. Wonderfully descriptive.

I'll admit I've never even heard of the book, and you've made me curious enough. Maybe I'll go read it ...