Reviews for Jesus, He Hears Me When I Sing
cooldas chapter 1 . 4/15/2003
well, let's see...Jesus didn't sin, but he did suffer for all of our sins...dying on the cross must have been pretty painful...if you want to hurt yourself, it's your choice...but God wants your to be happy...he wants to see you smile, so cheer up..! _
free soul chapter 1 . 4/13/2003
I really liked how you set this up with questions and responses. But here is just something to think about. Didn't Jesus have to have faith in all of us, that someone would take liking to him and his ideas. Hasn't he loved for he loves all of us. He might have known he was going to heaven, but its easy for us to believe it too. All we have to do according to the bible is love others as Jesus loved us. I do agree that maybe he doesn't know exactly where we are coming from, but he does know situations. He probably has worried about the troubled crowd that he couldn't save, and i know he crys for all those who hurt themselves. Maybe Jesus isn't suppose to understand us, but maybe instead he is suppose to stand by us through everything.

I don't know sorry just a thought. Keep writting. Good job :)
yosistah chapter 1 . 4/13/2003
I used to wonder to myself, the Bible tells me that Jesus understands everything I'm going through because he was human, but he never had to experience guilt. I mean, since he never sinned, he never had to live with the dreary emotional consequences of wrongdoing. How could he understand? But He did. On the cross, all of our pain, all of our suffering, all of the really crappy stuff that's happened to us (and yes, that does include self-mutilation and attempted rape) was poured onto Him. He experienced what it was like to feel so bad about yourself that a razor seems like the only answer, he experienced the guilt I feel when I see stuff in my life that I don't even think God could ever forgive. But the thing is, God has forgiven us, if we'll let him. He's been able to forgive us because he's lived life, and He understands.

You also bring up the potent point that Jesus never had to have the nagging doubt that the rest of us have about the future, that he never had to endure those frightening moments when God is far away.

First of all, for the three days from when Jesus was crucified until he rose on Easter, Jesus was alone. God did abandon him, his own son (and you'd better believe it broke God's heart to do it), because it was Jesus who'd lived a perfect life and loved us enough to die who could ultimately defeat evil. We like to skip over the part from the Last Supper to Easter morning, forgetting the horrors that Christ had to endure battling Satan so that we could be free from sin.

Also, and though you may disagree, it's hard, but we can also have assurance about the future and live in God's presence. He's right with you now where you're sitting reading this at your computer, He's with you when you're being betrayed by a "friend", He's even with you when you feel like you are so incredibly alone. He had to abandon Jesus for three days, but He'll never abandon you. It is so hard to trust God sometimes, with foggy stuff like college and classes and boys and death, but we can.

I applaud you for your candid expression of your feelings. I can't say that they're always that far-fetched from my own. I agree: Jesus WAS an amazing guy (how could God not be?). But He really does know how you feel. (Just a thought: He was betrayed by one of his closest friends, whipped with torture strips, and brutally murdered by the government. Do you know how HE felt?)

I know that sometimes neat little succinct packaged cliches like "Jesus, He Hears Me When I Sing" resound emptily and only serve to make grieving people ask why it seems like He doesn't hear when we cry.

I'm sorry that you've gotten the impression from Christianity that the emphasis is on how perfect Jesus is, and how we'll never match up. I'm so sorry that it means that your friends and I aren't doing our job of reflecting God's love.

No one's saying (or should be saying) that she's perfect and is as good as God. No way. Sorry, but He is WAY out of our league. That's the point. Because NOBODY could make it into heaven by being good, Jesus paved the way for us. We don't HAVE to be good and get "Little Miss Humanitarian" awards; Jesus did it for us way better than you or I ever could've.

So I hope this gives you a little food for thought. :) Keep up the introspective, potent writing in your work. There's a lot of potential, especially in your depthful emotions and experiences, for really slammin' stuff. Feel free to e-mail and chat (from your poem, I'm sensing we've got some stuff in common...).
IntriKate chapter 1 . 4/12/2003
oh, i just ache for you right now. i am so sorry for all that you have gone through. i'll pray for you. i understand that you have doubts in your faith. everyone does at one time or another. i hope this doesn't sound cliched, but bring them to Jesus. tell him all about it. he really does want to know. and i'll pray that after this desert time, you will grow closer to God than ever. just know, always, that you're loved, okay?