Reviews for All About You Part II
bobae chapter 17 . 7/29/2005
awesome! YAY for happy endings!
Perfect Bliss chapter 17 . 7/25/2005
OMG I'm so happy and so sad! Sad that this is over... I just found your story yesterday (the first one) and I was like; oh taht seems interesting and I loved the first part! I always love ashton ALWAYS! He was my favorite character he is so awesome I want him! Oh god- well anyway after I finished the first part I couldn't stop myself from reading this part it's awesome! I loved it! Especially because my baby ashton gets the girl! Oh god this is one of the best stories I had read! I loved it! :D you are an awesome writer! :D Congratulations! you made me smile, you made me cry you made me want ashton so bad! :D

FictionPressWriter chapter 17 . 7/19/2005
would you believe me if i said i was squealing like an idiot at the end of this?
none chapter 17 . 7/16/2005
Yay! Happy ending!
none chapter 10 . 7/16/2005
I don't hate Devon. He is just ignorant, and is punished by ending up with someone he deserves. *sigh* If only real life were like that. ~~Onward to the next chapter... :D
none chapter 5 . 7/16/2005
Oops, I feel stupid, I was reading the other story and thought that it wasn't finished, then I found this. Thank you!
Naira chapter 17 . 7/13/2005
A nice, sweet, fluffy story with dynamic characters and adorable scenes. Not profound, but definitely endearing and charming. Loved Ashton. Good job. Continue writing.
natmarie chapter 17 . 6/30/2005
Ok, so here I was sitting just finished reviewing your newestupdate of At Last, and I realized I hadn't reviewed this yet. How crazy is that? I feel terrible about it too. I mean it has been practically half a year it has been over and I haven't reviewed. Talk about a slow poke.

I must say I am really sad to see this one go. The first was one of my favorites and I think if possible this has surpassed it. I can't exactly explain why? There are so many reasons. The dialogue, witty, dramatic, fun, believeable and all that jazz. The plot, much of the same and always well written and seemingly planned out, even if there was no real plan. And characters. Characters I had grown to love as if they were my own, or my own friends, not sure which explains it better. That is why filling out your little question thingy is going to be so hard because I can't just answer, everyone, everything lol. Well I could, but it wouldn't be very helpful, so here it goes. My attempt.

Favorite character: Ashton, even though Ryan rose highly on my list, I guess it was love at first sight yeah that makes no sense. Hehe.

Favorite scene: Too many to count, though I like The first chapter of this part a bunch and the last one, not to mention quite a few in between. These aren't scenes, but chapters, but it is too hard to narrow it down that much for me. Sorry.

Why you read this/Why you liked this, if you liked it: See above large blurb!

Now I guess I will have to put all my love for your writing into At Last, unless there is a AAY part I coming. Lol. Kidding. Keep writing.


PS. I updated too, if you care heh.
Khaos13 chapter 17 . 6/25/2005
so yea, i mostly figure that i proly should have reviewed when you posted the last chapter...but i hadn't read it then (let's just say that my computer wasn't cooperating with me). Anyways, just wanted to let ya know that i immensely enjoyed this story.

Favorite character: Ashton (i like wise-asses. i'm pretty sure that ryan comes in at a close second for the favorite character though.)Favorite scene: ...there's so many to choose from...but i'll just go with one of the beginning scenes. You know, when sophie is ready to punch whomever dares to touch her car, and realizes it's ashton. yup. enjoyed that immensely. Of course, being the pervert i am, i also enjoyed all the tension between ashton and i read this: Well hell. I'm pretty sure i read this because it's a kick-ass story. there should be more kick-ass stories in the world. I enjoyed this story better than AAY number one, but that's because it's all about ashton this time i liked this: Unfortunately, not many people can write the way you do. A person can have one hell of a plotline, but if they can't write well, then the plot's wasted. This plot wasn't wasted. It's a good, solid bit of writing, and your characters are human. They have flaws, feelings, hopes dreams and aspirations.

