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GrimReaper55 chapter 1 . 4/5/2007
Hey Charcoal Angel ... XD whoever u are u rock ! this story is awesome ... did u ever think about getting any of ur stories published cuz this one is freakin awesome XD
vampire-in-converse chapter 1 . 8/13/2006
Awesome job on "The Ultimate Horror of Having a Twin." It was great. I, being a twin myself, can honestly say that you described what it's like to have a twin perfectly. You should think about publishing it. Of course, you'd have to make it a bit longer, but I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble. After reading the story, I heard the remix of a song by Evanescence that kind of reminded me of Damien when he was in a coma.

"If you need to leave the world you live in, lay your head down and stay awhile, though you may not remember dreaming, something waits for you to breathe again."

I thought it was interesting and decided to include it in my review, for whatever reason. Well anyway, awesome job. Can't wait to read the sequel!
Yami-Integra chapter 1 . 8/30/2005
holy shit, kick fucking ass! i'll enjoy reading this one
Gothic Wraith chapter 11 . 12/27/2004
post entire thing when done, 'cause waiting for every chapter is torture
lucretiabaine chapter 6 . 11/14/2004
I really, really loved that...especially Damien...M, goth boys. x3
Arsenic.Dreams chapter 10 . 11/2/2004
I liked the story. It was pretty good although the whole groups things annoyed me. I admit that I do have stories where my characters aren't liked because of the way they look but I don't have groups and all that sort of nonsense. Don't perpuate stereotypes.
Artemis1000 chapter 10 . 8/2/2004
It's a wonderful story, I have enjoyed it very much.
I'm so glad that Damien and Emily are together now. And their little siblings are so cute as well, even Jack is. In a way, I even like him a bit and I would love to read more about him and his relationship with Damien.
Minyaithwen chapter 9 . 2/20/2004
THat's really sweet. And it's so true with the goths, Once you get to know them, they can be the best freinds you will ever have. I liked your story. I'll go read the sequal when I have time. For now, I'll jsut put you on my favorites list. Toodles
Minyaithwen chapter 3 . 2/20/2004
::grin:: sorry, but I was fealing left out.
StaccattoToccata chapter 3 . 1/17/2004
Having finished what seems like the introductory portion of your work, I'm happy to say that I am very impressed. You have a rather stable array of both generic and actual characters, but I worry that Damien is a bit flat for a main character. He seems like a cookie-cutter "I hate myself and the world" type person. Mayhap you have more in store that I don't know.
Technically, the word "Fuck" is becoming redundant and awkward. If you were to revise, I would suggest primarily chapter two. Chapters one and three were well written, but with some problems of abruptness, broken sentences and text that doesn't flow properly. Try reading the work to yourself out loud and you'll hear any awkward statements.
Other than that, I like the slow buildup I see so far. This should prove to be intersting.
Also, Jack seems to be a little too generic, he has no face whatsoever. It's hard to believe that he and Damian are brothers. If revision would occur, perhaps you could make him... more brotherly.
Finally, I also think Jeffery could be revised slightly, him simply deciding which group he was going to join is a little awkward, it would be more natural if he kind of fell into a lot and stayed there. Just a thought.
So you don't get the wrong idea, I still have lots of resepect for your work, but I like to leave constructive criticism.
Keep writing! -Choco
Sarah Parker chapter 1 . 10/29/2003
Just had to drop by to say that I am still completely in love with this story... and Damien, of course. hehe. I really think you should get this published. can I take Damien home with me and keep him here in my room with me FOREVER? PLEASE? okay.. hehe. you're probably like, "WEIRDO" but I really do love this story. I think it's my favorite thing on this entire site. :) now excuse me, I have things to do.. *throws herself at Damien*
luvurflyingmonkey123 chapter 10 . 9/22/2003
I really love this story. I almost cried when I read the goodbye notes. I was so happy when he came back. You really capture both of their emotions, and I can't wait to read the sequel. And that little story at the end was hilarious!
IHJ chapter 10 . 7/31/2003
*pause* Well. Now. Entertaining images of the goth skipping, strewing flower petals around. I think you somehow ended the story too soon. Well, not really too SOON but I think just SAYING Jack turned softer when he found out his twin almost died is kinda...I don't know...I don't like it. I know this story is based on Emily and Damien... Well, it's good story anyway.
MysticNeko chapter 1 . 7/14/2003
Aw...poor Damien...what a misunderstood individual. But hey. Disturbged is super-duper good anyways. I love 'em. Later.
Yami Scribe chapter 9 . 6/20/2003
Good Charlette! I LUV GOOD CHARLETTE! I wuz listenin 2 it while i read this story! Wut a quwinkydink ;) lol but it's good!

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