Reviews for Waiting
Romantically Drunk chapter 1 . 4/8/2005
Wow, that was very cleverly written. Very vivid and chilling, and I utterly admire you for being able to keep alongside Richey's lyrics without drifting into cliché or nonsense. It's a very fine line and I think you managed to tread it pretty well.
frostany chapter 1 . 11/29/2004
This was amazing, it drew me in right away and almost made me cry because of how much it scared and intrigued me. I am anorexic it goes through cycles, it drew me though, I don't know what you meant it to do, but as an anorexic it made me jealous of Taylin, made me wish I could be that thin. I read it and promise myself that when i get home I'll do 125 sit ups. I promise myself that I'll practice my karate and remind myselff I've taken two diet pills today and will take one more before the day is done. I feel the pills pulsing through my body, my heart rate pounding awya. I know I'll go home and not drop a clue that i'm getting so intertwined in my ED again. I can do this! I tell myself, I'm inspired.

If this scares you don't worry. It's not just your writing, a lot of stuff does this to me, but your writing is extremely impressive. Your my favorite writer just for the reason that you have a scathingly, couragous honest voice. Where ever you stand on certain issues, whatever the subject. You're an amazing writer with a voice that needs to be heard.
Dragen Eyez chapter 1 . 9/8/2004
Hopeful endings are good. I love the "welcome back" card. The song you wrote this to truly accentuates the story. So many song-fics I'm not sure what the point is of including it, but this one really fits in and ties the story together as a whole. Your descriptions were also powerful. it wasn't "Taylin was too thin" or "thought she was too fat" etc, but "well defined ribs and the bra that now hung loosely across her shrinking chest." which is just a bit more meaningful (just a bit.. yup.. *stretches arms out really, really far*) I got swamped with work, but I'm so glad I was able to start reading your stuff again. I got onto my computer and my fingers literally led me to your page here. I think I had been intending to check my e-mail, but this was a better idea (my fingers agree) but, now off to the airport.. mother's flying to Europe..
picaropicara chapter 1 . 5/15/2004
An amazing story. It rings truth and also a wistful hope in a way. For me, this is the story that I hope will come true for more girls, that Ana will lose, that they will come out on top.
The song is a gorgeous song.
Palla chapter 1 . 7/17/2003
This was a nice story. I do not think it was one of your best, but it was still good. I'm not sure what about it I didn't like as much as before. The details were good and all. Maybe it was the dialogue; there wasn't much. While this is not neccessarily a bad thing, this story might have needed it.
MaroTapikoka chapter 1 . 1/29/2003
OMG.. I need to send this to my friend.. she's sort of anneroxic.

She lies to me about eating breakfast when I ask her if she did, simply because I was worried. She skips lunch saying that her "breakfast" was too big. Nothing sure is a lot, huh?

And at dinner, all she eats is a couple of grapes! But she's getting better, but I'm going to get her to read this someday, so she'll never do it again.

Anyways, I admit.. I thought that was a little while back too. I mean, well I only managed to starve myself for a half a day though (I LOVE food too much.. ;)

I don't know why I tried to do such a stupid thing.. I mean, I'm not even overweight. It might've been because I gained eight pounds over the winter break (COOKIES!) and I thought I got fat. But I was underweight so the eight pounds just put me to a good healthy weight I guess. But when I was trying to diet (Half a day is a long time when you can't think about anything other than food!) I was just so depressed. I was usually cheery, and erm.. spunky? But, that day I acted like I had PMS.. "/

Yadayada.. I'm babbling again. Lol, well I just had to review~! Good job on this. It really is nicely done :)

Please review one of my fanfics if you get the chance! not quite up to your caliber, but I'm working on it .~