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sesshomaruwuzhere chapter 1 . 11/7/2003
Hey Sairi! U know hoo dis is sho yeah.(dat grin i would do) I am very sorry 4 not reviewing dis story bac in April 2003! Young forced me 2 read it anyway and i said, "No." SORRY! now i think da story is pretty cool. before, 2 admit, i wanted 2 fall asleep on it. just becuz i wanted 2 go on fanfic badly. haha, yeah i wuz waay more familiar wid fanfic than fictionpress. sho yeah. well, i'll c ya skool.
Marie the Kokiri chapter 1 . 8/16/2003
*Chewing nails nervously*

Oh No! The princess musn't die!

Good start to the story. I'm definatley going to read the next chapter! _
Lioness Knight chapter 1 . 7/13/2003
Hello! Long time no see, eh? I like this first chapter! Very well done. I thought you might also like to know that I have updated my story Swords and Assassins, up to chapter four. Geeze...summer is always so busy...I'm hoping I will be able to finish this story soon, however.
Adumarwen chapter 10 . 6/16/2003
I read the first ten chapters in class (4th per. ) You know who I am Sairi)This is a very good story if you have any doubts.

Zooming chapter 14 . 6/3/2003
Gah! Zya sounds pretty dangerous! That didn't sound to happy! I hope that Raquel and Kira and the gang wont find themselves in too hard of a battle, but Ihave a bad feeling about that bird! Oh what's going to happen next? I dont care if you lost the 3 pages! Please try to retype them! Please? *begs* I'm counting on you. *puppy eyes*

Randomity: I took a test at school and it says my IQ is 160! I have the same IQ as Emily! OMG! It's a lie! A LIE I TELL YOU!
Zooming chapter 13 . 4/29/2003
GAH! .HACK/SIGN GOOD FOR HEALTH! MUST WATCH SIXTH EPISODE! TSUKASA! NO! (is that how you spell his name?) B.T. needs to die again! TSUKASA! Thanks for showing me .hack, it was super good. I want to watch the next ep! I NEED to!

Anyhoo, good chapter! I thought is was interesting. I wonder what the person was saying. WE MUST KNOW! Now you have more reviews than me! *puffs up like a jigglypuff* But that's OK! I have SM. That makes me happy. And Maar doesn't like a lot of atention anyways. So, like, I want to find out more about Misaye. She seems pretty nice. And I like Raquel "hip" I mean I liked her the other way too, but I can understand her change of attitude. Man, that dream was confuggling (your word, sorri) and I was like what? I spent liked 5 min trying to understand it. yeah. But it was a good chap and I'm looking forward to an update SOON! You heard me SOON! *screamscreamyellyell* Please?

Like we were talking about, guess who wanted to be Gaspard practically as soon as I mentioned it. I memorized all his parts before sandi stole my script. SHE TOOK IT! *cry cry* But I said it was okay, and I just printed out another one. Teehee! Here's a little off my memory, I'll probly get it wrong.

Gaspard: Raybrandt. Yes, you must be king Raybrandt's girl. My my, imagine that. Running into a princess in a place like this.

Monica: You tore my kingdom apart and you murdered my father, now you're going to pay!

Gaspard: "Murdered?" Oh, now that hurts. Your father and I fought fairly, he simply wasn't good enough to defeat me.

Monica: In a fair fight my father never would have lost to the likes of you!

Yay! I luv Dark Cloud 2! But I love Dark Cloud 1 MORE! TOAN ISH COOLIE! Go play them both! Go play them! Go play them! Wow this is a long review! O.O; baibai!
Pandaemonic Paradigm chapter 1 . 4/28/2003
Umm...shouldn't you have submitted this story to ? you do realize fan fiction is not allowed here...supposedly _ i believe it's in the Terms of Service
Zooming chapter 12 . 4/9/2003
That was an intresting chapter. You better make this story longer, you do have a lot of loose ends to tie up! *chuckles* Hoihoihoi! SM says he's not evil and he's happy that you don't thin so! LALALA! hiswas a good chapter, seriously, it was like pretty informative. I really need a chapter where everybody just sits down and finds out stuff about people. Unfortunately, with me, it'll probably end up so boringu! Maybe Kive's chapter (which'll be a long time from now I think but I already have a few ideas) will be like that. Gah! I need ideas. But back to your story. See, you can make them learn things in good ways, unlike me. see! That chapter was fun! You informed us without making us fall asleep. I thought this chapter was really funny at some parts. LOL! "After half an hour of petting-" LOL! Sairi-san! You amuse me!

