Reviews for Tainted Angel
MimiGhost chapter 3 . 7/14/2003
update soon
adamindgirl chapter 3 . 7/2/2003
ohh this is so good! its one of the most orginal vampire stories i've read. update soon.
Seafire chapter 3 . 6/29/2003
Oh my god, this is incredible! This is honestly, one of the best stories I have ever read. It is so good. I can't even begin to describe it. You are such an incredibly gifted author.
Cendra chapter 3 . 6/20/2003
Very nice! One thing I did have quite a few run-ons and too many commas. Not a huge problem, but a bit annoying at times. _ Other than that, I simply love how you made it possible for Seth to get Laurel to come to his realm without destroying the characters or their personalities. Most people would just do something totally out of character, like have think it would be "fun"-or totally forget about the "my parents will look for me" thing...I love how you covered all the bases, so to speak. Keep it up, and send me an e-mail when you update!


(Also, thanks for advertising my story _-I'll be sure to repay the favor!)
Queen of the House of Lamia chapter 3 . 6/18/2003
You haven't updated in a while plz update I really want to find out what happens next
Crystal Teardrop chapter 3 . 6/15/2003
I really like this story! I mean, i like it a LOT! I wasn't too sure how well-written this story would turn out to be, because the summary of the story had a "2" for "to" and when someone uses slang like that, it makes the reader think that their writing won't be good. It might be a good idea to change that.

There were a couple mistakes. In the first chapter, when you wrote the prophecy, did you mean for the "thee"'s to have two e's? If you did, alright, i won't bug you about it, although it doesn't make much sense to me, and if you didn't, well, i'm just pointing that out. Also, have you, by any chance, read anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes? your story seems to be influenced a little bit by it. If you haven't read it, then i'm just imagining things, but if you have, then it's not a bad thing that it's a little like her stories, you know, in what vamps can and can't do. Anyways, that made no sense.

I like your story, your characters are good, but i really think that you rushed into the action without giving a good, solid foundation on the plot and background and everything. And he found her too soon. Way too soon. You should have drawn that part out a little, made us wait in suspense. And we found out about the special people thing too early, too. But that's just my opinion.

I like Seth! He's cool! I mean, really cool! So please keep his character consistent and if he falls in love with Laurel, please don't make it that he suddenly realizes that he loves her. You have to make it gradual. So you don't completely change his personality. Ok, that's about it. I'll keep reading if you keep writing!

Blind Silence chapter 2 . 6/9/2003
I really enjoy what you have done with the story so far. I absolutely loved how you made Laurel at the very beginning hate Seth, I loved how it put him off. It was intresting how you described her beauty, that part was well written. Please do continue.
Blindy chapter 3 . 6/8/2003
Hey man...good chapter...but I have to say, it lacked some suspense. I mean, there was a level of suspense all through it, but I personallyl think that you should have done more of a build up to where he convinces her to join him in the other realm. And you're NOT practicing the art of full stops! You still have a bunch of run on sentences in there like "Trust me you're not, with that face, no wonder you keep it hidden behind your hands, the only thing that you could be better than was a dog." Those sentences are confusing. It should really be set out like, "Trust me, you're not. With that face it's no wonder you keep it hidden behind your hands. The only thing that you could be better than is a dog." FULL STOPS! Anyway, it's a really good chapter other than that, and I think you should so continue. And don't worry about telling me when a new chapter's up...I've got you on author alert (finally, I don't have to pay for it!) so I know whenever you've updated. Ain't I clever? Bye! _~
Jess chapter 3 . 6/8/2003
Please continue soon! Can't wait to read what will happen next! (_)
shadowkeyu chapter 3 . 6/8/2003
i enjoyed it so much, good plot ans well written, hope you write soon

ambrosia chapter 3 . 6/7/2003
YAH ur writing again! I luv the story so update soon okay? Good job on everything. Can u e-mail me when you update? Thanks a bunch!
ski1118 chapter 3 . 6/7/2003
I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter... it's starting to get just a tad interesting. And I'm hoping that Seth turns out to be a fairly decent kind of guy. As of now... I really, really don't like him.
sarah chapter 2 . 5/15/2003
omfg! continue please
Blind Silence chapter 1 . 5/13/2003
I like your story, it is intriguing and realistic. Also, it gives a different perspective on vampires.
Blindy chapter 2 . 5/7/2003
I liked this. It was very well written and not as confusing as a lot of stuff like this tends to be. My only complaint (because I like to whinge and whine) is that you have a bunch of run on sentences without an and or but in them with a bunch of commas. Pracice the art of the full stop for it is legend _ Anyway, GUH-REAT story, one which should definitely be continued.

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