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Moonflow chapter 4 . 4/26/2003
Omg lol, Puma seems like the only -normal- one there. The characters seem rather.. peculiar... or no, they're rather eccentric. Especially the easily amused twins, reminds me of my brother when he doesn't have the keys -_-. Lol, and he actually believed my sister when she said "The doorbell has a limited number of rings" OK, I"m getting carried away there...

well, good chapter. That girl REALLY creeps me out... and why was she at church... does church even have anythign to do with the story... lol, so many mysteries! Keeps ur readers hooked. *sigh* and ur diversity of characters... I still can't get over that, and I"ll enver get over it lol. Every single one of your characters, they seem so rreal... ok I'm probably docking off reviews from ur front page wand replacing them with my annoying long ones so I'll shut up now (the chinese proverb "if you shut your mouth, people won't know you're ignorant"), so yea, I think I"ll follow that. Well, good job! *thumbs up*
Moonflow chapter 3 . 4/26/2003
Ommg, that's CREEPY, the little girl's scary. Wow, I love your storyline! Just those little mysteries make u keep on reading (i need that more...). And ur character developemnt *faints* each and every one of ur characters have such... DIVERSE personalities... and they stay... Tairo's personality stayed the same since the first chapter, and Dyonie, he does exactly what I think he's gonna do... _. *must learn* Well good job on the chapter *thumbs up*
OdangoHead chapter 10 . 4/25/2003
Kawaii! Poor Tairo... everyone wants him lol. I wonder who he'll end up with. (ANYBODY but birdie PLEASE!) I'm starting to think that he's my favourite character _. When i read that there was going ot be a bit of shounen-ai at the end i was like "OMG! With who?" but i read through the whole chapter b/c i love this story so much. _ hehehe, Kagai & Tairo would be cute together, i'd just like to see what they'd be like if Kagai had been sober. lol Keep writing I LOVE this story. M... difters...
hiro-0911 chapter 10 . 4/24/2003
hey, drugs are bad for the health, you bad guy... hahaha. Is this from your real experience that's why you re-tell this pretty good, huh? (*grins, although I'm just kidding). Cool chap, but why? what would Tai do in the next chaps anyway? Quite curious (and too lazy to login, it's me, okay? Thanks for giving me a review lately. I'm been pretty down and about to take some marijuana because reviews stopped coming... haha...)
Thozmp Corris chapter 10 . 4/22/2003
I like your work, glad you like mine to. keep writing and if you want I could put you in my story. Please add me to your favorite authors list
mint chapter 10 . 4/22/2003
hehs. this is getting better, BDE-chan! (i hope you don't mind me calling you that!) tairo's definitely my favourite drifter by far. he's just so interesting .. _

i want to read more! update! _ i hate birdie btw . stupid bimbo. X_x


XD chapter 10 . 4/21/2003
well geeze... he aint a hottie in my eyes no more cuz hes gay! well yes he's still hot but yea... dont make keno gay tho.. for me? PLEASE? maybe i will make a fic... A SHOUNEN AI FIC!ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! no seriously i should! thatd b hella funny. help me come up with a story idea or ill do that.. du du du du (spokey music). tai is definitley not gay. no. he and kelby r cute together. ::nods:: kagai should get a nice boy (not keno) to like. not tai either. but a sweetie. and he was the hottie as opposed to his twin because of the trench coat. MAJOR turn on mel. LMAO. ginny told me what to tell mr. wet dream.. she told me to tell him that i couldnt talk to him if he couldnt respect my feelings, and if he didnt respect my feelings then he obviously didnt love me very much. SO THERE HAH SUCKS FOR HIM. yes i know im a very mean person. too bad he wont see it. o well. newho.. if u could make up a rough schedual(i know i know sp) of ur summer thatd b great.. i have to figure out when i can go up there w/ all my friends around. and b able to visit all my friends. so yea. neway im still on the phone and im like ignoring gin a bit so must leave toodles! love you hahahaha
Rhetorics chapter 2 . 4/20/2003
WOw _ I"m so impressed, the character development is so DIFFERENT... I'm jealous lol, your character development is so good... and yes, Tairo's character still is the same. Him and Dyonie's are SO DIFFERENT _ . lol, I'll give you a thumbs up for that. And the girl omg lol, when u described her, I laughed out loud, that was so funny! *shudders* she IS creepy... and the rag doll *shudders* that's just creepy. You know, when I was looking at your pictures, I thought this fic was gonan be sorta like Meteor Garden, I don't know if u've heard of it before, but yea, a whole bunch of guys, one girl, and they're all over that one girl lol (sorry if that was offensive... no relaly, I'm sorry... I'M SORRY! I TAKE IT BACK), but yea, it seems to be turning out differently. I'm loving the story so far, keep writing.
Rhetorics chapter 1 . 4/18/2003
Hey! It's MME (waves around like a dork). Yes... the guy that did Forever Blue... emphasize, the GUY _. Well yea, I always noticed the title "Pass The Kaleidoscope" and I saw all the reviews, and I was thinking to myself "Woah... I want that many reviews... this author must be a big-shot (by the way, aznistic and I call u people "big shots" _, don't tell her I told u though). Hey, I told u I'm a dork. But yea, I never realized that the author was "Black Dragon Eyes" then I all "Heyy... familiar..." Sorry, I just ate idnner, and u know, Rice is all carbohydrates! and when u eat two bowls...u have to burn it off somewhere... OK on to the actual story...

