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giygas666 chapter 77 . 2/15/2004
Not really a happy ending, since it seems Akretera is still engaged in chaotic warfare. If the Creature didn't destroy it, maybe the humans will. And I wonder what will become of the son that Talanion sired?
May Nefertarin, Talanion, and Aurion rest in eternal peace. They deserve it.
And now for the Epilogue...
NewbiaTheElf chapter 79 . 2/15/2004
Published? That would be wonderful. -
NewbiaTheElf chapter 78 . 2/15/2004
It's sort of a relief to here something from Feranion, a break from the death and doom and chilling words.
This was an excellant novel. It filled many of my days with enjoyment and I only wish that it wasn't so sad, and perhaps you could be more clear about the goddess, but other then that it was wonderfully well written, original, and if you were aiming for it to be chilling and sad you aimed right.
giygas666 chapter 76 . 2/15/2004
Alas, we knew that this was coming. Nefertarin's earlier vision involved the Void absorbing all, and the Creature absorbing her in turn. Here, Nefertarin absorbed the Creature's soul into herself using the Void-the visions that Nefertarin, Talanion, and Aurion had in Chapter 72 were pretty accurate.
I think you mentioned in an earlier chapter that the siblings destiny was a matter of choice. But considering the way these two have been linked throughout their lives, was there really any other choice for them to make but sacrifice themselves?
NewbiaTheElf chapter 77 . 2/15/2004
An exciting, chilling chapter...except the end, where you just calmly explain about the war. It seemed as though Aurion suddenly decided to just read the weather off a piece of paper. But then again, I can't think of a better way to do that, except maybe save it for an epilogue...
NewbiaTheElf chapter 75 . 2/15/2004
Oh, I see. It's a bit confusing, but I mostly understand...maybe you could have written this more clearly, but then it might lose it's lovely writing...
giygas666 chapter 75 . 2/15/2004
This chapter clears a lot of things up. Looking back to when I was reading the earlier chapters, I had no inkling that the relationship between Nefertarin and Talanion was so deep. What a cunning plan!
BbHtrYoink chapter 79 . 2/15/2004
Love it. Just love it.
I wish I could say more, but I don't have time. Maybe later. )
Limyaael chapter 79 . 2/15/2004
It was the last chapter that made me cry most of all, maybe because I had known from the beginning that Aurion would die, and had guessed that Talanion and Nefertarin couldn't live past the ending. But the notion of the tree living there beyond death- and the Goddess of Dreams turning out to care enough for the world to interfere- tear-blinded me.
I did appreciate the explanation for why the goddess decided to do it this way, though I think some more foreshadowing in the story would have helped. And I'm sorry that Talanion and Nefertarin never realized their "sin" had such a purpose. Perhaps they know, somehow, beyond the ending...
I'm curious about the sequel, but I do hope you will continue the prequel with Aurion as well. And maybe more about Feranion?
Here's to hope that the stories work out just as you want them to, with dreams, and stars, and water.
Thank you for such a wonderful story.
KV 05 chapter 1 . 2/11/2004
thanks for r&r-ing my work... now to yours. i'm a picky critic and i noticed that you don't always use commas where you should, or you use commas where there should be semicolons. also, your writing, although, it honestly is very very good, does not have much structure. you junp from run-on sentences to choppy ones. sometimes this can give a good effect to a part of the story, but it is not something that you want to get into a habit of. if this turns out to become a novel, please let me know, because you really do have an amazing talent for description and detail, which is hard to find.
Rose Dark Thorn chapter 74 . 2/11/2004
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, This was an interesting chapter and I hope to read more soon. I'd give a better review, but I don't have much time on my hands. Forgive me.
El Wraith chapter 74 . 2/2/2004
The perfect post-exam gift: two "Brother, Sister" chapters. _
Chapter 72 - I really enjoyed the dream theme in this chapter. Not only does it give the three main characters even more depth and personality; it seems to stress where those characters stand, figuratively speaking. Talanion dreams of killing his sister and then taking his own life, perhaps symbolizing his constant fear that she will be taken away from him. Nefertarin's dream does not involve anyone other than herself, and her confinement in the Void might represent the confusion she feels at having been required to choose one man of two she loves. The soothing serenity of Aurion's dream, however, is a clear and somewhat eerie symbol of his resignation, in all of the things that have happened or will happen. I found it very effective that such a foreboding chapter ended on this note.
Chapter 73 - I immediately noticed the change in perspective (to first person narrative in the past tense). Not unheard of, but obviously not the main voice of the story. As an Aurion fan, I was glad to "watch" events unfold from his point of view, and was pleased to find that the story continued to flow smoothly. Often, writing such an intense scene through the recollection of one character would limit its effect on the reader. But - through an act of talent and effort - I think that this chapter was beautifully dramatic, from the arrival of the Un-God to the brief moment of understanding between Talanion and Aurion. Since he is recording the memory of this event, I can only assume that Aurion has survived. But I can't begin to guess what might happen next.
The countdown to the end began not long ago, and - of course - I can't wait to read the conclusion. It makes me think, though, that this will all soon be over . . .
On second thought, I don't really want it to end. .;
The B.A.T chapter 73 . 1/28/2004
THE B.A.T. RIDES AGAIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I bet you never thought you'd ever see me again, huh? Finally, whatever plagued my ability to read anything has lifted, and I'm letting you know now, I will be on full throttle as of tomorrow. It's amazing how long it's been since I last looked at this, but nowhere near as amazing as how easily I got back into the story. I'm a little curious about what Nefertarin's newfound ability means... and about what the realization in her dream means as well. It was her dream that troubled me most. But as usual, Tal is clueless as always, while the other two tend to have more meaningful dreams. I can't believe Mr. All-Fire-and-No-Brains actually considered running away! That caught me by surprise, it did. And this is also the first time since reading Lokleran and Akretera that you once again make a connection to Aurion's mysterious blood lineage. I'm hoping you'll go into more detail with that before the end of the series. But I'm glad I can finally get back into reading your stories. :) Until tomorrow...
Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
giygas666 chapter 74 . 1/26/2004
Finally, she comes! And what a devious enemy she is. What I found interesting is that her aura isn't completely evil, but it's more like that of an angry, envious, hungry child. This might tell us something about her intentions. But how does one go up against an entity that can swallow you whole and cut off your limbs with a swipe of its tentacles?
I see Aurion has secret powers of his own...surely, it has something to do with his being a descendent of the White Ones. Well, it looks like he's going to hold down the fort until Nefertarin returns from her visit to the Void (and assuming Talanion comes back alive).
RivanKnight chapter 74 . 1/26/2004
hey there!
wow intensive last 2 chapters.. very vivid imagination for the dreams portion. Liked that one alot :)
and finally we see HER upfront.. scary stuff.. Very intrigued with Aurion's bloodline. White Ones? OO, do explain that! Ack, SHE got him? Evil thee! .
good work once again.
ps: thanks for the review! I know the dialogue's not very funny.. i cant seem to find any funny lines for Crabbe n Goyle to say.. it jus wont work! rest assured sev will be in cinderella.. heh
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