Reviews for Sons of Starhawk
Anumati chapter 4 . 2/21/2003
I'll be the first one to admit I was ready to smack the living bejeezus out of you for using the name "Haku" (a japanese name) for no apparent reason, but after seeing what a clever story this was, I let it pass.

Great job on exposition; otherworldly enough to get a sense of another time and place, and yet human enough to know right off the bat vaguely what you're talking about (Yard rat was a good one). Was it Corlan? (Sorry, I'm too lazy to back page right now because my computer be being very, very slow and I'm afraid it will crash). You know, that Divine girl with ESP. Liked her. Lots of young ESP orphan girls in sci-fi these days, but I still like them. I have one of my own :D

I also favored the Indian flare you gave Haku in the prologue.

Also, commenting on your Author notes: Humans ruin action? Humans can be the BEST KINDS OF PEOPLE to convey action! I LOVED what you've done so far - I absolutely rave about character development. Action is for movies, but with books you always have the time to sit down and become truly intimate with a character and come to love them for what they are and what they stand for.

Besides, I like Haku more than Jem so far anyway.

Good luck!