Reviews for Love Is Never Blind
Rei chapter 3 . 7/1/2003
It's really wonderful so far. Though, in your author's notes, you mentioned that Kitsune is pronounced Keet-soon.. actually, when you say it in Japanese, the 'e' would be pronounced. So it would be Keet-soon-eh.

The characters have depth and the writing isn't flat, I really enjoy reading it. _
Onigami Nanashi chapter 5 . 5/29/2003
Woo-hoo! It's over and all live happily ever after. I thought that you were gonna kill one them... *whimper* that would have been horrible! But you didn't and I'm happy because of that... _ 'Twas awesome... worth the wait...but now you have to write that other fic (both of them)
tag1 chapter 5 . 5/20/2003
So sweet it gave me a tooth ache.

Very Mills and Boon. *grins*

You know I'm not the mushy-stuff type, but as that is the effect you were going for I guess I am going to have to say it's good. However it has left me with the urge to strangle Kit and Alan for being so damn 'snuggly'.

And before you send any more threatening mail the chapter didn't APPEAR for me till TODAY. Stop with the death threats!


Basically I think the drama and LOVE is over done and they are perhaps a little TOO affectionate, (None of the gay guys I know are even remotely sweet or affectionate with their partners, so I am going to have to assume it is all a little fantasy on your part!) but you are a good writer. More scene discription. You got a little carried away with the CHARACTERISATION and forgot there was a world around them. A clear sign you were rushing. Bad girl. No cookie.

Anyway that's my final two cents.
redredredred chapter 5 . 5/19/2003
! ! ! ! how cute! ! ! ! hope you write tons more stories after that... i'm gonna read Jinx's story as soon as you get a few more chapts up... cuz the suspence kills me other wise. good luck! ! ! !
traditionalevolution chapter 4 . 5/4/2003
Okay, hopefully this review will actually show up.

I love your character discriptions, they are fantastic and invoke genuine feeling for your characters. Your characters also remain consistant and all have their own little quirks that make them individuals.

You need to describe more, but I always say that. Look at the kind of descriptions your favorite authors use to see what is important to describe and what isn't.

I have a feeling this genre (homo teen angst) is about to take off in the public market, so don't let me forget to send to lots of infomation about getting your manuscripts an agent. I really think you have the talent... and if you decide to commit yourself I would be shocked if you aren't published in five or so years!
Chibi Ryuichi chapter 4 . 4/27/2003
poor Kit/Alan. ;_; Stupid Jeremy deserves to die. Where I live, there actually is a boy that reminds me of Jeremy. -.- Its so absurd that people hate another because of their differences. *sigh* Anyhoo, wow, your only almost 16? You've got a very lovely writing style. Descriptive, emotional, plots a charmer. Excellent work :D
redredredred chapter 4 . 4/23/2003
ah no! (there's alot of !'s here) this, this, argh, how could you do this? the cliffhanger is killing me! please post soon, i cna't wait to see how it goes, you said it would be thre chapters... does that mean the next is the last? anyways, good luck and i hope you get the next chapt up soon, i don't understand why you don't have more reviews becuase this story is gorgeous! (again lotsa !'s but takes them out )


sb1 chapter 3 . 3/19/2003
This is a great story! The characters are so wonderful and interesting and the plot is great! I have to say I also love the idea of a Jinx side story-I really want to find out more about this guy, he's very intriguing. I hope you do continue this, I am really hooked!
Onigami Nanashi chapter 2 . 3/17/2003
Wow... that was... don't think that I can think of a good enough adjective yet. Pleaasse keep writing on this, please? Wow... yeah. That was awesome. Yah! Stupid homophobic peoples. (I think that I spelled that right) Don't hurt them too much...please?