Reviews for Drake Hadden's Window
Curtis J. Perry chapter 1 . 1/20/2003
It definately drags on
Piper Cub chapter 1 . 1/19/2003
I guess someone has to be that way, right? I wonder if I'm headed that way myself, sometimes.

RRRRrrrRRRAAHHHH! I'm back! Didja miss me? I went through a sort of "why can't the world just f*ck off" kinda phase for awhile, but I'm starting to feel like my feet are back on solid ground again. Well, this is, for lack of a better word, *chilling*. In a good way. In a very good way. I'm glad to see you're sticking to your guns here. It seems kinda sorta like you're making a world of fiction? HM? Kind of like there might be a *novel* in the works? Yes? I hope so. I'd like to read it, if what I've seen so far with this one and "horse killer" are any sort of indication.

Wishing you all the best wishes (are horses and beggars WILL ride. . . you'll see). -Piper Cub