Keep on writing, i'm looking forward to reading and reviewing more of your stories!
His Mercy's Waiting chapter 17 . 6/18/2005
wow...this was a really good story. that's all i can really say.
embersilence chapter 17 . 6/13/2005
-Squeaks- That was so frickin' cute and she ended up with the right guy! Ashton's definitely more hotter, sexier.. ;

Favorite character : Ashton

Favorite scene : The last scene in this chapter - " He pressed his forehead against mine, "Sophie," he crooned.

I shivered entirely involuntarily. Did he have to say my name that way? Igroaned, opening my eyes to find a world of pale blue.

Ashton dipped his head, kissing my neck, smiling as I trembled at his touch,"Let ‘em wait." "

Why you read this : I roam around the site looking for fics to read and I happened to stumble upon part one of this so I read it.. and then found part II and decided to read it since part I was so damn good.

Why you liked this, if you liked it : I like everything about it.. the characters rocks and the story line is just awesome. D

Anyways, the whole thing is just plain awesome. D Even in part 1, I kinda had a hunch that she and Dev wouldn't stay together.. since they just don't seem the type to stick together. Ashton was more compatible, really, he's always there for her and damn, Sophie needed someone good - which is Ashton. )
Water Block chapter 17 . 6/12/2005
Favorite character

Favorite scene:As said last chapter-too many to name. I enjoyed the park scene where Sophie slaps Breigh. And the get together forever last couple of scens between Sophie and Ashton. *squeal! yay! happy. happy. happy!*

Why you read this: The story idea looked good. I debated with myself for awhile on whether or not to read this, Got bored one day, and started reading. I fell in love with it! Couldn't stop reading and reviewing (but you already know this!)

Why you liked this, if you liked it: It had a theme that has been done many times before-one I happen to be fond of when done right. Only problem is, it is Very, Very hard to find a story with this theme that is enjoyable. So, this was a real treat for me (and obviously many other readers!) You gave it originality. Some was a bit predictable, mainly due to common sense.

Why you didn’t like this, if you didn’t like it: If people didn't like this story, they were/are insane!

Thank You for a final time for writing such a wonderful story! I fell in love with the characters. You are too hard on yourself. You might think you didn't do your ideas justice, and maybe you didn't. But, either way, it was a great story, and you should think about publishing it. I really loved it. Thanks.
water block chapter 16 . 6/12/2005
OH my GOD! I just about cried. I thought he wasn't coming back. But HE Did!

I loved the whole thing. I love so many characters, I will tell you in the order1: Sophie & Ashton (sweetie under bad boy exterior-yum! plus, how could you NOT love Sophie? OR Ashton? That's right, you couldn't!)

2: Ryan. HE was always there, and in the very beginning, before Ashton arrived, I wanted him and Sophie to be together. I never truly wanted that Devon relationship-I just knew I was resigned to the fate of it, or so it seemed

3: Devon. He wasn't always so bad.

4: Her friends-college buddies, and the girl with the party from high school

It is not possible to tell what my favorite scene is. right now, it is obviously this scene and the next one. *Squeal of Happiness!* There was just so much love of this story, all read in such a short time. *love*

Thank-You SOO MUCH! Awesome story!
water block chapter 15 . 6/12/2005
The whole giving in, and being with eachother thing was good. So Ye to that. I just feel kind of apprehensive, becasue I am worried that Sophie will take it as a fluke, and get all upsaet and feel guilty, thinking that Ashton and Marsha are still together. She might withdraw, and refuse to see Ashton (if this happens, please God, let her friends force her to see/talk!)

anyway. Those are my fears concerning the consequences of this night.

yay! They got rid of John. Not that I particularly dislike him, he's just NOT Ashton. I Just KNEW it was him!
water block chapter 14 . 6/12/2005
I just want it known that I hate pop-ups. But, I review anyway. Everytime I hit the review button, a pop-up appears, and it is irratating as hell.

Any-way. I kinda liked this chpater. I was worried for a second that she would cave to Devon. (relieved taht she didn't!) the whole 'stalker' type knowledge/speechpatterns at the cafe were cute, but creepy, too.

Bad, E-Vile Ashton! He is just trying to get over Sophie by dating his co-worker, by pushing her away! I think he should follow marsha's advice and admit how he feels!

f*sigh* going to read more now! Bye
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