Reviews for Lost in the Dead Zone
lili brik chapter 3 . 8/27/2003
Quite interesting subject matter-I had heard about this 'lost' episode and I was initially somewhat upset. It's not so much that I'm an insensitive anti-American-there was absolutely no justification for those terrorist attacks against (mostly) civilians. However, I don't understand what the reasoning behind censorship likle this is-much as you questioned in your second chapter. Considering that several movies were made about such events as Pearl Harbor and Wake Island during World War II, I hardly think seeing Osama Bin Laden on a television show should really bother , i think you're more likely to get seizures or some other traumatic reaction from an episode of Pokemon...come on now. I [ersonally hate Osama bin Laden more for what he did to Afghanistan than what he did to the US-after all, look at what we've done to the Arab world in the last fifty years-but seeing a fictional version of him wouldn't drive me off the deep end...come on, now! Besides, if about 99% of the people in this country hate him anyway, I think they wouldn't be troubled by this. How sheltered are we trying to make ourselves, anyway? Most weird...At any rate, I'm glad of the way you covered this...though I don't quite understand why you still admitted to liking the I can't stand anything that smacks of censorship and/or unrealisticness...that's just me. At any rate, this was an interesting read.