Reviews for Of Love And Weasels
Peeps Inferior chapter 1 . 2/7/2003
well, that was scary, great story, but scary, just like me and one of my friends, who you know as question the answers, im the second half of the 'couple', and i use that term lightly! -

it was funny, and the thing with the weasels, classic, i was greatly amused.

the thing with telling each other to fuck off and calling each other bitches, freakily us, scary!

anyway, yeah, cool
Question the answers chapter 1 . 2/6/2003
This is so funny, it's also quite scary how much parts of this could just be cut and pasted into dialogue between me and a friend of mine. Except Cara's called Becky and we argue of which of us is most butch. Great story!
Mymy Far to lazy to sign in chapter 1 . 2/5/2003
great story, I like this one, grace reminds me of me. Not entirly sure what it is about her, but yeah, just thought I'd say that,alright, good job.
Nickchick chapter 1 . 2/5/2003
Ohh a new story! How exciting! You know, I spent way too much time reading your work when I should be doing mine.. but c'est la vie. This one sounds interesting so far. I don't really understand about the weasels but I hope all will be explained. Grace is funny, slightly annoying, but I can see why her and Dom are such good friends. Update soon!
sos chapter 1 . 2/5/2003
Your accent shows through this... i swear you even type "eh". I can't read our character without puttin on the bleedin farmer Minnesoatian accent! ha ha! You even have Grac say it! AND you did not put in the caption I wanted! Grace has to be read with a nice Dublin accent! She has to! gah... I don't want to think of people reading it with a Cali or Floridian accent... Man.. YOU'LL TURN THE GIRL INTO A BIMBO! (not a word Mick, not one single word) AND you didn't change "Ruddy" and I think Grae doesn't rant as much as making very valid points while being humerous. I think you need to lose the Dom character though, make the whoel thing about grace and Cara.. yep... Dom is too arogant, cocky, unintelectual, inadequate and far too full of useless information about politics and spells things all too well and uses words that lil small minded Irish people can't understand. I think Dom also wouldn't be able to resist Grace's charm... honestly.. I mean who could, that character is so amazing, Dom should have already tried to bed her and she should have let her be on top cus she'd probabaly have a better time. Is the not closing the eyes fully thing a metaphor for not trusting? and when did Grace meet Cara? I bet she doesn't even have her screen name! Please say they dont have sex tho... *rocks back and forth in the darkness*

In any case, I like this a whole lot and ignore my lil valid points above. I like it a lot, it's hillariously funny, but maybe it was my input, because lets face it, the only thing funny about you is your cute lil face. (joking, put the bannana with the nail in it DOWN) I do indeed think you did a good job and yes you are so very talented (EVIL EVIL YOU) I think I've made too many valid points now so i'm just going to say:

SHE DEOS NOT SWEAR LIKE A MAD FEMME! Don't think I wouldn't notice that!


VIVA LA WESELS! one day they will emerge from their hideouts undergroud and attack the pervers one who used them for her sexual pleassure, in the name of Muffy and all things cheese-like, attack!

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