Reviews for Them Or Me
Cryptic Insanity chapter 1 . 6/27/2003
First of all, jesus fuckity this is going to go on forever and a day. Second of all, I forgot what number I'm supposed to go to. Third of all, I checked it's twenty-one \. Fourth of all, I liked this poem is showed a lot of, um, teenager conflict between themselfs and society. Fifth of all, I'm listening to Shinedown right now. Sixth of all, the age old rule of sixes. Seventh of all, you know the drill. Eighth of all, there's another rule after this. Ninth of all, look it's the other rule! Tenth of all, the song changed and now I'm listening to Tapping The Vein. Eleventh of all, I'm going to go brush my teeth. Twelvth of all, hmm, maybe I will go get a slurpee, just got to go search for my wallet, meh. Thirteenth of all, how are we backwards in a way? Fourteenth of all, my age is next! Fifteenth of all, look it's my age! Sixteenth of all, look it's your age! Seventeeth of all, I remember when I got to stop at this number -frowns- Eighteenth of all, yeah, maybe we do need something to say when we get to whatever twentieth we're on. Ninteeth of all, have fun! -grins- Twentieth of all, one more to go! Twenty-first of all, woo! Finally, I did it again!

No monkeys go to Matt, because he has beer! And you like beer better! -attacks babooms with banana guns with ninja monkeys with torpedos-

-hits button knowing it won't work- Meh, could thing I always catch my -hits button again a billion times- it all, that would be..-clicks button by using the keyboard keys and not the mouse because the mouse is evil- Ahahahahah! I beat you you stupid stupid button! -looks over- DAMMIT -bangs mouse with sister's head-
R.A. Sears chapter 1 . 3/2/2003
Man, you can tell you're a teenager, Matt. I oughta let ya borrow my ANGST BEAM! some time. Cool, regardless.