Reviews for Teach
R.A. Sears chapter 1 . 9/10/2004
Seems relatively nice for being a tad peeved, ne?
Anywho, not bad. I think the rhyme's a bit overdone, but you've improved since... more than a year ago.
TheatrePhunk chapter 1 . 1/21/2004
Muahaha, what's you do, stick caterpillers down his pants? (Well, it'll work for my English teacher...)
UnknownWanderer chapter 1 . 8/1/2003
Oh, this is great. Very raw, yet very explicity. Damn good job. ;)
Cryptic Insanity chapter 1 . 6/25/2003
Okay, first of all, this poem was great. At first I thought it was just a rant on teachers, but it sorta has a double meaning, D

Second of all, thank you for all the reveiws, and you don't have to read Why Me if you don't want to, heehee.

Third of all, I got you saying jesus fuckity! Wheheehee! It's a great phrase, no?

Four of all, you are a very amusing person! -giggles- I was laughing the whole time you wrote that reveiw on Locked Away, meh.

Five of all, I don't have a fifth of all.

Cut the camera

I said cut the camera! Jesus fuckity! Why won't you listen to me? -knocks over camera-

-tv snow-
nightmareslost chapter 1 . 6/4/2003
lol, reminds me of how I feel about ALL my teachers... *they all hate me :)* This has got to be my favorite out of all your poetry. I have yet to read your stories! I bet they'll be just as good. Thanks for reviewing my poem. :D

~ Nightmareslost