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KatieKurai chapter 1 . 8/10/2014
My, you made me cry...such a sad tale, but thankful for the positive ending. Beautifully written.
Max Sorrell chapter 1 . 6/20/2013
Sometimes people make mistakes. God loves you and I know he cares about you and even your cats. God loves each of us as if there were only one of us and he made us each special with our own likes and dislikes. I know I probably can't get you to change your opinion on Christians, but I'd like you to at least know that not all think like that and even the best Christians don't always say or do the right thing.
Julz xx chapter 1 . 3/6/2010

Um, reading your poetry, I just want you to know that I'm a teen Christian and all my life I've been told the exact opposite- that God cares for all the little things as well as the big things that cross your life :)

So maybe the Christians you've encountered weren't the right people to base the whole of Christianity on? ~

But your poem was written lovely. And I'm very sorry for your pet cat! Have you gotten another one? My friend cat just had kittens and they're adorable ~
hydrocancellation chapter 1 . 8/24/2009
Hey, you know what? (I'm not here to condemn you but) Your priest is wrong. Your mother is wrong. Your teachers are wrong. God CARES all the little things about you and the things you care for. I quote from Luke 12:6-7 in the Holy Bible: "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not oen of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." and another from Luke 12:24 that says: "Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!" These two quotes shows that God CARES for you and every little thing about you; be it your cat, your feelings, the number of HAIR you have! I bet God KNOWS the number of FUR your CAT has. And if He doesn't care for you, I will not be writing you this lengthy feedback. If you don't believe me, take it from me this challenge to ask God right now for yourself if He cares for these little things about you. If you still fill empty and sad and doubt about Christ, you can ignore this message. But I believe otherwise. And will keep you in my prayers. :)
SartreKid chapter 1 . 3/9/2009
I like this even though I am 'hardcore Christian'.

I used to be pagan. ]

I learned something over the years...

They are both there.

It's only your interpretation of them that makes them what they are.

Hopefully we'll eventually understand them both.

Just don't discount Him, because they exist together.


They are family, whether we want them to be or not.

Coveredinblood11 chapter 1 . 8/15/2006
I'm an athiest and this poem is one of the many reasons why I changed from christianity to athiest.
Reader chapter 1 . 8/4/2006
This is a beautiful poem. One of the most important factors that decides where a poem is "great or fish bait" :) is emotion; this poem is not unfilled and it is not overflowing. The balance is awesome. In fact, I'm a little teary-eyed (creepy, perhaps, but I've had a stressful day :P)! Also, this poem glows gently with wonderful balance and harmony and reflects the Peace that you talk about. Very amazing!
Reiko x 3 chapter 1 . 4/27/2006
*sniffling* I probably should stop reading your poems because they keep making me cry. My cat Pickle died two years ago and I'm still not over it; I'm not over the deaths of any of my pets. I miss them so much... Pickle was the only one who was always there for me. He comforted me when I was sick, he was there for me when my other two friends Charlie (my horese who I only knew for a year) and Nibbles (my rabbit who loved to play, I think he missed her too for they loved to play tag), he listened to me when I needed someone to share my secrets with (I have a lousy memory and i think he knew more about me than I did), and he taught me how to endure the ridicule I suffered for being different (just stop caring...of course I screwed it up and ended up losing my ability to feel for a time). He was my oldest and truest friend who had been with me since I was five (I'm 20 now). I've been raised as a Lutheran, but, being the curious person I am, I poke around in other religions and have developed my own that is a combination of Islam/Christianity/Shinto/Buddhism/Hinduism/various Old religions (Egyptian being one of them). I believe in One God, but I believe that said God takes many forms throughout time. The God the Bible describes seems to care about humans too much to let any of us actually go to the Hell the Church loves to wave over our heads just because we don't see Him/Her the way they do. But even that has failed to ease the pain of Pickle's death. It feels even worse because /I knew/ something was wriong. He had been looking at me and meowing like he was trying to let me know he was failing. I wanted to bring him to a vet to see if I could help, but my parents didn't think anything was wrong and since I can't drive I couldn't take him myself. He went out one night and never came back; we never found his body. I don't think he wanted me to see him dead; I think he wanted to spare me that, but it still hurts. I want to see him again, I want to pet him again, I want to talk to him again, /I want to be with him again/! *sobbing now* I miss him so much! *cries for a while* I...don't know if I can take losing another pet, but I need them in my life. I relate to animals better than people. *deep breath* I think I'm okay now; I just needed to share with someone and I get the feeling you'll understand my feelings. I love your work; it's very well written. I just get really emotional when I'm reminded of the family I've lost. My new cats don't listen to me very well (short attention spans) nor are they willing to cuddle when I'm in need of comfort. Sorry if I'm rambling a bit; my mind is wierd that way. Don't stop writing, okay? Ja ne!
SinCorazon chapter 1 . 4/20/2006
Even though I'm Catholic, I really like this poem. You express your views clearly without any intention to offend any Christians etc. You do it maturely, and I might not know a lot about poetry, I loved the flow of it in general.

Even I could relate to some of the feelings in this poem. Doubt, the feeling of being betrayed, that type of thing. You expressed it well, way better than what I could have done. I admire your talent ( :
turquoisewaters chapter 1 . 2/23/2006
*sniff* very sweet...
Ajangel0 chapter 1 . 1/5/2006
You know what I god takes care of the little things to. He healed a cats eye.

I am a Hard core chirstian who likes your peom.
incandescent.smiles chapter 1 . 10/13/2005
Well. I am a Christian (one of Jehovah's Witnesses), and I'm not offended. That doesn't mean that I agree with everything that you express, but we all have our individual beliefs. But now on to my comments-

That priest was most definitely wrong to say that to you (but just to clarify, I don't believe in hell). That (and again, I'm speaking from my point of view) completely untrue, and it is terrible that anyone would ever say that. God cares for all His creations, and it is perfectly acceptable to pray for a cat. The reason that my God is a god that I love and devote my life to is because he DOES care about the little/mundane things in life, and He cares about each person individually. He loves them and wants to help them with their problems. I put my trust in the scriptures at- Psalm 55:22 (Throw your burden upon Jehovah [God]); Revelation 21:4 (And he will wipe every tear from their eyes); and lastly, Psalm 66:19 (Truly God has heard; He has paid attention to the voice of my prayer).

What would life be without faith? I can't even imagine it. But, all of those things () are my personal beliefs. Everyone has the right to think what they will.

Other than me not agreeing with your ideas, the poem was written well. The lines flowed together very nicely, the entire thing was almost completely fluid. Very nice job.

Sorry if that was really long and tedious to read, I tend to leave long reviews. I'm at least glad that you have some type of faith, the ending lifted the rest of the poem a bit.

Wings chapter 1 . 9/16/2005
Aw, that is so . . . i dunno, I just loved it. Very pretty. Very well-written.
Somnia chapter 1 . 4/14/2005
That's a really bad attitude that your parents/the priest had. I belive God cares about every little thing. Yes your boyfriend, yes your diet, yes your cat's death. Cos we are all so precious to Him. Its terrible that people who call themselves Christians could say stuff like that when that's not what the Christian God is like at all! i mean, in the bible it says that God cares for the sparrows and the lilies in the field! People are so blind!

Great poem, made me think.

Somnia x
poetic abortion chapter 1 . 3/28/2005
I never had a pet to tell the truth, unless you count this one stray I wouldalways feed...A lovely poem though. Really beautiful and touching. But are you sure the priest said that? If he did he deserves to burn for saying such a thing to such a child. It is saddening but slightly up lifting toward the end. A beautiful and powerful peice. Well done!

!~* Noelle *~!
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