random sentence: Kodomo wa jaama desu. Watashi wa kodomo ga daisuki desu. watashi no uchi ni kodomo ga futari imasu. Kodomo wa totemo oishi desu yo!

Children are a nuissance. I love children. Thre are two children at my house. Children are VERY tasy!

What am I implying? Why nothing! I don't eat children! I'm serious! *shifty eyes* AH! Gomen nasai for my total wierdness! Baibai! I'm leaving bfor I say anything else out of the norm! But hey? When do I ever talk normal! *shifty eyes*
Zooming chapter 11 . 4/7/2003
HOIHOI!LOL! Good chapter! Dat was a cewl battle! More battles! *dies* Lucky, your battles aren't cruddy like mine. *dies* I like your story! Why dont I have mad writing skilluz? Why do you get blessed with them? So like ,sorri for the wierdness. Nice chapter! I like! You better update soon! YOU BETTER! Do you wanna see what'll happen if you don't? *shifty eyes* sorri! YOU BETTER UPDATES SOON! Please?
Zooming chapter 10 . 3/30/2003
Yea! Go Sairi! I'm happy you updated! Gosh, but I feel so tired. I'm sorri I'm not preppy and leaving a stupidly happy review like I usually do! (That's probably a good thing tho, ;) I really liked this chappie! It was interesting. Or, at least, I tink sho! I wanna take a bath. *sighs* But this was super interesting. I was like, whoa. He's DEAD? Man, that sort of sux. To be dead and not even realize it. Wow, actually this review wont be that short. I have to rant about something. DARK CLOUD 2 ROX! I wanna play it right now, but I can't because its too late at night. I'd play it the whole day. It's so cool! I mean, its not a replacement for Dark Cloud 1, but its still super cooliez and FUN! you should play it Sairi! Max is so cool! (he has a GIGANTIC TITANIC UNBELEIVABLY MAJESTICALLY BIG HOUSE! It's not even funny. Well actually, it is! )And you can actually switch to Monica! I'll let you see it sometime. *worships it, then worships DC1 so it wont feel lower, then worships Matt because just because she loves him sho much!) Oh yea, I updated my fic on ! Please RR it and, please review chpter ten. Did you ever red it? Oh well. Bai bai!
baamiyuki chapter 9 . 3/29/2003
i luvd it! please hurry and write ch.10. i can't wait for it to come out! please update! everyone is waiting!

with luv~baamiyuki~

Fairy Child2 chapter 1 . 3/27/2003
Great start...can't wait to read more!

~Fairy Child2
baamiyuki chapter 1 . 3/24/2003
hi sairi! oh my god! i luv ur ch.1. i read all of the others too but i'll write it in later. it's sad how her family left her cause they thought she was dead.i luv ur story already. just like wut Sleepy Shadow Mistress said, u make it into a book. it will be really good. i would make sure that EVERYONE bought a copy. oops! getting off your go!*

with luv ~baamiyuki~(ji young kim)
Zooming chapter 9 . 3/18/2003
wow! That was truly interesting! I want to read more! If I read more! That was interesting. I want TO READ MORE! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! continues chanting uselessly* okay, sorry. UPDATE SON!
Zooming chapter 8 . 3/17/2003
You're gonna make me cry. *cries* That was like sad. It was like, not insane, but like sad. And I'm like sad. And SM's sad too. Cuz that was sad! *sniffles* Poor Raquel! Man. That's horrible. I mean, your writings not horrible, but what happened. That was so sad. Poor king. Who the hell did it! I swear! I'm gonna slaughter them! Man, that was sad. *sighs and sniffles* Man. That was sad. Please update soon. Man! sad. k see ya at the next chapter, which will hopefully be soon
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