Reviews for Galaxy War X
MiroFTW chapter 9 . 9/30/2003
talk about a long hiatus. my friend told me this was back so i just thought i'd stop by with a friendly greeting. well interesting so far. the battle scene was kinda nice but the dialogue didn't have enough seriousness (dunno if that's a word) in it. onto the next chapter.
MiroFTW chapter 8 . 6/15/2003
reviewer's note: this time i spent five hours on this one. haha not the same eight as the previous one but the other one was twice as long...yeah nvm.

protagonists/antagonists: thank god you put Xslav in this story. he's the solid snake that ive been waiting for. on the other hand, all your characters seem to have spiked up hair in this story. i mean meldevos, deth and nondel all have spiked up hair. coincidence?

plot: well im back to ramble about stuff i dont understand. be prepared for the worst, buddy.

[The Xian Nondel Populas rescued his co-pilot Simui Latoor from the clutches of the feared galactic warlord, Deth. Nondel was praised as a global hero upon his return with Simui, and his tale of barely averting the terrible demise of X captivated the entire planet.]

hero? what hero? did i miss something? the last time i remembered, all he did was rescue his own friend and he's praised as a hero? was that fight with deth televised or something, cuz it sure beats the hell outta me why he would be a hero. and wasn't the mission supposed to be stealth? if it was, he didnt quite a good job with it.

[Assignment after assignment flew past Nondel, but there was never another one quite like that epic adventure.]

epic adventure? im thinking more like failed recon mission but successful recue ops.

[Even though Nondel did not know why, he had a feeling in his bones that today would not be just another day.]

haha you feel the weather in your bones. other than that itd be a gut feeling tho.. lol his bony feelings telling him somethings going to be bad. pure humour man..

["Yeah? So?" The Xian replied gruffly without looking at Nondel.]

for the love of god. thank you so much. this snake character was needed so much. now im interested. but the funny thing is that xslav is more like snake and nondel turns to raiden. ironically..

["One of our three," Rion breathed, "I have no idea what's he's planning," Rion grimaced, "This is a live feed."

"Correct, Xslav," Rion stated bluntly. "When we recieved the beginning of his broadcast channels opening up to ours fifteen minutes ago, ]

uhh live feed? it sounds like some playback video. if it was "live" itd be unexpected and theyd have some kind of urgency. but in your chapter, they actually introduce the two characters first and after 15 minutes of waiting, which im sure deth would not do, the general finally wants to show them the "live" feed. id think that the broadcast just shown by Deth wouldve lasted no more than five minutes tops. and by then itd be a video clip, not that "live" feed. you see what im getting at?

["That was only fifteen percent of the Armageddeon Laser's full power," Deth said. "Now, it will take twenty-four hours to recharge to full power, even though it only needs eighty-one percent power to completely obiterate X."]

im still kinda lost as to why deth just didnt destroy x to begin with. and he also TELLS them that the cannon charges within 24 hours. why the hell would you tell your nemesis that your most valued secrets about your weapon. if anything, hed just say "you have 24 hours to comply." and end it there. he lets out a little TOO much info, being the bad villain he is.

other than that, you did pretty good with the satellite infiltration scenes.

the rematch with meldevos but when xslav fought that gatling gun, he just "HAPPENED" to find that keg. could you stop it with the "finds a weapon so uses it" i mean doesnt he have some tatics besides using random objects that just happens to be right there. hell i could say oh theres a grenade. now lemme just pull the pin and throw it at the gatling gun.

last of all, im still wondering why those aliens just didnt kill nondel on the spot. they had a chance to so im kinda confused why they didnt.

conclusion: i must say this one was by far better than the first one. youve developed that sense of mgs more precisely and you didnt use that mgs style weapon swap again. i spent an overall 13 hours on these fics. for what reason, i have no clue but for 13 hours i just have to say these things. overall good story. i'll be waiting for the next chapter.
Master Chief chapter 8 . 5/31/2003
Glad you decided to update. The plot thickens some more ey? It's pretty much been a wild goose chase up till now. Or has it? This chapter wasn't as action packed, but i know those are coming later, right? Keep up the good work.

Master Chief chapter 6 . 4/21/2003
I can't believe you don't have any reviews. I'm glad you continued with Nondel's story. I like the way things are starting off, introducing a new character (with questionable motives) referencing his relationship with Simui, and bringing Meldevos back. That was a stroke of genius especially since he was my favorite bad guy from the original Galaxy War. I guess all the other ones are coming back too. Keep up the good work.