Reviews for Nobody's Fool
R.A. Sears chapter 1 . 9/10/2004
Super-belated since this is a year old... Anywho... Nice.
Cryptic Insanity chapter 1 . 6/26/2003
First of all, meh I have a whole of a lot of alls do to. Second of all, I liked this poem even though, it was inspired by an music artist I'm not to fond of. Third of all, I could just message you on AIM, but I'm the quite the lazy one. Fourth of all, I had to try and explain was 'meh' meant today, 'tis a very hard task. Fifth of all, after five comes six. Sixth of all, well, you know the drill about six -gives it look- Seventh of all, three times over, mmhmm, yup. Eighth of all, the number eight it too symentrical, and that reminds me of math, and math is evil therefore I have now declared eights evil as well. Ninth of all, same thing for six. Tenth of all, I would say I have nine more of these to go, but nine is an evil number so I won't. Eleventh of all, slurpees are really good. Twelve of all, I was going to walk down to the seven-eleven today to get one, but when I went out of the house the humidity was choking me. Thirteenth of all, although thirteen is 'bad luck' I do sometimes find it to be lucky, meh. Does that mean I'm backwards? Fourteenth of all, superstitious spelled that way looks right, and it's it not ah well, whatcha going to do about it? Fifteenth of all, look it's my age again. Sixteenth of all, look it's your age again. Seventeenth of all, I need something to say and AH! Oh, I know...cheese, there I said something. Eighteenth of all, one more and I'm done! Ninteenth of all, yay! I did it once again! -does jig once again-

No, no monkies I'M not the one who wants to have crazed monkey sex, it's Matt! He just said it was me to hide his secrets, it's a shame really too. -attacks with chimpanzees with guns again your rabid monkeys-

-hits button and of course it doesn't work- Meh, good thing I caught myself last time before I said that...-looks over- Jesus fuckity! Does thatthing ever work? -clicks button a billion times- There, eehehehe..-looks over once more- GAH! -hits it with hammer-