Lol, ur chapter title was what caught my eye, "I'd rather neuter a whale". I could tell it was a rather... humorous story. I like the touch with the church thingy and all, me being a Christian and all, I can really appreciate the humor in it. I also like how you did Tairo's point of view. Wow... CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT all the way... ALL the guys in my stories are just... _ I hate writing about guys, really... drawing guys are hard too -_-. And writing about girls are so much easier, cuz u know, they get all emotional and stuff (no offense). That's also another thing that stook out, four main characters that are male _ I'd never be able to write a story like that. And their personalities are so diverse _. U know, just by reading the first chapter, I really get to kno Tairo's lazy loud character lol. Plus the chapter title lol. I actually laughed out loud a couple times while reading your chapter. It was good by the way... yea, I think I burned off my rice already (yes... typing is SO exhausting isn't it... lol, after writing 12 page chapters... this is what happens), so yea, I'll leave now. I'm looking forward to the next chapter (I don't have to wait for u to update... cuz it's already there! ahahahahah... ok it's not funny).
aznchick chapter 9 . 4/13/2003
OmyGOD! O_o! EEKS! DUDE - PRINCIPAL FREAKALOT! omg... _ . WHAT. THe. HELL! like um, SERIOUSLY. WTHELL! EKSS! and you know what ~ from this chapter Tairo was like...most definitely getting to be my second favorite _ (i like his antics) xD. he's all "haha..whoops. how'd it get up there?" and then "oh. yeah i guess i am [filthy]" (sweatdrop) XD! he's so funky-cool ] i don't like what's-her-face though. Birdie. *scowls*.


update again soon! D D D

~ Aznchick
Me chapter 9 . 4/12/2003
If you hurt Tairo heads will roll! And none of them will be his!

Tairo is my favorite character and my best can't hurt him! If you do I might have to kill you. Not that I don't like you as much as him. It's just you killed him. Or maybe I should just get Rosho to kill you because my conscience wouldn't like to hurt anybody. But why would Rosho do anything for me? I should ask Tairo, but he's hurt. So maybe Bayrie would...or maybe I should go ask the The Wimp...
OdangoHead chapter 9 . 4/12/2003
EK! You have to write more really soon! I've been checking for updates this entire past week! I'm happy I got to read another chapter. Poor Tairo... what's gonna happen to him? That principal is creepy... ja, keep it up! I love this story, the characters are all so funny in their own little ways. _ And I think it was really nice how you wrote little messages at the end to everyone. It makes me happy _
XD chapter 9 . 4/12/2003
LOOK WHOS BACK! HEHEHEHEHE... i know ive been gone for like ever... but well... idk.. i thinkn i just kept forgeting... im getting early amnisia(sp) and like forgetting everything... its really bad... NEWHO good chapter... YAY YOU DID CHAPTER 8 IN KENOS POV! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD that makes me happy ::nods::... hehehee... keno and kagai... thats right, the two hotties... lmao i crack my self up... yea w/e. newho keep writing and maybe just for u i'll start a fic .~

miss you lots but see u soon (i hope)

Kazure chapter 1 . 4/12/2003
Oh My Gosh. It's so hard to believe this isn't published yet...the books would have been sold out the minute they enter the store..._
mint chapter 9 . 4/12/2003
heya ... rmb me? fellow Eminem worshipper? *huggles* *grins* btw ... ive grown to love Simple Plan too .. u heard of them right? *babbles*

hahas. first up, i love this story! altho' i mix up the characters more than often. i like tairo the most i guess .. he seems the nicest? *grins*

i love the whole "i-don't-give-a-damn" attitude the drifters got going on. drifters, huh? cool name there. ur story faintly reminds me of 'The Outsiders', except it's much cooler! grins*

can't wait to see what happens to them! uh-oh ... the evil principal! *huggles drifters* don't let him get them, ok? i like panda too. - hahas ..

*_* ok ... keep it up ... i love this story! bYes*

[e UNknown & supposedly-angst writer MiNt*]

p.s btw, i updated Secrets and dedicated it to you. lols. _
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